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This is the first time I am logging into blogger on this tab thing and attempting to blog. Man, how many mistakes did I make in that one single sentence?! Lol. And I missthe auto-cap thing when writing on wordpress or opensource. Hhhmmmm.... Lemme upload a picture of my current craze. My hamsters gave birth to a bunch (well...just 3, actually)of  tiny peanut shaped babies! They are absolutely so adorable. i want to roast them. grin.

Don't Shove It Into My Face

Just came home from Awards and Graduation night for kids' school. Wow. Bushed. Trying not to die on this chair. Anyway, I want to muse on something before I sleep. You know when the kids are performing and all the parents rush to the front of the stage, trying to take a picture of their kids. I always suck at that not because of anything, but it sucks that my kids are BOYS (boys always are placed at the back of the group and they are tall boys. Hence, I always have trouble trying to find a window amongst those human beings to take a picture of my kids. And of course, being shy, they too try to blend in with the backdrop which makes taking a picture of them even HARDER. I was surprised that my son got an award for having the 3rd highest average score for the year. Cool. Yes, I am proud as hell about that but trying not to go overboard. And one more thing (please don't take this negatively), I managed to dodge a mother who was suspiciously trying to convert me into her reli

Pic Blog: Salmon-ized Saturday

Just came back from the 'old' wing 1 Utama which got epic renovations done which made me get lost and also sucked me of RM400 because I had to get formal clothing for the kids who are having their Awards and Graduation night soon. I should find out when. =) I can't figure out why I always leave finding out the exact date of things for the very last minute. It gets me into trouble, you know. Anyway, went shopping and let it be said here that I walked past Chatime unharmed, not traumatized nor was I crying my eyeballs out because I didn't get to try it. I've not tried it and for the life of me, I can't understand why I always shun things that people love so much. The more people are sucked into it, the less I want to try it. I hate commercialization of simple things. Sure it's got that brand name on it but listen, it's a SHIRT. It's a BAG. It's COSTUME JEWELRY. Someone blew things out of proportion and making you pay 3000% the deserving price.

Mindbump - Taking th3 Rest of the Week Off?

suggested by EurekaLoop "What would happen if you suddenly decided to take the rest of the week off of work?" Nothing much, really. Honestly, nothing much because my work is on the internet and there is nothing like 'take the week off' when my work place comes along with me no matter where I go. Lol