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Power Rangers

At first I didn't understand. There is this A person who is police force reserve, reserve la but he think he is damn big and powerful. He wants to be la, I think. But anyway, I didn't understand him at all. When we went for the rallies, we thought and wanted and hoped that it would be peaceful. If kena also please don't let it be so bad la. Innocent thinking la, maybe. After the first rally, I wasn't very happy with the way he asked me if I LIKED the smell of tear gas. In the heat of the moment, when emotions were the highest, what kind of question is that? So, I unfriended him on Facebook because I was a little angry and after that comment, I didn't want to get anymore insulting comments and questions from him. Furthermore, he is the kind of person who throws punches like he is the boss or something. But anyway, he added me back on Facebook and on whatsapp, he asked me not to be angry la, he didn't mean it to be that way or something like that. Sad to s

Getting The Move ON

I love yoga but I also love the high that I get whenever I am done with a cardio thing. It gives you a healthier 'I can change the world!!!!!!!' feeling ever. I don't get to do much cardio, to be honest, but I try my best. For personal reasons, running is not for me. I tried hiking but a nagging backache...well...but when it has got to be done, one's got to find a way, right? So, I bought a bike so that I can force my kids to do it too. Many people earnestly warned me that the bike is going to turn into a towel holder, belt hanger, and just a nuisance wherever I eventually choose to place it. It has been four to six months now and so far, we...well, I have put the bike to more or less to good use. Somehow, getting the kids to get on it is as painful as getting your molars out, without the painkillers. Usually, during the middle of the day when my energy level drops tremendously, I switch the TV on or perch my laptop up on the sofa, load my KDrama j

Random Thought On A Rainy Day - Confidence

It's raining outside right now and here I am, stopped working for a bit, just to catch up with my random thoughts. I know, understand and comprehend the fact that everyone is different. Everyone's entitled to their own world, opinion, rights, dreams, preferences and being a law graduate (the reason why I studied law is, unfortunately, because of an incredibly childish belief in a system of justice), I respect that. However, sometimes, as a human being, it boggles my mind. Like why some people are so pompous? Confidence is one thing, self respect is another but misplaced self confidence is quite another thing altogether. I would not boast of a good self esteem, in fact, am continuing my struggle with a belief that I should be better at everything that I touch, do and make happen. Maybe that is the reason for the pain that I face when I encounter such people. There is much to be proud of but can we sort of, you know, lower down that big ego for a bit? Or maybe some people

10 Tips to Help Relieve Depression and Heartache

Editor’s Note: This is a contribution by  Julia Humphrey “As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.” ~Johann Von Goethe Not long ago I was completely imprisoned within myself,  feeling lost without any direction . Sleeping consumed most of my time. I had brief moments when I checked in on Facebook, only to get a glimpse of others’ seemingly perfect lives with holidays, parties, babies, and weddings. This made me more miserable, as I felt I had nothing going on in my own life. Frustration was building within me because somewhere deep inside, the dreams that I had hidden away wanted me to start pursuing them. Easier said than done of course, but I knew that hiding under my duvet cover wasn’t going to take me anywhere. I needed to  change my negative outlook on life  to a much more positive one. In this new process, I started to apply what I call  the 10 “T”s  to help with my feelings and fears. The 10 “T”s to help relieve depression and heartache:


I challenge you to make your life a masterpiece. I challenge you to join the ranks of those people who live what they teach, who walk their talk. By : Anthony Robbins Sent using AppFlute Inspirational Quotes Android App.

Boston Marathon Blasts, A Crime Against Humanity

It is just shocking. Sure, on Twitter, I get updates about blasts happening in Syria and some other war-torn country and about the casualties and all of that and I don't see an uproar. Sure, people are saying that this is just about the norm in other third world country...but this is Boston we are talking about. And as far as Marathons goes, according to my sister and her hard-core friends, the Boston Marathon is the Mother of all Marathons. I was educated about the fact that you don't just get to run the marathon, you have to QUALIFY for it. You have to show that you are fit and have a proven track record that shows that you are right up there with the best runners in the world. I have nothing to say about the explosions. What is there to say except that it is incredibly disappointing? Absolutely horrifying and it makes me mad as hell. It makes me think, 'What the hell is wrong with the society and humankind?' But for it to happen at the Boston Marathon, at the f

Forming Good Habits

I visit Yogajournal quite a bit, for a very obvious reason, of course, but there was this article in the site that I would like to share with you guys. It's called ' Track Your Habits '; quite an interesting read, I would have to say. Our habits determine pretty much the outcome that we get in the end. I know that but sometimes, it is really hard to stick to something despite knowing that it is good for you. Ever tried to take one tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar every single day? Yup. If you've tried this then you will know the cough, phlegm and vomit inducing aftertaste is not something people usually look forward to. But we know it is good for us, don't we? So, I recently downloaded an app from Google Playstore called 'Routinely' and I have been using it to keep track of my routines. The most important and useful feature of this app is that it has a reminder which will prompt you to do something so, schedule stuff in and don't dismiss them until

Creator or Curator?

Most writers will not hesitate to define themselves as creators of the articles or blog posts that they have written; although I would love to consider myself the creator of this article, the truth is that it was inspired by another article written by another writer. So, in this respect, am I still the creator of this article, since it is sort of modified to sound like me and written with different words? Writers and bloggers alike will not hesitate to agree with me when I say coming up with something completely original to write about is just about the most amazingly painful thing to do on your off days. That is how some writers or bloggers stop doing what they like to do. Their well have run dry or they have received too many negative feedback from people (who have nothing better to do than to ruin other people’s day) who read them. Things like that happen all the time, trust me, but I am one of the few who prefer to bulldoze my way through. Thankfully. Otherwise, I would be a par

Vegetable Stew

It was one of those days that I kept asking myself....what to cook ah? It was also one of those days that I got the meat dish, the main dish, all figured out. Right from the GO, right from the moment I stepped into the market, I knew what I wanted to make and how to make it. I wanted pork ribs. So, first thing I got back from the market, I marinated these babies and popped them into the fridge. These ribs were marinated with Lee Kum Kee's char siew sauce together with some mushroom seasoning, extra pepper, and garlic. Somehow, I figured that marinating stuff with a little garlic is health-beneficial and also gives the meat an extra layer of flavor. Correct me if I am wrong.  So, After marinating the thing, all I needed to do was to wait for everything to come together a couple of hours later and then pop it into the oven, right? Relax. But what to do with the vegetable part ah? My kids love ABC soup. Who doesn't? So, in the same tone, I used pretty much the same in

What Is Up With Malaysians?

Some foreigners might be a little curious or confused with all this talk about the dissolution of Parliament in Malaysia. Why the sudden focus? Isn't it normal for people to vote? Why are there parodies and songs and videos and pictures and all that stuff about voting and exercising your right bla bla bla....? You see, you don't understand what it is like to be in a game that you are not allowed to win. You are a part of a family that don't consider you a family member. You have not tried staying in a place that considers you an outsider but you have been given permission to be in it. You have not been told that you have the right to speak but told to shut the F up the moment you try to say something. You have not been looking out for opportunities to go overseas or migrate all your life. Maybe in some countries like North Korea and Myanmar (and a few others), the citizens might be able to feel the pain (and more) but for others, you have it good. But we are not Myanmar