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I wish there was more time for me to update here but....

.....running around like a headless chicken. I wish I have hired some burly men with rippling muscles and nice tight bun to help with the loading and unloading, but I didn't. I wish my internet access was up at the new place but it's not, so for now, my old home is still my office. It's lonely here. :-( I wish my fishes weren't dying but they are. I wish my piano was already at the new place, bit it's not. It's still here. I wish I was around in my Facebook and can update my blog more often, the way I used to, but I can't. I wish I was less of a e-person than I actually am. I actually thot I could survive without my computer, but in actual fact, I cannot. I wish I kept a couple of packets of nescafe here but I didn't. I wish my shoulders and arms weren't aching so much because I have difficulty typing this out. There's lots of time to get things into place and I am slowly sliding into the groove of living in the new place. It's quiet an

Let's Smooch

My son ask my, “Mom, how come we must kiss? Why must put mouth together like that. It’s so yucky”. I am like…..??????? Ya hor. Why must kiss kiss until exchange saliva and twist tongue and all that leh? Kissing, after some research, it seems requires thirty-over facial muscles to perform, you know. Therefore, one cannot go on kissing for an extended period of time wan. I dunno what postural muscles are but if have to use 112 of them just to kiss passionately, die lor. No wonder mouth so tired when give…ahem. Apparently, the lips got many nerves there, so that’s why stimulation is very high even when it’s just a simple peck or just a smooch. Then summore, do you know that lots of diseases can be transmitted just through kissing alone. Infectious organism is easily transmitted from one person to another just from exchanging saliva. HIV cannot transmit lah because that requires some form of…ahem, penetration but gum disease is just as bad, right? But my point is this, kissing is

Yoga Ban Nonsense

I just can't take it anymore. I resisted the urge to comment or post a blog post about it because I don't, and don't feel the need to, want to touch politics on my blog. Furthermore, I have a lot of friends with certain religion and offending them is not something that I want to do. But this has gone too far! The Malaysian government has finally come out with their final verdict. Yoga is banned for people with certain religion . No, this is no joke. Yoga is banned because it promotes a religion and it started from India, hence, to the jokers, Yoga promotes Hinduism. I've been practicing Yoga for some time now and I still believe that NESCAFE is my god. And my second god is Facebook . Erm..... Carlsberg is also my god. Anyway, frankly, I don't know how these buggers come up with that logic lor... Listen, the word yoga is derived from Sanskrit words which means to join, or to bind one's spiritual and physical consciousness. Not G**, or Al***, or Bud*** or

What a Way To Sell Tea

What a way to sell tea !! But then again, this is Jun Ji Hyun and accordingly, this woman can sell pork to pigs, beef to cows and penises to men. She's just got this aura about her, and those long legs help too, of course. She didn't earn the name 'CF Queen' (commercial endorsements) for nothing. I don't find her particularly pretty but there's just something about her. Something....maybe it's those long legs after all. You should see her in a nice pair of jeans, man!!!

Eating out in Ajisen: Love Jap food

Believe it or not, I am not an 'eat out' person...especially not with my kids. I know. I'm just a dumb mom but I always believe good eating habits starts at home and I want them to know what they are eating. Most importantly, I want to know what I am putting into them! I like spaghetti and the likes but Asian food tend to tickle my fancy more. For instance, I love Korean food (and have this unexplainable love for Korean version kimchi) and I also love Japanese food because I believe they eat a lot of healthy food. Minus the Ajinomoto, of course.  One of my personal favorite places is Ajisen where they sell some of the most mouth-watering Jap noodle soup.  The menu? :-) Josh browsing through the menu but he's only going through the 'dessert' one.... Restless Jared finds ways to entertain himself or RELAK (relax) while waiting for the food that we have ordered to arrive I want ALL OF THESE!! Yeah...sure. Over my ice-cold dead body.... Jared finds yet ANOTH

Wash your hands di not?

OK, I know some people kinda paranoid about cleanliness, I actually acknowledge that. This is particularly true if you’re a mother….a NEW mother. But some people really become so stufuckly paranoid about it that they soar above the heads of injudicious fans of their said offspring and will not hesitate to peck at the heads and hands of those who are lay a filthy finger on their lil babe. Oh, pppuuuurrrlllleeeeeeeezzzzzzzz!!!! I have been there…TWICE in fact and I don’t remember flittering around like a worried mother hen warning people ‘not to touch my baby if you’ve not washed your hands’. Get a fooking life. No, get yourself a nice glass of gin and tonic and wash it down with a whole bunch of lemon juice, please! Yes, we understand that baby’s skin is not very healthy and the slightest SIGHT of grime, ashes will break out. But a baby is a baby mah, sometimes, you see the baby so fat (don’t tell her that I said her baby is fat, otherwise, I will get another fooking earful) and

