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Update: Getting Away in Genting Highlands

I really needed to get away. I was tired. Although I don't believe in wallowing, I believe in getting away from the shit storm even if it was a for a few hours. I found myself wishing how people knew more about the struggle. I was eyeball-deep in an emotional sinkhole...hence, I needed to get away. My parents, literally, half-live in Genting Highlands , so, when the thought popped into my head, this seemed like a natural idea. If you're not familiar with Malaysia, it's the only casino in the country and it is located atop a hill. It's such a unique attraction that Singaporeans, Thais, Chinese and people from many other countries come to Malaysia just to try their luck at the casino. View this post on Instagram Up in the #clouds #gentinghighland #sky #sun #hills #breaks A post shared by Marsha Maung (@marshamaung) on Mar 9, 2019 at 1:21am PST For me, Genting Highlands has a special place in my hear

Internet: When People Inspire People

It's funny how when you're not really thinking and then something sort of goes off in your head and you KNOW it's something. You can't put your finger on it and if someone asked you to explain what it was, you'd probably shrug it off. But it's these little things that can bring about unexpected things. I just started off a new website , in case I've not announced it, and I was just scrolling through Linkedin (as usual, being careful not to click on anything too political or religious, it's LINKEDIN, for crissakes, right?), when a gong went off in my head. I REALLY liked this post, this girl and what she's doing. I want to write about it. No, I will . And that was how it started. You can read about it here on the website . But for a barely-a-month-old website, it experienced a sudden jump in visits because of how much people can relate to not just Ruchika Pandey whom I wrote about, but also me who just pounced on it. At last count, the pos