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Nadia Kamil's Feminist Burlesque

LOL. I don't know about you but if you have a few minutes to spare before ending your Tuesday, watch this feminist burlesque 'choreography'. I have not heard of Nadia Kamil before but....well, now I have. =)

Take a Look At My Name

Have a good look at my name and it might tell you a little bit about why the recent Rohingya refugee situation might hurt me a little. If any of those people on the boats were one of my ancestors, I might not be here today. Turned away, shunned and deemed society's trash and burden. Yes, many of Malaysia's citizens are from other countries. We were from China, we were from India and we were from Indonesia....and many other countries lah, for that matter. But what this writer had right was that , my ancestors were NOT from any of the abovementioned countries. People from Indonesia, China and India had a status...or second-class status, depending on where you came from. My ancestors came from this 'trash' country. We were relegated to just 'others'. I have long complained about this 'status' given to me because when I was a child, I thought I was balardie Chinese. I desperately wanted to be Chinese, I mean, I speak Hokkien and Hokkien is kinda Chinese,

Day 3 Yoga - Only Day 3 and am Kinda Loving It

My yoga practice has always been a little inconsistent, some days I do it full on, some days, I talk myself out of it. My yoga go-to has always been Tara Stiles and sometimes a little Kathryn Budig and some days, I just pick something from YogaJournal in whoever it is, I don't care. I recently found Yoga with Adriene by accident, it was one of those accidents that YouTube thought I might be interested in. They got it right this time. I saw this 30-day Yoga Challenge and lumbering along for Day 3. I like Adriene. Unlike other instructors, she eases you into it, doesn't rush you, she slows you down, gives you options and records at a pace that does not feel like she is running out of tape or memory space. She starts off assuming that you are a complete noob and slowly introduce harder poses. Like...she won't introduce you to Crow or handstand on the first day, that's what I am saying, and looking at the number of subscribers she has and the number of 

TryGuys Shoutout - Video of Labor Pains Simulation

This is gold. My favorite TryGuy is actually Eugene but for this video, they tried out labor pains, suitably slotted for Mothers' Day. Respect out to Eugene for trying his best to commit to as real an experience as possible and for holding it on to the last few seconds before his soul left his body. Keith basically lucked out early on because it was too painful for him but THIS expression of his is GOLD. He just heard how people do C-Sections whereby internal organs are actually removed from the body's cavity and placed into bowls to facilitate removal of the baby during the operation. He is seated on the left. It looks like he just heard the worst horror story ever. lol It's Monday tomorrow, hope you are geared up for it. Oh, and hope you had a good Mothers Day! If not, it's OK. Everyday should be Mothers Day, anyway. Chin up! Love, Marsha

Video: The Drama - From TV to Real Life. It's Real

It's SATURDDDAAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! And I am worrrrrrkkkkiiiinnnnnnggggggggg .... Anyway, the reason for all that drama above is because I chanced upon this one video on Youtube that made me laugh so hysterically because it is only NOW, 2 years later, am I realizing something I should have realized a long time ago. And it relates to South Korea or South Koreans....because I watch South Korean shows, movies and variety programs. I should have had an inkling. I am talking about this Taxi ride from hell that I experienced when I was in the country. It was as fast as it was confusing and....DRAMATIC. It left me wondering what in the world was happening, why was he trying to take my food from me, why was he doing this, saying that, trying this, pressing that. It was all so much to take in. LOL I saw this video and it answered my questions. And in THIS other video, she talks about the kind of taxi ride that I was describing in my earlier blog post! LOL. You will see that I

How to Cuddle with an Elephant Seal

This has so many levels of adorable that I can't wrap my head around it. Most of these creatures are so receptive and curious about humans. I found this to be a five-and-a-half minute worth of cuteness and sweetness. XOXO, Marsha

Good Natural Shampoo If You Are Looking For One

I don't do ads and if I do, I will let you know but here is something good that I have found in a local store and have been using for quite some time. I am not sure how hard or easy it is to find here in any of our Malaysian stores but I am pretty sure it is not available at your regular pharmacy or drug store. I've tried looking for them. As with anything natural, you can forget about the scent or smelling anything like Chamomile after washing your hair, it doesn't last. But the benefits lasts though. Right off the bat, you KNOW with certainty, that it is natural. ALTHOUGH  it does have a certain level of chemical in it but I am sure it is at a healthier level than your ordinary shampoo.  Taken off their website. Melrose Botanicals Range is sulphate free, pH balanced and gentle for everyday use. Proudly made in Australia, the Shampoos and Conditioners are not tested on animals and do not contain any animal ingredients. Both Shampoos and Conditioners are availa

Just For Fun, My Modern-Day Snow White

It's Saturday and it should be as stress-free as possible. It is a long weekend over here in Malaysia because Friday was May 1st and Sunday is Wesak Day (when it falls on a Sunday, it is replaced on a Monday. But for me, I don't work according to holidays, have never done that because...that is the up-side and down-side of working from home. If I have Internet access, that's a possible work day. Anyway, chanced upon this fun thing from Buzzfeed and here's what I think modern day Snow White would be like. She's funky, she's fun, she's smart and she's traveling in some exotic country. =) Love, Marsha