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Update: Getting Away in Genting Highlands

I really needed to get away. I was tired.

Although I don't believe in wallowing, I believe in getting away from the shit storm even if it was a for a few hours.

I found myself wishing how people knew more about the struggle. I was eyeball-deep in an emotional sinkhole...hence, I needed to get away.

My parents, literally, half-live in Genting Highlands, so, when the thought popped into my head, this seemed like a natural idea.

If you're not familiar with Malaysia, it's the only casino in the country and it is located atop a hill. It's such a unique attraction that Singaporeans, Thais, Chinese and people from many other countries come to Malaysia just to try their luck at the casino.

For me, Genting Highlands has a special place in my heart but it's not because of the casino. A non-gambler, I've only been into the casino once in my life and I didn't really like the vibe.

Genting Highlands used to be a whole lot more than it is now. It's just a massive hilltop casino, club, concert venue, and arcade center now, but back then, when the outdoor theme park was still running, it was so damn fun to be there.

This was where I took on my first ever roller-coaster ride...a full-blown roller-coaster ride that twisted my pancreas and liver into knots.

I won't say it's the Las Vegas of Malaysia (because LOL, it's nothing compared to Las Vegas) but it DOES boast of a night scene, strings of entertainment and concerts, and has been listed as one of the largest hotels by the Guinness World Book of Records at one point in time.

What I remember of Genting Highlands, instead, has a lot more to do with spending time with my family up there. Both my generation and my kids'.

It's THE place that's close enough to home that will take you away from the brutal beatings of the Malaysian suffocating heat. It has a butterfly wonderland garden, caves temple, monuments (I think), a strawberry farm, cable cars, and before the lawsuit set the whole plan on fire, FOX was about to build a special theme park in Genting Highlands.

That idea was roasted and reduced to a pile of hope ashes.

When I went, we saw the signboard that said "FOX" covered up in transparent plastic. Ah well..

They, therefore, focused more on their indoor attractions which include pyrotechnics, Manhattan-style billboards, screens, and lively shows.

Most of us who are living in either KL, PJ or neighboring states would just drive there since it's a relatively easy ride (although tough on the cars because of the steep climb up the hill) but there are regularly-scheduled interval bus rides to take you up. If you're stashed with cash, you can even charter a helicopter to take you up within 30 short minutes from KL.


It was a fun get-away but Genting Highlands has changed so much over the years. To say that it has become more touristy is an understatement but it'll suffice as a place to get some fresh air with the boys.

What they see now as Genting Highlands is not the Genting Highlands I saw as a child and I kept trying to go back to the places I knew still existed. The fountain at the top which gave us space to enjoy the cold air for a bit. The garden. I wish I took on the cable car rides but we didn't have time for that...there was a whole lot of walking up and down stairs and escalators, legs.... #lol

It was nicely cooling for a while when the clouds were directly over our heads. And then the clouds disappeared and there I was, sitting in on the floor, basking in sunlight again. #failz

Stepping up, Stepping down - my boys are going places sometimes I am not going to

All you need is love, right? =)

It took me some time to post this (it was sitting in my Draft folder) so, this is not a recent update but I thought it was a nice getaway.

On the aside, don't be discouraged if you feel the same kind of all-consuming exhaustion. Life can be tough but you can be tougher.

I just had to unplug for a while.

I mean, according to the world of the internet, everything works again, and sometimes better, after you unplug and plug it in again, right? The same worked for that moment.



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