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2012 Merdeka Quietly Celebrated

Frankly, it's not that I have anything against celebrating Merdeka day, Malaysia's independence day, I don't. But I have grown accustomed to scoffing at news, and reading unbelievable stuff that you can't expect me to jump up with joy, make a grab for a Malaysian flag and wave it madly in the air with joy. All these days, we have celebrated Merdeka feeling trapped and not knowing what to expect next, giving up, hoping, wondering, feeling downtrodden, and worried all at the same time. You know, at the back of my mind, I DO go 'I should, you know. I SHOULD make an effort to be more patriotic, it is my country, after all' but I can't. I feel like an actor and an insincere person if I do that. Harlow, been told how many times that we do not belong here. Try being brainwashed with that  and still  love your country and see. What with the leaders in our country turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to the cries of the rakyat. When we needed you, there was no pr

Moving Forward Everyday

Have you ever thought about the meaning of one day? Have you ever considered the reason A day consists of twenty-four hours Why an hour is made up of sixty minutes And why one minute consists of sixty seconds? Have you ever thought about how long One second is - for you? There will be a great difference Between those who have thought seriously About the meaning of time And those who spend each day Without taking time seriously As the last day of life approaches Each will see a different scene One will behold a sunrise, the other a sunset There is a world of difference between the state of mind Of those who worship the rising sun And those who gaze at the setting sun Which can never be described Simply by words 'light' or 'dark' There is such a difference between A human being who has succeeded In attaining eternal life And a plant destined to be thrown into the fire Each of you has to go through life So choose to live to attain eternal life


Found this picture on G+ (yes, I am there as well as on other online social networking sites, except for Facebook. Well, I am on FB because of work, primarily...) and thought it was funny and relevant. To me. Found this on Amanda Blain's G+ There is really some good in making decisions and then just moving on without ever thinking about it again until it becomes a mess and you have to restructure the whole thing. Sometimes, we just need to knock our head in the...head and just leap. I am feeling like that right now although it is a Saturday and I am supposed to be sipping my half-boiled eggs in a relaxed manner and not work. Guess what? I worked. Am gonna stop working after writing this post. Have a splendid weekend ahead. And remember, if you can help it, stay off the computer. What a joke, I was talking to myself. LOL XOXO, Marsha

Do you think Nicki Minaj went overboard?

A couple of days ago, I was just minding myself, reading my Twitter feeds and sending out a couple of tweets myself when all of a sudden, my timeline suffered some form of nasty diarrhea from Nicki Minaj, the singer. All this while, Minaj remained pretty positive, going absolutely bongcus sometimes after a concert, calling her fans barbs or some other kinds of cutesy names...which is fine. She had to cancel some scheduled concerts because of bruised vocal chords, for your information, so, some people were calling her some kind of nasty but still, I was still a little shocked with how little restraint she showed when angry. I was particularly turned off by her ' I was in jeopardy of losing my voice entirely and needing surgery on my vocal chord. If u can’t understand that, your mother’s a WHORE!!!!' tweet. Whatever it is, that's just plain rude and unbecoming of a public figure. What's a cancelled concert got to do with someone's mother?! She further went on

What I can’t stand about Apple

It is trying to dominate the world of smartphones. You can’t build a white backed phone with rounded corners? You can't build and sell a smartphone with a ‘swipe to unlock’ feature? You can’t this and you can’t that. The patent that Apple has in place is too broad that it is trying to cover everything and prevent anyone or anything from building any mobile device or phone that is even remotely similar to it. Like everything else in life, imitation is something not only good but NECESSARY. Kids learn how to become human by imitating their older siblings or their parents. How else would they learn how to walk and talk? And in an article published by Mashable , the writer said that Apple is trying to do what the Wright brothers tried to do…which is to prevent other people from building anything that could fly. In the end, the Wright brothers admitted that…yeah, maybe it is not such a bad idea that more people built more stuff that could fly. At the end of the day, what is th

The long weekend

Here we have the most weekends...for others who are employed, it is often good news but for me, it is not. But for the rest of you, have a fantastic long weekend!!! i intend to continue working. Hehe... My spring onion plant was 'injured' by my carelessness so i was forced to harvest it. Yums. :-) and then we saw a bird that won't fly even when honked at. It was standing at my parking spot. I think it was sorta injured cos it looked funny when trying to fly off. We also made our own mouthwash with Himalayan rock salt and water. Listerin leaves residue n color behind. Don't like that. AND BLOGGING ON THE PHONE IS HARD BECAUSE IT KEEPS CHANGING MY 'THE' INTO 'THWARTING' BECAUSE THE E IS NEXT TO THE W!!! xoxo, Marsha

Corn Noodles, When You Have No Idea What To Cook For Dinner

Didn't know what to cook for dinner, I am sure many of you out there know that feeling all too well, huh? Anyway, I have a corn stuck in my fridge and half a carrot. Shucked the corn and diced the carrots. Still don't know what to cook. Hahaha.... I think I know what to do now, more or less...I think it's some kind of noodle tonight. =) I have some diced chicken in the fridge so I marinated them with some soya sauce, oyster sauce, pepper, seasoning, sesame seed oil and some salt. The basics (for a Chinese dish) as you can see. He DEMANDS to be there whenever I cook dinner. When I say he DEMANDS, I mean he REALLY DEMANDS like he would get mad at me for days if I don't let him help. And there you have it, dinner done. No brainer because we just winged it because we started out not knowing what the hell we were doing. But easy peasy, it was nice enough to pass off as dinner without killing all of us.