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It's not me to go all religious and righteous but I am for being a nice person. My father (surprise surprse!) who is the most unsuspecting religious person sent me this email and I was like....wah? But everything contained inside are true. I mean, I've heard it said a thousand times over before but still....we need a little reminding once in a while. So, here I am....reminding you. *** An Angel says, " Never borrow from the future. If you worry about what may happens tomorrow and it doesn't happen, you have worried in vain. Even if it does happen, you have to worry twice ." Pray Go to bed on time Get up on time so you can start the day unrushed Say 'No' to projects that won't fit into your time schedule, or that will compromise your mental health Delegate tasks to capable others Simplify and unclutter your life Less is more (Although one is often not enough, two are often too many) Allow extra time to do things and to get to places Pace yoursel

Stop, relax, breathe, look, see….feel

I get caught up all the time. I spin around in circles, then stop not knowing which way I am looking at. I try to focus and don't find one. This is the everyday life of a freelance writer…well, maybe it's just me but except for the occasional ‘heck, I wanna do nothing' days (that don't come often enough), most of the time, I am consistently and desperately chasing one far gone deadline after nother. In chasing after monetary gains as a freelance writer, sometimes I lose focus. I forget the very reason why I am writing freelance. Continue Reading

How many handphones do you have?

Many people today have more than 1 cellphone for their everyday use. For instance, me . I have a PDA and a normal phone….a HP iPaq and also a Samsung basic phone will cameraphone, video recorder and other basic stuff-lah. In case you think I am lan-si and want to show off, it cannot be further from the truth! Many people have double-cell phones these days including my sister, father, a good friend….even band members have two phones and two numbers. The reason why I have 2 handphones is because I want to keep my office life far away from me when I am not working. Working from home is tough because there’s no line between work and personal life; therefore, if I use the same phone number, my life is all muddled up. Not as if it’s not with Internet and all…but still, at least I have drawn a line between the two (and more) lives that I live. More importantly, both my handphones are completely different. One is a PDA where I record all the schedules, to-dos, kids’ tuitio

Car trouble

Sent me car for repair the other day. Actually, I did not intend for it to be a major overhaul thing, you know. I wanted to change the tayar only (tires) because all botak (bald) liao. No, seriously. This is not the first time the mechanics laugh in my face when they looked at the tires. Literally like PUA HA HA HA HA kind. Not until one time the car skidded a little bit when it was raining did I really consider the consequences of driving around with not one, not two, not three BUT FOUR BALD TIRES ! Yes, folks. That’s how blur I am. In fact, it took me seven months driving around with a conked out gear that wouldn’t change below third gear to get it repaired! Ya ya ya….laugh, laugh…. LAUGH ! Imagine every time there’s red light, I turn red also because the car would start moving at 3 rd gear. I drove around like that for 7 months! Terror leh? Faster clap! And then there’s the car shaking issue. I don’t know what is wrong with the bloody WAJA (Malaysian car) lah but

One Night with Ji Yu Jin

It’s been 8 years……EIGHT YEARS????? Gosh, that was how long it has been for me to step on stage with Ji Yu Jin. Aisay, don’t want to admit that I am old also cannot lah. Even if it was just one song that I sang with Ji Yu Jin ‘What’s Up”, the memories came flooding back. A fan of Ji Yu Jin emailed me a couple a little less than a week ago about Ji Yu Jin being back in town after long stints in other parts of the country. This time, they’re back in PJ/KL in the club scene. So, acting upon the tip-off from the fan, I gathered two friends who are into the canto-rock scene (not everyone’s into rock….canto-rock at that) and headed on over. Ji Yu Jin is currently singing in Club 18 in Bangsar Avenue right now and getting there is a harrowing experience in itself if you’re heading over from Damansara. How to get over the other side? How to get over to the other side of the road, niamah!!???? Wrong turn here, wrong turn there! Beforehand, I called Louie, Ji Yu Jin’s leader

