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Cyndi Lauper, A Memoir

I didn't really want to tell anyone I actually bought and read a Cyndi Lauper. People will instantly tag you as 'wooo wooo woooo' in their minds because Lauper isn't exactly the best singer around, she isn't the most elegant either. The last hit she had was like....a really long time ago so, why would I pick her 'memoir' (as some of you might scoff at). Her singing style sometimes induces headaches and fashion-wise, she is right up there with Lady Gaga (and she right off the bat says it like it is, she admits it). She is so different and way out there that you wonder 'Gosh, what was she thinking?!' And THAT...was why I bought the book. AND the fact that I accidentally heard 'Time after time' on the radio and thought to myself that this was one of my favorite karaoke songs to sing. I just want to know what goes on inside her head, for her to make such dramatic fashion decisions. Is she some kind of sick attention-grabbing person who is s

Cops Can Do No Right

Admit it, we don't think much of cops. When we mention them, especially in this part of the world, we think the worst of them. Automatically. Like they have a disease and want to spread it to you...intentionally. I don't have a very good impression of them either but I have to say that in recent years, I have encountered some decent ones. Like I was caught making a turn that I shouldn't be making with one kid in the car and with a left-behind purse in the post office (THIS is some time back because....WHO ON EARTH goes to the post office these days, right? LOL), the cop let me off the hook after casting a look into the car (to see an adorable toddler inside all nicely buckled up. Say awwwwwwwwww ). We've all had our fair share of moments with the cops, don't we? But anyway, what THIS cop did goes beyond what a normal cop would have done. And he continues to request anonymity because he doesn't want to blow things out of proportion. God bless his heart and

Look Up

Guilty as charged. Just when I was thinking of taking my phone off Wifi and Mobile data, I chanced upon this video. Just this morning, I was telling my kids how I want to make an 'escape' or a quick getaway to Sekeping Serendah and being called a 'hippie' just because. Maybe it came with being so connected that I feel tired. I know so many people yet know so few. Human beings are meant to connect with each other, one by one. Not one by many. We are not meant to live on a stage called Online or the Internet. We are meant to call each other with excited news not announce it to the world on what we call 'social media'. Every update is seen and judged by a large number of people....are we supposed to live like that? Are we supposed pretend to understand and know every stranger on the Internet?

The Things We Are Sorry Abundance

The Asian mentality is as such. So is the 'entertainer' culture. We say sorry way too much. We say sorry, sometimes, not because it was our fault. In fact, we say sorry when we should be saying 'Excuse me, I didn't quite catch what you said. Can you please repeat that?' Granted, sorry is an incredibly important word to use but there are things that we should not be sorry for:- Who we are Our sexual orientation Our feelings Our situation Our problems Our emotions Our tears Our regrets (we shouldn't have too many of this evil thing, anyway) Our dreams ....I can go on so, feel free to add your thoughts if you want to Sometimes I am sick of feeling sorry for making others feel the way they do, which I can't help them with because it is their feeling after all. It's like a huge cycle. So, at the end of the day, we should just acknowledge our feelings and say 'sorry, I am making you feel that way. I am sorry but not all that sorry be