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Update: Happy Chinese New Year 2020!!!

The year of the rat is supposed to be a good year for me and I am slightly superstitious that way. #lol. When the predictions for last year came out, I believed it too. Last year was an effed-up year for me and it was true. In all honesty, last year changed the dynamics of my family life and my circle of friends. It has also altered my work arrangements and financial standing by a few Universe-folds. I just have to, after all, do what I do best which is to scream into the sky: Is that all you've got?! COME AT ME, you bastard . 😖😖😖😝😝😝😅😅😅😁😁😁 Apparently, this year's going to be a little different and I would like to believe so. I will remain grateful for everything that has kept me alive thus far and still enjoying whatever I am permitted to enjoy. It's not a lot but I am grateful nonetheless. I am a simple person that way. This year, the family celebrated it at my sisters and, for the benefit of the younger kids, there were some fireworks. But th

Use Your Coupons and Redeem Your Points!

girl holding coins in front of her eyes, money - Thought Catalog / Unsplash It's strange but before I became a mom, I never thought much about coupons. Even the 'free personal pizza' coupons from Dominos for late deliveries did not impress me. Every single little loyalty redemption card I received was relegated to my jeans back pocket which would either spend a couple of hours being washed into mush in the washing machine (eek!) or forgotten about. The strange thing about marketing and commercialism these days is that everyone's offering you something in return for your repeat business. If you use apps, there will be free shipping, discount days, and DISCOUNTCODES. Sometimes, you'll get a further incentive for hashtagging them on social media. Oh,  the wonderful ways to save a couple of cents ...or bucks, depending on the company. I was doing some math a while ago (which should be done more regularly) and I was surprised by the amount of money, as smal