Surrounded by Obnoxious People? You Can Change That

If you are exposed on a regular basis to obnoxious, loud, stupid and self-centered people, you have but one good choice. Love them. “But how on earth can I do that?” you say. In reality, that is the only way out. And stop calling them negative, obnoxious, self-centered and stupid! Stop the cycle We ourselves become obnoxious and rude when we treat them badly. We then act equally ignorantly. Someone needs to stop the cycle. It needs to be me. We should realize that these folks are just uninformed and uneducated in the area of human relationships. They are temporary prisoners of their own selves, unaware of their own need to give love and receive love. We can’t get angry at them for what they don’t know, can we? That doesn’t make good sense. Consider them kindergarteners “So smile, radiate love and understanding,” I said to myself. “I will consider them kindergarteners. Adult kindergarteners. I don’t criticize children for being in kindergarten, do I?” I continued talking to myself. “I w

One Night with Ji Yu Jin

It’s been 8 years……EIGHT YEARS????? Gosh, that was how long it has been for me to step on stage with Ji Yu Jin. Aisay, don’t want to admit that I am old also cannot lah. Even if it was just one song that I sang with Ji Yu Jin ‘What’s Up”, the memories came flooding back. A fan of Ji Yu Jin emailed me a couple a little less than a week ago about Ji Yu Jin being back in town after long stints in other parts of the country. This time, they’re back in PJ/KL in the club scene. So, acting upon the tip-off from the fan, I gathered two friends who are into the canto-rock scene (not everyone’s into rock….canto-rock at that) and headed on over. Ji Yu Jin is currently singing in Club 18 in Bangsar Avenue right now and getting there is a harrowing experience in itself if you’re heading over from Damansara. How to get over the other side? How to get over to the other side of the road, niamah!!???? Wrong turn here, wrong turn there! Beforehand, I called Louie, Ji Yu Jin’s leader a

More is less in a small business

In the decade of being in business as a freelance writer, do you want to know how many clients I've had? You do? Well, I don't know. Too many. Some worthwhile. Some worthless. Some conned me out of the little that I charge them. Some paid me too much for the little that I did. But too many. The point is that I grabbed everything that came my way. And do you know that not all of them will remain with you for long? I assume you know that. But here's something that I learned about being in business….well, being in the Internet business, anyway. Continue Reading

Ratatouille the Movie Review

Category: Movies Genre: Animation Cute? Charming? Adorable? Much more than that....Remy Remy Remy!!! Never would I ever imagine myself saying that it's so easy to fall in love with such a passionate and all-embracing rodent as Remy, the lead character in Pixar's latest Block BUSTER , Ratatouille . The storyline is fabulous, entertaining and educational as well. I still can't remember all the roles of all the people in the a huge 5-star kitchen but heck, it was enlightening to know, anyway. With that said, it also means that the kids won't understand. The herbs, the various delicate concoctions, the procedures....they're all lost on the kids. While they yawn their way through these parts, I must say it's great for chef-wannabes! It all started out in the farmhouse where Remy spent his 'smelling' talents smelling out rat poison where a major mishap (direct result of Remy's curious nature and passionate addiction to good food and cooking) sends Re

Tomorrow no electricity!

No electric, no electric!!!! Otteke Otteke?? (How Korean) I cannot be disconnected from the Internet leh!!! Die-lah die-lah. It's in times like this that I suddenly realize how important my cyberlife is to me. I mean, my life is online, my career is online.....everything! I did not forget to pay the bills. TNB is going to conduct an Annual Preventive Maintenance lah! Gawd, never imagine that a human being can be so stressed out when local electric provider performs maintenance leh? I mean, I hate it because also there's nothing for the kids to do when there's no electricity. And blardie hell, something is wrong with either my PC or my internet connection. Keeps logging out. Eeeyyyyeeerrrr......this is what I hate the most. I have to do something liao. This is driving me crazy.

Korean Kim Chi or Taiwan Kim Chi or Malaysia Ahchat

Many Asian countries have their very own version of Kimchi but don't know why, Korean kimchi got the world talking. Maybe it's because Korean kimchi has the strongest aroma, the sourest among the lot. But actually, if you taste a real Korean kimchi, you won't think it's as bad as people say it is. Foreigners will have a tough time trying to like the dish but Malaysians and people from other Asian countries shouldn't lor. I mean, Malaysia also got our local ah-chat which is fantabulous!! It's sweet, sour, salty ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Korean Kimchi is almost part of my staple diet since not only does the Korean BBQ restaurant sell them, so does the Western deli and also a resident of the condo opposite of my house! So, as far as Korean kimchi is concerned, I can get my hands on them with only one phone call. Yesterday, I suddenly found a Taiwanese restaurant. I tah-powed some food....YUM YUM YUM!!!!! I saw they had Taiwanese Kimchi as well, so, being the curious

Who's the most elegant among these beauties?

