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Music: Try - Colbie Caillat

One of the most inspiring and touching songs released in this era of auto-tuned songs, raunchy lyrics and superficial and sexist (er....anaconda, no? lol) videos. Whenever I listen to the lyrics, tears well up because it is so refreshing for us to break out of the reins that society have placed around our necks. Freeing yourself from what people impose on you is one of the most liberating things. IMHO la but it is really up to you if you want to use makeup, if it makes you feel good about yourself (or when you have to attend a wedding la...can't imagine going bare-faced myself haha) but the key is 'choice'. If you feel strangled by the norm, don't be afraid to break free. Otherwise, go on doing what makes you happy. Put your make up on Get your nails done Curl your hair Run the extra mile Keep it slim So they like you. Do they like you? Get your sexy on Don't be shy, girl Take it off This is what you want, to belong So they like you. Do you like y

First, See Me for Who I am

I saw this post by Timber Hawkeye on Facebook and decided...what the hell...might as well post it. I was called 'hippie' by two of my closest friends recently and I was kinda intrigued with WHY I was labeled as such that I actually Googled it up. Presumably because I don't do things the conventional way, I hug trees, love world peace, make my own soap, recycle and dress whatever way I want and I don't believe in heels nor manicures. I will wait for them to correct me on this, lol. As mentioned by Buddhist Boot Camp, he went to gym all the time and started attracting people who loved his physique, his car and his fashion sense. But it is not the fault of those who were attracted to him, and yet he was upset that that was all they saw in him. I used to do the same too but mainly because I was a singer. My job was to look good and entertain. I don't know why I have this picture on my side table but yes, that's how short a skirt can get before you star

When You Get Too Attached to your Phone

Note 3, my dear phone, why are you dying on me? I love you so much and you are such a perfect phone for me. I mean it! I dont even want to replace you at all! 😯 Till this day, you are still the best ever, ever, ever, EVER. The size is amazing. Camera is awesome. Screen is right up there with the best and the best instagram pics were with you. YOU. Do you remember all those fond memories? It's in the memory thing, look it up. Was it because I bought another phone/tab thing? Damn, I bought it so that your battery won't run out so quickly when I spend 7 hours on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit! It was never meant to REPLACE you, my darling phone. It was your personal assistant, damn it. Do you hear me? It was your body double....just a larger screen, yes, but it doesn't perform like you do, I swear! I love you Note 3, please come back. No, I don't want Note 4! I want Note 3. Please don't go wonky on me again. Please. Come back..... Love

SLIP - Awesome Dance Choreography

The past, it's true. It's comfortable. It's comforting. It's what we think is safe.  Everyone will tell you it is hard to let go of pain... and it is. Since we are children we have been told to embrace the best of our experiences & disregard the worst... But what happens when the most beautiful memories from our past end up doing the most damage to our future? This dance is awesome, I mean, the dancers were great but I have to give them my maximum number of thumbs up and toes up for the concept of 'letting go' shown through this creative dance. Click on this link if you can't watch it on your phone or tab. It's Thursday, people of the world, Smile, XOXO, Marsha

Parenting On The Internet Is Wrong

When news about a 13-year-old teenager posting pictures of herself in provocative clothes and pictures on Facebook and befriending people, especially men, on the social networking site surfaced, I was a little happy that her mother appeared to have reacted very appropriately, with disappointment and anger. She SHOULD be totally upset about it too. Does she know the type of danger and people she is exposing herself to? On the internet? What isn't appropriate, to me, is her method of dealing with it. Remember the father who was angry with his daughter's usage of the internet and blew up her laptop very publicly? I believe the video went viral at the time it was posted. And then there was this other video of a dad who was unhappy with his son's lack of drive to find a 'proper' job and so, he brought all his video games out onto the lawn and well....drove a lawn mower all over the video games with the son crying and pleading with his father to stop. By the same