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Sophie’s Choice Of Slimming Down

I believe this is something most women out there are struggling with with age – rounder (sagging) bottoms. You can defy it with every single cell in your body. You can use the law of attraction to attract a firm albeit older bottom but it is going to hit you sooner and later. What is worse is that it doesn’t just happen to women who have given birth or women who are rounder overall. It is just in our genes that our butts will sag. A sad fact of life. So, what do women do when they have to face the harsh truth? They go on intense ‘secret formula’ diets and work their butts off. No pun intended. Continue Reading (my website)

Caught Spreadeagled

Frog pose source: YogaJournal So I was doing my morning yoga and decided to take on one of YogaJournal's sequences. I took the Hip Openers cause they said that we carry a lot of our stress and fears in our hips and pelvic area. Don't look at me like that...ask them, not me! The sequence was darn good except for the last one. One that I have never done before, something called the Frog Pose. There's something about the Frog that I don't like. And good #^%#$!*&%^$ Mackerel!! I seriously thought that I would never get out of the %^#$%@#ng pose!! So, caution, if you want to do the sequence, beware of the friggin' frog. You might need help getting out of THAT ^&$%#ng hip %^#$%@# opener. Don't let the picture fool you, y'all!! It LOOKS easy but when you're SPREADEAGLED like that...I tell ya....dangerous things could happen. You could be stuck there with your hip all opened and a friend comes by and... hehehehe...sorry. Hip Opener Se

Wife Beater What?

Just found out what those singlets are called...from @annachew who tweeted ' Just saw a guy without chest or body tone wear a wife beater Singlet #uglysights ' LOL!! So I hit Google images lor.... =) I wonder why they are called wife beater singlets? Maybe something for me to research a little later on but in the meantime, here are some yummy-licious pictures of #perfectwifebeatersingletwearers Don't know why Zac looks a little...chubby here. Honestly, RPattz does not have a wife beater singlet kinda body. Put something else on. this one

Spotted: Bad Parker

Went for lunch at a nearby mall this lazy Saturday and I saw the 'green indicator light' on on one side of the mall so headed there. There were two empty spots but the one nearer to me was....funkily parked. Why? So, I chose the 'other one', parked and went out to eat lunch with the kids, had waffles, went to the book store and repaired my crystal bracelets. After finishing up what we had to do at the mall, we came back to the parking lot. The same badly-parked car was still there. Only this time, with something else on its windshield. Wasn't me who put it there, I swear. Obviously, someone else found it hard to believe that the driver passed his or her driving exams. XOXO, Marsha

What Psychological Trigger Are You Using In Your Writing

There are times that I am completely taken aback when reading what others are capable of. It is as if I have spent the past twelve years writing up stuff that means so little, made so little impact. I am humbled by how some people are capable of using psychological triggers in their writing to provoke either thought, emotion or action. Here are some of the things that I have noticed about how people write and convey, through words, what is in their heads. Emotional psychological triggers  – Writers who use words to trigger something emotionally are exceptionally rare. Most of these writers are suitable for screenwriting or scriptwriting because that is what most films are about. Suffice to say, these creative personalities are also suitable for the advertising and commercial business because of branding. Branding is rarely about just words. It is about captivating the hearts of people, make people remember the emotion and whenever they think of something, they link that emo

Mindbump: If Tomorrow I Woke Up Ten Years Younger

suggested by Spelling Search "If tomorrow morning you woke up ten years younger, what would be the first thing that you would do?" Picture from MomBloggersClub I pondered over this for over a week trying think about it, reflect about things before writing. Assuming that I woke up today ten years younger and things didn't change, as in status quo but just me being 10 years younger. It would mean that I still have my kids, I am still living in this house, everyone else is the ten years older than me and am still a freelance work-at-home writer....? If it means I would have a fitter body, a more alert mind and more time to make a difference in the long run, assuming that I won't go back to being 10 years older tomorrow morning? Wow. I'll just name one thing that I will do if I was ten years younger this morning. The first thing I would do this morning would be....the same thing I would do every other morning? Make my coffee, kiss my kids, clean up, s