All of them are gorgeous, I will have to say but if you were to choose one, who would it be? Allyssa Milano who used to be the queen of beauty until she made some pretty silly decisions in her career. To me, however, her face itself represents true beauty in a lot of ways. And when dressed up, Miss Allyssa Milano is actually very elegant. I know this isn't the best picture of Miss Ange Adoption Jolie Pitt but heck. A lot of men lust after her and sadly, I don't know what is to pretty about her. Really....she's sultry and sexy but her face and features is not something I would call elegant or beautiful. Unique. Sexy. Sultry. Dark. Yes. Catherine Zeta Jones. Now talk about elegance, Catherine Zeta Jones is absolutely IT IT IT! Very elegant, confident, knows what she wants and how to get it. unapologetic about her opinions and dresses elegantly even after giving birth to a football team. Eva Mendez is also not on my list but apparently, she's hot t

Kids Emotional Blackmail

A kid just shared a secret with me. Both this kid and his sister confided in me that if they can't get their parents to buy something for them, all the have to do is start crying and kick up a fuss! The more fuss you kick up, the more distressed the parents will be and the faster you will get the thing you want! I looked at them shell-shocked into silence. Huh? They had sly smiles on their faces. No wonder the siblings are famous for their 'tears'....sigh. I shook my finger, shook my head at them and told them that if my kids were to show me something like that, even if I've decided to buy it for them in the first place, they'll negative points for such emotional blackmail. No way on heaven, earth, universe, hell, paradise....etc will I get anything ANYTHING for them if they resort to emotional blackmail. Crying and kicking up a fuss, my kids know, is a one-way-ticket to nowhere. Gosh, all I know right now is that 'thank goodness' they're not my kids.

Freelance writers to learn how to tune their emotions out

There are many admirable traits in women that I relish having…like the ability to multitask, feel for someone else or endure extreme pain physically and emotionally. But there’s something that I admire in men – the ability to completely tune out when required (or not required!). I write this is I’ve been through it before and have seen people suffer financially and career-wise when they keep the valve leading up the emotional part of their brain open in business dealings! I do it too, sometimes, guilty as charged but not for a long time now. I’ve learn my lesson(sssss). *LOL* Continue Reading

Pac Man is still alive

Remember pac-man? The yellow round thing that looks like a cake with a piece cut out of it? It goes around in a maze eating all these pallets, being chased by ghosts, eating power pallets and then eating the ghost back? I remember I used to have one of these and played with it until it completely conked out on me. It makes the same monotous noise throughout the game but the procedure is always the same. The design of the maze changes, I think as you progress. At this moment, the kids are simply bananas over Pacman like it's the newest thing on the planet! When I told them, "Mommy used to play Pacman too when I was a little girl". Kids go, "But mom, you're old. You mean Pacman is so old too! But Pacman looks so young". Wait till I tell them about how crazy I was about Transformers. Even bought a really expensive book from overseas on all the Transformers. Anyway, so's Power Ranger and Ninja Turtles. Now, the kids are playing Pacman on their computer, n

Jared's tongue wagging when playing video game

This video is of Jared's natural reaction when playing video game! He knew it because I told him. And when I brought the camera out, he was like URGH, YOU'RE NOT GOING TO FILM IT. But despite knowing that I was going to record it down, he STILL couldn't stop himself from doing it! Ha ha ha ha ha!

The Pink Mini Bus

“ Cepat, masuk masuk masuk lagi !”, screams the woman holding a bunch of tickets, waving her hands toward the back. Everyone inches backwards and lurch around grabbing whatever’s within reach. Some even lose their footing and end up planting their noses in someone else’s sweaty armpits. A sheepish smile solves everything – after all, what can we do? We’re stuck in here together….feels like we’re stuck in here together with half the population of Malaysia. The pink Mini Bus ! Bbbbrrrr…..even typing the word out sends a shiver down my spine! Before Malaysia had enough money to change all the public buses into air-conditioned, comfy-cushy ones, most of us had to take the mini bus to work. Hopping from one Mini Bus to another…sometimes, to a third one before reaching our destination is very common. The Pink Mini Bus is hard to miss, you know. It’s BRIGHT PINK and you can literally see them bulldoze their way through even if you were in Mars….zipping its way between cars and motorbikes.

