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WWW is Flying!

It's Saturday, my favorite day of the week and I am not going to spoil it by talking about politics or the current state of affairs. It's a load of bollocks, that's all I can say. So, I am going to share something positive I saw on a friend's Facebook timeline instead. The Internet is flying! If this was possible, can you imagine the future of the Internet? Happy Saturday! (and the rest of the weekend, of course) Awesomeness, XOXO, Marsha

Boys that Don't Run Away

I am missing the days when my kids don't run away from me the very moment I have a camera (smartphone, especially) in my hands. Those days, as you can see, they even entertain me with funny faces.  I have always tried to warn my friends who keep posting their children's pictures on Facebook that one day, maybe just boys, they don't want their pictures all over the Internet. They have less of a reaction when I am using my not-connected-to-the-internet snap-and-go camera, knowing that chances of it ending up on Facebook is far less as compared to when I am using my smartphone. But cameras don't have filters, my sons. T.T e.g. like the picture above. No filter and look like shit. hahaha I love taking pictures because it's a keepsake of memories like this that I will one day want to look back on. A reminder of how far I have come as a mother and our relationship. I have assured them that whatever I capture that ends up on Facebook, I will not tag them. Espe

A Gloomy, Wet Saturday's Update

You'll never know how difficult it is, the worrisome days that a parent encounters, until you become a parent. So, I found this pretty little shoe sitting on the wet road worth capturing. Some parent is probably going to spend a few hours looking around car, home and bags for this missing shoe, wondering where they could have possibly missed it. Well, it is missing. And they will have no freaking idea what went on. Been there, done that, not doing it again, good luck! lol That's parenting. That's why we should not judge parents, no matter how many things you disagree with them. They feed organic? Fine. They feed formula milk? The stuff their kids with KFC? Hey, they're eating and that's great! Whatever floats your boat, we are trying not to eff up along the way. But on a more somber note, whatever has taken over the world, bombing after bombing, murders after murders, it's just sad or maybe it's just us, this generation, that we are more in tu

Haters Gonna Hate - Old vs. New Internet, Same or Different?

Remember the time we used to blog in complete peace? How not every single person, dog, kid or guitar have an internet account? Remember Multiply, the site before Facebook? Oh my, how I long for those days. Bloggers and writers are met with hate once in a while, the same way your words can heal or positively impact someone on the internet, it can also bring on the wrath of 'insulted' people...especially these days. Not to say that it didn't exist back then because it did. I remember someone told me to 'stick to writing, your singing sucks and don't deny it because it is THE TRUTH ' on Multiply when I tried to record my singing on sucky equipment (rewind 20 years before smartphone apps) and brazenly 'showcased' it to my 'friends' on the internet. I argued that it was not THE TRUTH because it was merely his OPINION (and he's entitled to it) not because I am the best singer in the entire Universe  but I have been told that I don't croak.

People are People So...

Reading the news and social media accounts (I try not to but I have friends that I sometimes check on and groups that I participate in online) has been a pain in the ass these few weeks. In fact, today, police confirmed that my school friend's night spot, MOVIDA, was bombed with a hand grenade by extremist groups. It was speculated before but only confirmed today. We long for better news. One of my friends correctly pointed out that whenever these groups bomb their own people, no one makes a hashtag. No one posts up the country's flag as their profile pictures. No monument and iconic landmark is meaningfully lit. It sickens me to think that the reason could be as simple's nothing new. We need to remember that the people affected by things like the Baghdad bombings are significant too . Even in Malaysia, which is a Muslim country, I don't think people are quite as caught off-guard despite the fact that Malaysia has been one of the most peaceful Muslim co

Videos - Jimmy Fallon and Nicole Kidman

It's a Sunday, a lazy but HOT HOT HOT one (well, it's a SUNday) and plans to head out to the field for a walk is cancelled. I am sweating just lying or sitting down, I can't imagine a simple walk  around the park. lol So, after doing some work, I've decided to revisit some of my favorite Youtube videos and this one never gets old. Never. Jimmy Fallon finding out that he effed up an opportunity to hook up with Nicole Kidman on his own LIVE late night show. It's awkward and embarrassing for the both of them but sure makes for a good laugh for the rest of us. So, guys, if you've ever effed up with a popular girl crushing on're not alone. This video alone have raked up more than 35 million views and continues to be rewatched over and over again. It's a long weekend for some you because of Hari Raya being around the corner and of course, for Americans, July 4th is approaching. So, have fun and be safe out there. Love, Marsha

My Country, oh, Not My Country

I have stopped (more or less) talking about Malaysian politics a long time ago partly because it is hopeless. I am sure I am not the only one with this sentiment. What I want is not chaos or a riot or whatever the Government thinks we are trying to create. We want the power of choice. We want accountability. But whatever. I want to I was joking with a friend, saying that soon, instead of Indonesians sending their workers here for low skilled jobs, we might be doing the same in other countries very soon. Begging for a space, a job and then being told to 'go home'. The term 'go home' is something we have been hearing since we were born so, it's not going to shock any non-Malay Malaysians. It is almost synonymous to 'Let's makan' (let's eat) to me. Other people in other countries might be taken aback and fight back but not us. We have never felt we belonged, anyway, and that explains why Malaysia has a brain drain problem, with sk