The BAD Blood Type

I thought it was going to be a wordless Thursday but turns out, it's not going to be I am!!  I was reading (hey, it's not cheating or being lazy, it is Writers have to continually read in order to improve, you know! And no one is in the position to tell me what I CAN and CANNOT read) something and chanced upon an article about how in some Asian countries, people choose their lovers or best-friends based on their blood type.  I am like what the .... Anyway, I am unsure as to how scientifically-proven that is but if that was the case, I will never find anyone who will find me interesting because...most Asians (mostly, Japanese and Koreans, I think) do not like 'B' type because they are of inferior personality.  Once again, what the .... However, one writer dispelled the rumor for me and said that Japanese people do not like to work with AB+ blood-typed people.  Good. Not B-type.  My argument is this - most family members sha

Wordless Thursday: My Monitor

My eyes have gone bongkers. I think I am finally aging. =)))

Mindbump: How Would I Like To Be Remembered

suggested by Gothic Home "How would you like to be remembered when you are gone from this world?" Wow. Gee. I don't really know. I've not thought that far, really. I think I just want to be remembered as someone who was capable of love. Sooooo much love. When they think of me, I want them to remember their own capabilities, the miracle of life, the ability to reach out and heal. I want them to remember that Marsha Maung once graced this earth and left much for others to remember. I want my kids to remember me as the person who loved them unconditionally and would sacrifice every single fiber within this physical, mental and emotional body of mine for them... But honestly speaking, I can't control whatever feelings and memories that people choose to remember when I go from this world. I guess I hope that they settle with it, go on with life until it is time we join up again in another world. In the meantime, I want them to remember that they are worth t

My Alternate Names

I’ve been called many things before. Some really unpleasant names like ‘bimbo’, ‘airhead’, ‘loser’, ‘obnoxious’, ‘arrogant’, ‘show off’, ‘selfish’, ‘pretentious’, ‘bitch’ (but of course…affectionately and otherwise)…these are just some of those names. The one I like best is ‘hippie’. I’m like ‘OK. Hippie? Really? How so? But alright…I guess it means this person thinks I am kinda…funky? Different?’ When I was younger, I would get REALLLLYYYY upset about it like go into depression or cry or complain about it to friends who would pat my shoulder and call the other persons names just so that I would feel better. Those are the things friends do for you….take your side. If they don’t, what is the point of having friends, right? But as I grow older, see a lot more things, suffer more, experience more, feel more, reflect more and understand more, I think the perspective’s sorta taken a 180 degree turn. It is not that it doesn’t bother me anymore that people are calling me names

Doing The Niceties

As far as ‘being nice to people’ goes, I know of people who are going to mention things about criminals, rapists and also mean-spirited people. Yeah, I know they exists and yes, I am disgusted with what they do too but I strongly…and I mean STRONGLY believe that it all happens for a reason and that karma bites hard. So instead of hating on them, I try to detach and let nature take its course and start being thankful that it wasn’t me or my loved ones that they met up with. That I am lucky enough to be here, not raped, not robbed, not murdered, not cheated. I am currently still here. =)))))) Recently, I did something for the Myanmar refugees’ kids over here in Malaysia with some friends. We pooled together some groceries and stuff and sent it over to their place. I know some really kind and compassionate people who are short on time, don’t have the resources but are willing to reach out to other people who are less fortunate so, I volunteered to help them get their goo

Sleepy Post

Am currently, yes, right NOW, extremely sleepy. So sleepy that I can't put my brain on to anything. You know when your brain is kinda slow (read: dead), writing serious stuff only makes it worse, right? I'm not alone in this right? To take my mind away from my sleepiness, TADA!! Here I am!! I've researched a bit about sleep, actually, because sleeplessness runs in my family. Did you notice that I was trying to avoid using the real term, as in insomnia?  That's because I'm paranoid that way. I am convinced that if I said or typed the word insomnia  out, I won't be able to fall asleep at night. Here are some facts about sleep that kind of opened up my eyes. Pardon the pun. Totally unintended. The longest anyone's gone without sleep is 18 days, 21 hours, 40 minutes during a rocking chair marathon. (Like OMG!!!! 18 freaking days! And the guy didn't die?! But he reported blurred vision, slurred speech, memory loss and hallucinations. You betcha, crazy