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Honey Five Spice Chicken

Didn't know what to make for dinner today, so I looked up some recipes and found this recipe called the 'Honeyed Five Spice Chicken Pockets' which required the use of pitas and such. With kids, pitas can be messy so, I decided to vary the recipe a little. It is super easy to make because all you need to do is to marinate the chicken breasts in the morning (before leaving for work), and then pop it into the oven when you come home from work. So, here's what I marinaded it with:- 1. Honey (of course) 2. Five spice powder (another duh) 3. Juice of half a lemon 4. Salt 5. Pepper Yup, that was it. I popped it back into the fridge the whole day and took it out later. Once it cooled down to room temperature, I placed it in the oven for 30 - 45 mins and that's it! Working from home means that I have to simplify a lot of things. Time is both my friend and my enemy so, we ate that with the never fail canned red beans with onions and eggs. Done. And dinner

That Stupid Phone Call

This morning, I screamed obscenities into my son's phone like a mad person. Good start, right? The reason I did that was that my son got a couple of phone calls from this number who spoke in Malay. Despite my son telling him that he doesn't speak Malay, he kept calling. And continued calling till this morning when we were heading out to school. My son, not knowing what he was saying, kept hanging up on the dude but he kept calling. So, I picked up the call for him. First, I told the dude in English and Malay that we do not know him and not to call again. He called again and we kept asking him who he was. There are a lot of people who are out looking for innocent girls to hit on and do funky stuff with all the time. I am aware of that but is this it? Is this their modus operandi? Calling random numbers, hoping that the number belongs to a girl and move with that? Maybe I am paranoid? Maybe I am jaded? Maybe I am just....don't know...maybe I have seen too much? Maybe we