Should I lose my locks

No, seriously....damn tired of managing long hair. Guys, please. Spare me the long hair damsel thing. Managing it is quite another story. My hair is reaching waist length and it's a little dry and bothersome especially when playing tumble-with-the-monster with my kids. And my kids are starting to complain...."Mom!!!! There's hair in my toothbrush!!!!" OH oops. So, hair or no hair? Opinion Polls & Market Research

Accepting mistakes

Excerpt from a drama I am watching. Drive for Life. (Father is a successful business man and son helps out in the company. But the son made a big mistake which caused the whole empire to crumble. In an angry confrontation, the father and son had a face-off) Son I will take responsibility for everything that I have done even though I was duped. I will do everything to take responsibility for this mistake. Father Responsibility? By hiding? By denying? By pushing the blame onto another person? Listen, son. One can be failure in business, that's fine. But one cannot be failure in life. Responsibility? Pushing the blame onto another person even though he pulled a quick one on you is called responsibility? You made the decision....then face the music. That's called responsibility . I can build another empire. But I cannot build another life for my son. *** The point of the whole post is this....human beings make mistakes. ALL OF US. We spill milk, we fall. We make the wrong d

Commenting in blogger option: New window or Same window?

Would you prefer to comment in a new window or the same window? For me, I prefer to comment in the same window but then have to wait for the whole page to load again wor. Some people prefer to load it in a new window so that they can continue browsing to other sites and all that. What do you think? p.s. I am posting a lot now because I am dying tomorrow.. * * * * * * * * * * * Acaje!! No-lah, I am testing out the cross-posting feature between and

Sorry is not the hardest word

I remember very clearly, the day my first maid left after a 4 year hiatus with me and my in-laws. For days preceding her departure, I felt a kind of sickness in my stomach when I see her. Not the kind of sickness out of hatred. But more like a kind of doom. The feeling of anticipating something bad to happen. Like sitting there in a dark, damp, cold cell waiting on death row. Knowing that the time will come and waiting for the hammer to strike you. On the day of her departure, I wasn't myself all morning. Even as we packed and started driving towards KLIA, tears welled up in my eyes. I wanted her to say, " Nyonya, saya tinggal sini lah. Tak mau balik dulu lah ". But she didn't - she was more than happy to go home to her family....and who could blame her? But she was leaving ours....I can't quite explain how it felt like to hear her singing Barney songs with my kids in the back seat while I drove, the journey seemed so long. At the departure gate, everyone bade g

I am still not over this... can imagine how sore I am over the way Wordpress suspended by blog account! Countless times I wanted to move to another blog but I stayed because they were cool. They didn't offer polls, I stayed. In fact, their features are limited and you can't really do anything with wordpress unless you download it and host the thing on your own. I didn't want the hassle, so, I hung around. Now, they boot me. KNN! Never mind. It's OK....there's always good in every single bad thing that happens in life. I think they kicked me out because of my Merdeka-wave-your-flag post . In light of the recent hoo-hhaa over certain student's Negaraku song, my post, I guess, was deemed as dangerous to the nation. But seriously, was it all that bad??? Was it? I refrained from saying a lot of things in my heart already wor. Like that also cannot meh? What's the story, man!? Opinion Polls & Market Research

Posting youtube or google videos to blogger

I feel like punching somebody!!! I am going through the whole learning curve process all over again. Although I like challenges, this is not exactly the kind of thing I am looking for. How do I post youtube or google videos into bloggre ah? As it is, their system not very user-friendly, you know!!! I don't know whether it worked or not lah but this is damn stupid!

My new Blog

Sigh....never intended to open ANOTHER blog wan, really. I thought wordpress was working fine for me....but they suspend my account, what to do, here I am. Not that there's anything wrong with blogger but everyone's got a blogger account and my type of person is that I want to use something other people never use or very few people use. I like underdogs, you see. And wordpress was pretty good with So.... But what the heck, here I am. In another blog. So, all of you....this is my new blog and hopefully my last. For posts dating back to long-long-long time ago, go to . For my most popular and favorite blog of all, go to . And I post a lot of pictures and stuff in my multiply site as well. Very sien lah like about shitty Mondays! Blergh!