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i miss my right hand

no, the hand is still here but gosh, i really miss using it. a miscalculation, slippery hand, stupid bottle gave my right hand 7 stitches. i usually marinade meat in the middle of the night, put it in the fridge because it tastes so much better the next day. one night, put lotion on my hand and tried to uncap a bottle of oyster sauce, it slipped off the counter and my instincts kicked in to grab the bottle. the timing was PERFECT because as soon as it crash-landed on the ground and broke, i stabbed my hand to the top of the bottle. i should have just missed the bottle but i didn't. so, the bleeding starts, right? i grab ice from the freezer, hoping that there will be a miracle and the gash will stop bleeding. after about 10 minutes and a whole freezer of ice later, it became apparent to me that the bleeding is not going to stop this way. i am in for it big face one of my biggest fears (apart from roaches)...stitches. the kids were sleeping already and i was alone.

The Next Shot

image of man biting badminton shuttle when i was young, my whole family played badminton well. my dad was a good badminton player, and he saw the potential in my brother because he was tall, fast, agile and had the natural flair for it. ah well, it became a family sport and my sister and me...well, we got into the game too. we wake up, go for jogs, go swimming regularly (hence, i developed VERY TANNED SKIN and large shoulders which made people call me a gorilla or an ah-kua when seen from the back - i kid you not), train in badminton very, serve shots a few hundred times into the same spot, shadow play and all that shit. but of course, after a while, we learn how to have a little bit of fun after the session. i wanted to be a big badminton player too, actually. but gave up when something struck me. in order to be competitive and come up on top, i need one thing that i didn't have back then. my dad did not have the word for it, neither did i. it's calle

love rice hate rice

I did it once and some people were awed. some said it was it was coincidence. some said 'fuck lah, you think this is real. it's a fluke. do it again!" so, i didn't dare. in case it won't repeat itself again. what if i made a fool out of myself? i am like...this is....alien stuff, man! :-) read part one of rice can read here. and then read part two of rice can read here. anyway, out of prompting from some friends, i did it again. i tried it out again and wondering what the odds are against it this time. i don't know, not sure. if it turns out shit....what lah, man. what a disappointment, right? but there is a focus. a conviction in me. i believe in it because i did not touch the thing for the whole duration of time. after about a month, this is what love rice looked like. the hate rice was like this.  not too much diff. never  mind. my part-time maid comes along to clean my place and i always tell her not to touch the two containers. and h

Visit To Welfare Home

Went to a nearby welfare home the other day, there were some twenty over kids there and as part of everyday life, I thought I might as well visit them and bring them something to eat. I decided on KFC for the kids since I don't think they get to eat stuff like that a lot of times. So, a few friends, cousin and sister put some cash together and decided to buy the food and also some schooling items for them. This is not one of those dilapidated homes and I know the kids here are pretty well taken care of but it is nice just the same. When we arrived at the door (we were a little late - have to wait for KFC people to put together three family buckets of fried chicken, they were not prepared for such a sudden large order), we could hear the kids shouting 'KFC! KFC!' And then they rushed out clearing the tables and shyly looked at us. We were shy too, like what do you say and furthermore, they spoke mainly in Mandarin and my Mandarin damn char-siew-pow. Bu

Wow, Malaysians Can Survive On RM5 a day

Harlow!!! Eat one meal is already RM4 per bowl of anything over here. The extra RM1 for Chinese tea, fine. Dinner leh? eat sand? eat paper? eat printer ink? and this is only talking eating, not even taking into account that we have to travel from one place to another (as opposed to teleporting ourselves or have free government-sponsored limousine rides), have teh tarik with friends, go bowling or catch a movie sometimes. you know...the normal everyday activities? yes, i think Malaysians have to do that, otherwise, we will all sign up for a place in tanjung rambutan. come reasonable a bit, can? this is ridiculous calculation, man! i am so pissed off at their absurd stupidity that i am not even bothering with my grammar so, please forgive me for my lackadaisical attitude in this blog post. YOU would be pissed off too if someone told you that you should eat toilet paper for two meals. TOILET PAPER also need money to buy...walau. GENG!

Missing Gym

I used to go to gym three times a week like an insane hungry-for-super-fit-body person and I go there religiously. Seriously religiously. Of course, part of the reason is because I needed to get out and see my friends lah, but overall, it was an obsession that I knew was bordering on uncontrollable. I wake up at 5.30am without complaints (HAH! IMAGINE THAT!) to go to gym for one hour. Sicko. Now that I no longer am a member of any gym, the last one was so lauyar that I felt like paying them to get me out, I kind of miss it. My favorite gym classes are Body Combat, Body Step and RPM. Body Combat for the angst; Body Step for the bootylicious trainer and RPM for the effing-loads-of-sweating!! RPM is insane!! Now that I don't have all of that, you can safely say that I am slowly rotting away at an age-appropriate level. The other day, while buying some new Nintendo games for my kids, I saw this Wii game and bought it. It's quite good, really!! I like the Body Combat so fa

Why Do They Scream Like That?

