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What I Miss

Sunset in Port Dickson It's been some time since I added anything new to this blog. So sad. Things have definitely changed by leaps and bounds since the pandemic hit us. Furthermore, my boys became adults during the pandemic and everyone now knows the difficulties and challenges of working from home.  Before that, it was just a bunch of us trying to convince the rest of the world that we're really working.  via GIPHY So, now I would like to spend some time reminiscing about what I general, not just post-pandemic.  Girly Stuff I have, for most of my life, tried to raise my boys (no girls in this family except for me - LOL) and at some points, I found it absolutely baffling when I could not understand men. I think it goes both ways when my woman-personality comes through and they're left 😟😂.  In exchange for raising men, I miss quite a few girly stuff. I miss painting my face and fingernails as cumbersome as I think they are. I miss talking to people about the la
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I've Created a Backup Twitter Account via Mastodon

I've been on Twitter since June 2008, making it 14 year old. Since I am not an influencer neither am I famous, my number of followers on Twitter have stagnated for quite a couple of years now. I think my engagement rate sucks pretty bad too.  But still, I stayed on because I liked listening to what people had to say about the happenings all around the world.  It gets mad-crazy sometimes but mostly, it's easy to ignore the stuff you don't want to see on Twitter. Just scroll away. It makes life easier. I loved the initial idea of Twitter giving everyone a voice and a platform to voice their concerns, share their ideas, connect with other people, speak their minds, promote their works or business freely and fairly.  That was the original idea.  Then let's talk about the whole Musk takeover. It really did not bother me that much when Elon Musk announced a potential takeover. So what? As long as it remains the way it is for the rest of us without the blue checkmarks, there&#

BornDay 2022

Birthdays feel more and more like a day to be celebrated and dreaded at the same time. When did this happen? Hahaha.... I remember the days when I would plan well ahead of time, inviting friends and family over, or plan an elaborate drinking session in a pub or restaurant to celebrate the day I was born.  These days, it feels more like a countdown. Hahahaha....It's like "Oh, this is awesome. I get to celebrate another birthday. Phew!" There no longer is a need or desire to celebrate it like it's a national holiday or something but I still feel compelled to do something special with loved ones. Even if it's spending extra money on something I like or want or eating an expensive dinner (something I would never do on a normal day). That's the extent of the celebration.  In fact, I consider getting myself a tub of my favorite ice-cream a form of celebration. It's really that simple. Just a treat for myself. Unrestrained, just for today.  Furthermore, I am

Queen For Seven Days (2017) - KDrama Review

I cried so much watching this drama that I swear my heart will never heal again. LOL To start with, it's Joseon era so, things are different from what they are now. And you have to watch it with this mindset. First of all, let's give a shout-out to the actors.  Park Min Young - I'm not her biggest fan but for some reason, she always deliver the best chemistry with her co-stars. So, I have to give her the salute. I don't know how she does it. Does she do some MBTI test on her co-stars before she says 'yes' to a show? From the start to the end, she is on point through happy and sad times.  Yeon Woo Jin - I've only watched one show with him in it and it's Introverted Boss. He was VERY VERY VERY VERY different there. So, his performance here knocked my socks off. Oh, I had a quick glimpse of his acting in Thirty-Nine (one of the latest Netflix series with none other than Son Ye Jin) and it's also very, very, very, VERY different from his performance here

The Argument With Myself Over Cooking After a Whole Day of Work

This is the kind of conversation I have with myself whenever I have to muster up the strength to cook dinner or lunch.  Me: It's a good thing! You're doing something healthy and great for the family! Let's do it. Me: But I'd rather watch handsome guys on Netflix. I'm so tired right now. I just spent the whole day working my ass off. I deserve a break! Me: Yes, that's true. But it's also true that you've been sitting on your ass all day. It's time to stand up and do something else. You can listen to a podcast.  Me: But I can't see anyone cute on a podcast. And it's going to take one hour and I'll be all sweaty and smell like food after that. I am going to need to shower after that. So bothersome. Me: You mean showering is bothersome? Me: No, I mean, the cooking, the heat, the cutting, cleaning, and figuring out what to cook and stock up next....ugh.... Me: So, you mean after sitting at the table working your ass off without moving your ass