Rugged By Special Price

Some people are really so desperate to sell that they would literally offer you the hair on their heads just to get you to buy…carpets. OK, I am in the midst of moving home….maybe within a couple of weeks, fingers crossed, I would have completely crossed-over to the other side. For those of you who have experienced the horrendous stress of moving house, please…pray for me, that I don’t go crazy before I get to enjoy the new house. So, naturally, I am looking for some stuff lor. Like curtains, carpets, storage space, plants (yeah, go figure), more plants (trying to build a forest outside my house) and flowery plants (they’re different from just plants) and then a chili plant (this is a fruit, not just a plant or a flower). I need a large carpet but am thinking very carefully about it – hair, hair and more hair….eugh! And dust. I walk past this area where they had huge carpets for sale. I made a very significant mistake of stopping to look. The moment I touched one of the carpets, tw

Finished Website:

Finished this website for some time liao. Actually quite proud although the concept and everything leh, somebody more professional lead the way but ultimately, this is a baby that I am quite proud out. (yes or not, KG?) Accordingly, client-cum-friend-cum-boss -cum-yamsengbuddy quite happy with it lor, so, go visit, ok? I don't normally do the 'flash intro' thing because you know lah, I not so terror with that wan leh. Me old-school, more HTML and, everything I learn myself wan leh, so, not bad liao lor.... :-) So, go go go and visit http://www.empireshowbiz.c . If you got wedding or have a function, give KG a call... p.s. he no pay me money to write this wan ah...this is not an ad-blog-post, ok?

Never Got To See The World Outside The Womb

I feel a bit sad today lah, actually, (before you ask, NO , it’s not the monthly thing!) because someone just related a news to me today about a relative that I don’t quite like in the first place. Oh, she’s nothing…just a little lazy, indifferent about anything other than yakking on the phone and chomping on junk food some decade ago. Still….she’s still a relative and we see her a lot of times. Anyway, my dislike for her personal choice of ‘dietary food’ and ‘brain-damaging activities’ aside, I can’t hate her…I just don’t. And besides, my dislike for her didn’t last past her days of living under the same roof as me. After her college days (when she tumpang-ed a room from in-laws and I was still staying there), she got a job, married and started sprouted offsprings. Recently, we heard that she was pregnant again. No big news there but the big news came today when I was eating dinner. About a week ago, she caught on fever and started shaking and shivering badly. She’s only a few da

Bloggers Are Narcissistic By Nature

This is something really weird and I just read it somewhere a couple of weeks back. I just can’t get my head around the statement. In essence, the statement said that all bloggers are narcissistic by nature . Now, if you check the dictionary (or MS WORD) for the word narcissistic, it means vain, self-absorbed, selfish, conceited, egoistical, arrogant, etc. I think there are many types of bloggers out there in the blogsphere. I’ve seen (read) some blogs by some younger bloggers who DO try to use their blogs for narcissistic purposes ….like trying to launch their ownself as models, artistes, etc. They go through so much trouble to publicize themselves through their blogs with impressive pictures and videos of themselves that you’d have to wonder what their intentions are and how far they would go…how low they would stoop just to bring attention to themselves. One fine example would be the battle between Singapore’s top two bitch-slapping duo…they’re two of the most renowned blogge

Rice Can Read Experiment: Part I

It’s puzzling….it really is! I came across this little experiment which just about ANYONE can do at home. It says there that plants have feelings. Sure, we all know that. But the theory is that everything including your chair or and rice have feelings. We, me included, take it with a pinch of salt and think that those psycho who actually talk to plants are a little ‘unscrewed’ up there. Here’s what some of the theories go too…that plants…everything, in fact, can READ! Wah…where can believe such a thing wan lah? Have feelings is one thing, but can read is quite another. So, guess lah what this kepoh went and did. Yes, she went and test-drive this theory lor. OK, here’s how it works. You need to cook some rice. And then you put them in different containers. In pieces of paper, you write a happy and joyful word like ‘love’, ‘joy’ or ‘celebrate’ or ‘hello, nice to meet you’…something like that. On another piece of paper, you write a very negative word(s) like ‘fuck

