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60 Seconds to Melt your Stress Away

Admit it, we all get worked up about things. It could be that fella who took your parking spot, the woman who won't stop complaining about you or maybe it's just the bank that keeps calling you about a new loan they want you to take advantage of. pppfftt...I know. Anyway, we all have moments we wish would just go away and disappear. I found this neat little tool on the internet and it is so simple, you will smile in the end. Promise. Feel stressed? Take a 60 second break right now . XOXO, Marsha

Picking Up The Pieces of an Old 27 Year Old Self

My life stopped at the age of 26...when I had my first child and I am not saying this in a negative way. It stopped revolving around me, my passion, my interest, my friends, my original family, my life. It started revolving around those tiny people in diapers and I mapped my life around them. Nothing else mattered. It has been a long time since my decisions are based on myself. And I have come to a phase in my life whereby I am handed back the reign, one string at the time, to let go of that revolving Universe. OK, fine. Enough drama. My kids are growing up. I have spent the last few days bring thrown into a world of unknown parenting. They went into a deep, dark jungle and riverside (near Hulu Langat, that's all I know. I asked for GPS location, actually but was ignored so, I spent the entire night breathing into a plastic bag till around 2.45am in the morning, not kidding) where there's no electricity without me . They went to malls without me . They went to a pool pa

Why Didn't #Nomakeup Trend Much Earlier

It could be my years of having to put on makeup on stage, it could be my rebellious streak, it could be that I am sick of conformity. But I have stopped wearing (too much) make-up for years and I have no idea why Alicia Keys' move to go #nomakeup is such a thing these days. Until this mother made a comparison between what's on a Girls Magazine and a Guys Magazine popped up in my timeline. She put the magazines together, side by side, and asked the Editors, do you see what is wrong and what are we teaching girls these days ?! If you don't want to read the link, basically, the Girls Magazine headlines are stuff like 'how to have the hair that you can only dream of', 'Fall fashion you'll love', 'My first kiss', 'Wake up pretty', etc. On the Guys' Magazine, it says just one thing (that I can see) and it's 'EXPLORE YOUR FUTURE'. There's a big, huge ass difference, isn't there? While the trend of going make-up-fre

You Won't Regret Not Having Kids

I found my friend posting on Facebook and thought it was hilarious. Hilarious in a way that it-is-so-true-that-it-hurts-and-yet-I-know-where-you-are-coming-from-because-I have-been-there-I-shouldn't-find-it-funny kind of hilarious. Motherhood is a major thing. MAJOR THING.  THIS MAJOR! You don't get to say 'I quit' in the middle of it all (people who do should grow a conscience or invest in contraceptive, please). When your kid does what the kid in the picture does, you will be judged. You have to find it in yourself to keep your dignity, breathe in, breathe out, breathe some more until the redness in your face, neck and ears go somewhat away. But it's true. Parenting is not for everyone. And it's not a compulsory thing to do so, I think it's alright to have a kid cat or two and be OK with it. When I was younger, I've always wondered why it was that this couple I knew from a long time ago never had kids. I thought they had problems but then