Blogging Is So Different Now

I've never hesitated before whenever I blog. I started writing and blogging since the dawn of the internet but I feel a kind of restraint now. Like I have to be more careful about what I write about, how I use language, and sometimes, I write and delete, write and delete, write again and delete again.  It makes me, as a first-generation blogger, really kind of sad about how blogging has become a thing to be feared. Because people judge you, make fun of you, or even use it against you. In this new internet world that we live in today, things are so different.  We used to make genuine friends over the internet. I found support as a mom online on various platforms and I didn't even care to hide my name or pictures of my kids. Nowadays, when you're transparent, you're opening yourself up for attack. Last year, it was used against me at work. I hardly write about work and I don't whine much except for reviews. And yet, they found something negative out of a relatively po

KDrama: Bride of the Water God (2017)

I've heard of this show before while I was watching other dramas but paid it no attention because the names Nam Joo Hyuk was a fleeting memory while I've only seen (maybe not) Shin Se Kyung in unmemorable online interviews of shows I can't remember now. But the storyline was enticing. I loved the idea of a Water God the same way others liked the idea of merging two words together - the untouchable parallel Universe of the Gods and the human one we call reality. I had not much hope in terms of CGI because if it made waves, I would have heard of it. However, I loved the initial showcase of magic from our Water God. The bad news is that...there's only ONE really awesome display of power from the Water God. He's lost his power on earth and is none the better than a normal human being.  When I read the synopsis, I thought it was going to be something to look forward to. From the way I am writing that, you can guess where this review is going.  It seems as though the

Women We Can

Being a woman is tough. No, I am not saying being a man is not. It's just that, when put into a bad situation, women often have a harder time climbing out of the abyss. We are discriminated against, have to swim against the tide, the obstacles are higher and harder, and it's harder to find support to get us through.  I've been there and sometimes, I surprise myself for making it this far. But the women who actually receive support for their effort to climb out of the abyss, the black hole, deserves out recognition and applaud.  In the workplace, we face gender discrimination, pay inequality, sexual harassment, an of course, being given stereotyped positions. And if we were to be more of an assertive type, the journey to the top may be tougher than the ones men face.  We may also think this is a thing of the past but married women who have an intention to get pregnant and start a family, they don't really stand a chance against a driven man with a passion and goal to mak

The Sound of Magic (Review) (Netflix Series)

I didn't quite buy the musical element of the show in the beginning and thought of it as a failure from the get-go, not even planning to move forward with the 2nd episode. If not for Ji Chang Wook (and Netflix's autoplay function), I would not have moved beyond the first episode. Cheesy much. Highschool Musical much. Fake much. Not good singing much.  Sorry, I digress.  The series did not expand much about The Magician played by Ji Chang Wook, I guess to keep things mystical.  Thankfully, perspective was given to the lives of the two students who were affected by The Magician. As the teens began to accept the wonder that The Magician was bringing into their lives, we, the viewers, are left wondering....'So...was that real or what?'. Is he real or what? Is he crazy or what? Are they ALL crazy or what? The last few series I watched left bitter tastes in my mouth because of their inconclusive endings and dissatisfying storytelling so, I didn't want to embark on somethi

The Great Battle (2018) (Korean): Movie Review

  I was browsing my social media feed while watching  The Great Battle , touted to be the next big thing to hit cinemas when it hit the cinemas in 2018. It starred some of my favorite people in the world and I was getting tired of watching TV series and movies with stupid sad endings (sorry, I am a fan of happy endings, LOL.  It stars Jo In Sung, Nam Joo Hyuk, Park Sung Woong, Stephanie Lee, and even Seol-Hyun. A reputable cast, I would say.  And since I was already on social media, why not? I got on Tiktok.  So, here you go. To all you people still enjoying a long, long, long holiday here in Malaysia...enjoy your last day. Here's to your Tuesday Blues.  XOXO,