Impatient Driver Gets What He Deserved

The place where I currently live, is a well-known traffic jam area. If you’re looking for traffic gridlock, come to my place. All times of the day – on Fridays and Saturdays, it stretches to till 10am. And there’s this rather precarious access road out that THE WHOLE WORLD chooses to use from neighboring places – and it’s a one-lane thing that stretches for quite a bit. Yesterday, I was heading out during peak hour to my in-laws’ place…needless to say, jam-lah. But patiently (or seething underneath), we waited slowly as the crawl inched forward. Suddenly from behind me, there was hero driving a white perodua kancil (or myVi….what do I know about cars, anyway. For foreign readers, it's the safer and cheaper alternative putting a rocket to a sardine can) who decided that he was far more important than the rest of the world. he decided that we were bloody morons for choosing to stick to our one-lane limitation so, he swerved out of the lane and into the opposite lane. I thin

A Kewl Malaysian Ad By www.Easyrenew.Com.My. Worth Checking…

I love DIGI ads and I am not saying this because they're paying me BAGS OF CASH (Ppphhttthhhh...I wish!) but I have a feeling that I should've studied Mass Communication or Advertising because...Mass Comm is much more 'ME' than something like LAW. It took me four whole years of working in a bank to figure out that I like legal stuff as much as I like cute creatures like, you know...cockroaches, leeches....lizards. Yeah.... I wish Malaysia had more creative talent but then again, maybe we do but have been left can clearly be seen from the ad below. I am deeply, ALWAYS, appreciative about people who try that much harder to make their commercials different. A commercial is an incredibly important part of branding and frankly speaking, with youtube and all those online video sites, you don't even need the television anymore. And besides, you get all those RTM ads there. I hate RTM advertisements and 'commercial service advertisements' - and I

Ssshhh….I tell you a secret, don’t tell my parents

I forgot which TVB actress she was, could be Maggie Cheun g, but this actress wore glasses in one show that I was watching and she was really pretty with it. And we’re talking about those huge, mega- MOTHERS wide-rimmed black-framed glasses, ok? It’s like the size of this universe wan? She looked damn good with it but then again, we’re talking about Maggie Cheung here, right? But did I know the difference? NOOOOOOO ….I thought that I could look as good as Maggie Cheung….and the only thing missing was the black-rimmed glasses. But I got perfect eyesight wor. So, what to do? I have this cousin who wears glasses. Sometimes, my parents cart us kids off to this cousin’s place and the kids would all play together. Instead of playing together, I sometimes sneak upstairs alone. On the dressing table, there would sometimes be a pair of glasses wan because my cousin don’t like (now I know why) to wear her glasses. So, I put on the glasses and wear them! Ha ha!!! I was pretty darn sure that

Load Of Bull…Trying To Looking Younger Than You Really Are

I am not much of a looker, honestly speaking. Not much of a clothes-horse, either. When I was younger, I used to think that I look like a horse. Or Mickey Mouse with really sharp chin. Anyway, this is in response to Kopisoh’s note saying that she wants to be more stylo-mylo. There was one time I was quite sick…I think during Chinese New Year. So, not really in the mood to slap on ten-inch makeup, nose red, hair messy, kids running all around, wanna siow liao (close to being insane), that kind of look. Sick mah….. Someone came up to me and told me this…which really, I think, is very the no-sense lor. “Eh, why don’t you dress nicely? You look like your age lah! Look at your husband, so hamsem and young. You must dress nicely so that you look younger than him mah”. TNS! First of all, I wasn’t feeling very well (and been drinking left right center…New Year what!), secondly, he dress however he wants, I dress however I want lor. I think the sense behind why one should dress and ma

Not only bloggers depend on their cameras

It’s true, you know. There are SOME things that bloggers can live without. For instance, they can’t live without your brains. This is definite. And then they cannot live without their sense of humor. Boring, you know, to write about boring daily work stuff all the time. And also, bloggers cannot live….wait for the TA-DA moment……their computers! Yeah, imagine what a blogger would be like without their computers. And of course, along with a computer, they need internet access. Without internet access, they might as well write on a free serviette from a restaurant, right? I don’t know about you, but I find my notebook and my PDA incredibly useful to me in my ‘work’ as a blogger. Can record everything down, take pictures and call people for immediate answers if in doubt. And most of all, bloggers cannot live without their cameras. Come to think of it, I think a lot of people cannot live without their cameras. I can name quite a few names here…those who cannot live without their cam

Mua's Signature? But why?

