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Short : Want to Have Super Thick Skin?

I hardly wax political these days - too many things to talk about and since I am not a politician and may not have sound knowledge to put things into proper perspective, I've generally steered clear of any personal commentaries. I've, of course, enjoyed the jokes on the internet. I thrive off of people who don't care, and people who have researchers doing know...research work. This one, however, I find really funny because it is probably true. You'll never find another politician (well, maybe a few others currently flooding the news feed these days) with thicker skin than Malaysia's ex-Prime Minister. He's got skin as thick as cow hide. Maybe more. And that's it! I'm off to a really late lunch that nearly qualifies as dinner. We're hungry like a pack of wolves, no restaurant is open for us and I feel guilty as hell. Running off into the wind now, XOXO & Ta, Marsha If you find any grammatical errors or spelling mista

Update : Taking Anchor on for a Test-Drive

I'm still tinkering around with Anchor but since I consider myself to be quite a quick learner, I think I'll stop making as many mess-ups from now onward. #lol This was a podcast test-drive but I uploaded it anyway because...well, it's a simple reading of a meaningful article. Something I think will help people ' Leap into the Unknown ' even when every fiber of their being is saying ' WTF ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FREAKING DEMENTED MIND ?!' Well, anyway, here's my embarrassing test-drive. I promise you it will get better. However, I DO think I like doing this. A simple reading, no fanfare, topics that touches everyone, short and sweet and just thoughts that you might also want to ponder over while you're waiting in line for your Starbucks. Lots of love and the weekend is coming ! On top of that, it's my sister's birthday and we're going out for a simple dinner with all the kiddos and all that. He is usually quite careful wi

Boys, The Bully's a Best-Friend (Video)

Boys will be Boys - Image Credit : I don't know how to say it because most women won't understand. In fact, I've only come to face this male phenomenon as my kids started getting old enough to insult each other with 'I froggin' hate you', 'you're such a boinger' or equivalent replacement words. They do it because...well...duh, I'm there. But it's essentially true, this video. Boys/men are just mean to each other because...that's the way they love. Women just don't get it. In fact, a friend once commented, 'Gosh, Marsh. I can't stand your boys, they are sooooo TOXIC'. In reality, they're far less toxic than many friends I know in real life. Some people give you compliments in your face and then spew poison behind your back. When it comes to things like these, men, you have my vote. Men are the best best-friends. Don't get me wrong, I don't con

Families & Culture: The Nest

Maybe it's a cultural thing but I am sure we've all read about that one guy whose parents took him to court for overstaying his welcome. The  parents won the suit  and sent the son packing. It's none of anyone's business, in my personal opinion, but in this part of the world, many kids stay with their parents well into their adulthood. Sometimes, till they die. In all fairness, most of those kids (who stay on with their parents) contribute towards the welfare of their parents. They either chip in financially or take care of the home for their aging or sickly parents. I know many people who continue to stay on with their parents even at my age, and it's not for me to judge. Learning How to Paddle Your Own Canoe The parents in the New York story who, literally, gave their son the boot probably had their reasons to do so. Some people need that kick in the ass to get the move on. There are quite a number of IRL people came to mind too. #lol There ARE people who r