Wait. Hang on a minute. So do I!!! But why in the world do we do it - screaming like someone was peeling off our toenails sans anesthetic whenever we see a celebrity that we like. I don't know why I do it either. I remember when RAIN came to Malaysia for his concert, my sis and I, we promised each other that we will do nothing of that sort. We will remain sane and behave like the aunties that we are turning into. That we will be civilized and cultured, elitish even. But when RAIN came on and said 'hi' to everyone, even the aunties sitting to our right who were about seventy? A Hundred years old were hollering and whopping. Like...OMG. Then eff it....we'll do it! So, off we went screaming our kidneys out. To our credit, we did not end up getting hoarse. It IS a funny phenomenon, though, the way the girls scream their high-pitched ear-piercing screams! I watched some Raymond Lam concert performances and I can't hear a blardie thing because of the girls screaming

Life Of Convenience

I tweeted this m lucky. printer accepts files via email. DVD sms me whenever series arrive. my pork seller oso accept phone orders. damn lucky biatch me - on twitter It's true. Darn lucky I am! I just re-designed my own business card and decided to get it printed. This time in pretty-pwetty pink !! I don't know....there's a little girlie in me, I guess. So, all I need to do is to email the pdf file to the printer, give her a call and tell her what kind of paper I want and when I can collect it. The next day, I collect it. Simple! Then there's my TVB series DVD seller who SMSes me every time there is a new DVD arrival. I know it's a smart business tactic for him lah, but hey, whenever he sms me, I call him to let him know that I am heading over and how much money I am bringing (so that he can have the change ready for me). I head out and flick the car lights on and off to signal to him that I am there. He runs out while I stop the car, open the car door, he

The Mysteries of Love (TVB series review)

 The Mysteries Of Love Starring : Raymond Lam (my husband - HAHAHA!! siow), Tavia Yeung (my arch rival - BUAHAHAHA), Kenneth Ma and Bernice Liu...amongst others. My rating : 4.5 / 5 For Raymond Lam fans, this is a MUST WATCH. His character here reminds me a little about one of the first few series he starred in called 'Eternal Happiness'. In Eternal Happiness, he played this really slow person whom you would want to punch the daylights out of but he was so cute and innocent and naive that...well, you end up loving the hell outta the guy. In The Mysteries of Love, he has the same aloofness but is super smart but dumb in love. At one point in time, I truly hated Prof Kingsley for being a jerk, asshole. In the end, he sorta made up for it. Story-wise, this is a good one combining two love stories and punctuated with lots of other crime-solving stories. They were all nicely interlaced. They spent enough time elaborating on each character and why they were the way they were a

Nothing To Say

Postings on this blog and also on my Zen Chic Mom blog has waned, yes, I've noticed that. Not that it is important to anyone since there aren't that many people who is interested in what I have to say. I have stopped trying to be oh-so-funny-make-me-laugh-until-my-ribs-hurt. And I have also stopped checking my Google Analytics account to see how many people came in. It used to matter so much to me and it began to sound like so much work. And there's pressure in trying to come up with something funny to say. Go ask KennySia if he has the same problem...and he's is even worse....10,000 times worse, I think. I have to admit that I used to place a lot of importance on what I say in here and I want to write in an amusing way so that people feel like I am a celeb or damn popular and all that. Bollocks. A whole pile of crap that was. No, I am not depressed or bitter or ' getting old ' or senile or going through menopause or anything like that. I think I see

Thinking Of Going HK

I've mentioned before how if given a chance to work and live in HK, I won't. It's not that I have anything against Hongkies, I just prefer the space that I have here in Malaysia, the land, the air, the more courteous people (most of them, anyway), the better food (I'm biased but Hongkies visit Penang and they fall in love), and generally speaking, the lifestyle. We may get frustrated with the more languid way of doing things here (the unker char kuey teow is slower than the people in HK) and HK people are FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRR more efficient. But you know, I don't want to live a pressured life like that. But I love their efficiency. You order wan tan mee and two minutes later, it's there! Like WALAUUUU!! So, it's kinda funny that I am thinking of going to HK again...for some reason. Like my sub-conscious mind is telling me to go there and have some HK-style fun. Hhhmm....don't know. Do I really want to be pressured into walking at