I was busy watching my TVB drama called 'Silver Chamber of Sorrows' and busy bawling my eyeballs out one minute and seething the next. But then, my email alert suddenly 'twanged' at 12.15am. I opened my mail (cannot resist) and read. Here's what it said. *** *** I’m a collector of autographs. I have more than 3.750 authentic autographs of politicians, sportsmen, artists and authors from around the world. Therefore, I would ask you if you would be so kind to send me an autograph of you. I will be very delighted to got your autograph in my personal collection.Anyway, thank you very much, and may God bless you and your family. With warm greetings from Belgium. *** *** To the person who wrote me this, I would like to know why would you be asking ME for my autograph. I not a politician nor a famous celebrity. I am just a mother of two making a living on the Internet. Why would you want to ask me for my autograph? To the rest....I feel a bit cautious. Feels

"Daddy, how was I born?"

I got this in an email from....someone. I can't remember who but I thought it was obscenely cute. I thought, "This is kind of cliche' and people would have seen it already, what's the point?" But you know what? Can't help it. I wanna post it because it's so darn cute !!! *** *** *** A little boy goes to his father and asks "Daddy, how was I born?" The father answers, "Well, son, I guess one day you will need to find out anyway! Your Mom and I first got together in a chat room on Yahoo. Then I set up a date via e-mail with your Mom and we met at a cyber-cafe. We sneaked into a secluded room, where your mother agreed to a download from my hard drive. As soon as I was ready to upload, we discovered that neither one of us had used a firewall, and since it was too late to hit the delete button, nine months later a little Pop-Up appeared that said: YOU'VE GOT MALE! SSSSOOOO CCUUUTTTTTEEEEEE , right? I just couldn't res

The Sky Is NOT The Limit

My biggest fault: LEARNING HOW TO SAY 'NO' Bumming around and came to this article , WORD TO THE WISE: Know when to say no. People who launch start-ups are often go-getters who take on more and more work. But you can burn out really fast that way. While I love what I do, I'm not in business for myself to work seven days a week, 15 hours a day. I remind myself to set limits. I should have read this sooner. The biggest problem with me is that I don't know how to say 'no' and when I do, I really mean 'I AM GOING TO LEAP OFF A BUILDING SOON'. Come to think of it, this shouldn't be the way it's done. If you're planning to start your own business, considering the unemployment rate at this moment, heed this advice. Learn to set your own limits and build the business around yourself...and not the profit.

I Would Make A Better Man Than You

I agree with Beyonce's new hit song, 'If I were a boy'. If I were a boy, I would be a better boy. I would know exactly how to love a girl and make her feel happy. If I were a boy, I would know that all she needs is a few words, not a lot. If I were a boy, I would know it's not about sex, it's about a single touch, a stroke, a very light embrace. If I were a boy, I know that the protective arms around her shoulders is mightier and stronger than any other swords or weapons of destruction. If I were a boy, I would not roll out of bed in the morning without smelling her hair. I would also know how to sit and listen to her whenever she had to pour out her heart. I would also know that she could take anything in her stride except for betrayal. I would see her 'Nothing' and instantly know what nothing is. If I were a boy, I would know that feelings are more important than money. Shikes. If I were a boy, I would make a better man than many men I know in this

Returning The Karma

I tell you.....sigh....just when you think....sigh. It's really ironic . This is what happened when I was on my way (being ahmad) fetching my elder son back from school. He got school field trip to Choc Factory, Bread Factory & also Air Force Museum and I was on my way to pick him up lah. In the car, I was trying to fix on my hands-free earpiece, right? I forgot to switch my bluetooth on before I started driving and you know lah, with PDA, you cannot use one hand. You need BOTH HANDS because of that stupid stylus thing. But every time I want to turn the bluetooth on on the PDA, the light turns green . Every single time....not a single traffic light turn red on me....must be like six traffic lights in a row. All green . Wonderful, right? I was thinking to myself, " Wow, if I have this kind of luck every day, damn choon (great) lah! When good luck hits you, it really hits you ." Then you know what happened? I went to pump petrol lah. As I was walking to pay c

FRIM Hike With Kids & Family

Let's just say that I got caught with the bug because my sister, Karen, is a regular hiker and despite her schedule (working and studying), she finds the time to go trekking and hiking every Sunday. Then another blogger, Winnie , (who happens to be my ex-colleague) is also a regular hiker. Never thought she would be one. So, I kena (got) sucked into this whole hiking thing. And then one find day, the opportunity came and I suggested, 'Aiya, let's take the kids walking lah' and turns out, everyone wanted to go as well wor! OK-lah. At least, if I turn up dead, there's somebody to carry my dead body home. Joshua bug-eyed early in the morning. Jared checking to see how many inches of dirt he managed to scrap off that orange/yellow fence. Grandma checking if her shoes are still there. The last time I came face-to-face with nature, let me say this with a very solemn face, was when I was still in high school....some merentas desa (cross- country) thing that I didn