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Listen Out For The Laughter

Life is a whirlwind for a freelance mother...hang on, that doesn't sound right....a mother who is a freelancing writer....ah, that's much better! Sometimes, you're trying to hang on to a single thread of sanity while trying to beat the clock at its own game. The clock, in my personal opinion is not only my personal enemy, but it makes every second that passes me by a blur.  It's ten o'clock before it's supposed to be ten o'clock! And by the time you shower, it's time to sleep because you've got to wake the kids up for school tomorrow. There's also the consistent worry about whether the supply of shampoo has run out, whether you've missed a meeting with a teacher while trying to get your act together.  It's tough . Sometimes I wonder what was the main purpose of working from home was. I question myself and the answer always comes in a timely manner.... .... laughter from the other room.  In the chaos of everyday life, laughter from t

New Or Old SunGlasses: Monday Ha-Ha

This is my Monday Ha-Ha! I don't know why but I've always loved pickles the cartoon. And this one really.....hahahahah!! Sorry, it's been a blind, blurry and dreary monday over here and I kinda feel like I need to hit someone right now. But I can't. Mondays are like that for me. Catching up, catching up, catching up, catching up and then people chasing me.  Sigh....

Hee hee hee....

The picture tells the whole story. No need to write a lot today. Finger tired.... hee hee hee....

One good friend is all you need

When I was younger, I had a huge bunch of friends. Everyone who wanted to be my friend became my friend. Life as a young teen was uncomplicated then and we all had our differences....but we remained friends. Then we grew up.  Over the many years, I grew from having many friends to no friends because I ostracized everyone after I got married and had kids. My kids took up every single waking moment of sanity from me - I don't regret it but this is what becomes of a woman when she becomes a mother. I refret that.  But thankfully, over these few years, I started having some friends again. Some good, some bad, some talked, some gossiped, some strange, some perfectly in tune with me.  I realize that a person does NOT need to have MANY MANY friends in order to be happy. One person needs only one or two good friends.  Hence, this little drawing. :-) It feels good to have those one or two good friends who knows me, loves me, cares for me and believes in me. Those are the friends who wo

Yoga Mama

I've forgotten how much I love creating stuff through Cafepress . The quality ain't bad and also they're really neat.  I've done a lot of stuff with Cafepress before and now I think, for the fun of it, as a form of relaxation, I'll start doing it again!! :-) Here's one for mamas who love yoga . I really love this of my personal favorites!!!

I Don't Understand Why Some Guys Are So Sick

I know of some psychos in my life. Some of them, most of them I would say, are harmless people who mind their own business. Others jump to conclusions and think that you're trying to bomb their house. Some imagine that you're linked to some mafia group.  But then they're psychos....not scary at all.  What's really scary about some psychos is that they don't have anything better to do that to do....stuff like this.  These psycho peeping toms take pleasure in snapping pictures of the underside of girls who wear skirt. According to my aunt's email, it happened in MPH and also Giant Malaysia. If you frequent these areas, wear jeans.  I thank my maker for making me love my jeans so much.  Nah! take lah take lah! Bloody perverts! p.s. I have some racy pictures attached with the email but out of respect for those girls, I won't post them in my blog. Brings me down to their level. 

Houston, We've Got A Prob. Alien Bug On Board

But it was a valiant fight to the end. I fought and fought and fought with water, sleep and vitamins and yet, the aliens were much stronger than I am. I thought that I could at least scare them into just giving me a little bit of a cough.... *cough cough* .....but the alien bug leader was the true hero in the end. He cornered me with extra work load and made sure my eyes were glued to the computer while he attacked me from behind. By the time I turned around to.... *ah-choo!* ....see him with his vaporizer trained right at my temple, it was too late. But he did not kill me yet. Said that he will make me suffer before he will let me have the privilege of dying. With his gun poking into the small of my back, he pushed me into the kitchen and.... *cough* *AH-CHHOOOOOOOO!!!!!* ....and made me cook food for the kids. And that wasn't the end of it all....not so soon. I managed to send out an S.O.S to Houston but they told me that there was nothing they could do that was fast enoug

Social Media Marketing Italian Cooking System

So you’ve got Facebook. And then you’ve got Twitter, then you’ve got stumbleupon. Have you mentioned Digg, Delicious, MSN Live, Buzz……er…..did we leave anything else out? I bet but I am not going to even try to remember? Recently, I went for a cooking class where I learned from an established chef how to cook real Italian food the real Italian way. Little did I know that I was in for a huge surprise. Everything was done in a very specific and methodical way….you don’t dump something in because it’s the nearest thing on the table. You make your way around the table to take the ingredient you want and you put it in, stir and then the next important ingredient. And you’ve got to have the crème de la crème of Italian food….the garlic and the wine. CONTINUE READING HERE

Hey, I've got to move it move it

Sucky day or not, good day or not, pot burned or has to go on. Yesterday was 20th Apr. Now is 21st April already. There's no time to pore over issues that should not affect me anymore. It's all in the past and the only thing you're going to be doing when you keep looking back into the past is either stand there looking like a puffed out four-year-old kid or going backwards.  I ain't going backwards! And I am not four-year-old.  So, I am a mature adult. I can get over this. Not a problem.  I'll do it just like this! Easy! :-)

Bloody Bad Day But Ha-Ha Anyway

PMS. Sore Throat. Bad Incident. Cannot finish my work. Tired. Kids naughty.  Everything wrong and feel like stranggling anyone who is willing to let me kill.  What can I say? It's a Monday.  Shoot it.  Don't feel very Ha-Ha right now but here's a almost late Monday Ha-Ha, anyway. :-)

My first Open Zine with well.....hee hee hee....openzine

In my line of work, there's a lot of testing and trying of everything new in the market. Recently discovered through Twitter. Two brothers started the website up to help others publish their own ezines. The concept is nothing too new because it's a combination of ezinearticles, blog, facebook and twitter.  I've just published my first Openzine. . Go check it out!!! Sorry it's a little shoddy but I won't apologize for that cheeky picture I posted up. I have a set of photos that use and currently, that's the image that I want to adopt. Not very Hannah Montana, I have to admit but I don't fancy her, anyway. Bah! Publication of pictures and images are easy but for newbies, you might find it a little hard to navigate. I had a little bit of trouble trying to find where things are. I would say that you might need a couple of days trying to find where everything is and sometimes you would sit there wondering where your ma

Conversation With Kids During Hiking Went Like This....

Son 2: Hey! We've been here before! This is going to be really easy! Son 1: ........................... Auntie: REALLY? OK, very good. *** *** Son 2: Mom, what does Alien X say when he's really tired? Son 1: ................... Mom: (pant) (pant) (pant) (pant) Son 2: He says I am X-hausted! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! *** *** Son 2: How long does this trail last? Son 1: ..................... Auntie: 1 hour if you walk fast Son 2: Mom, how long is one hour? Mom: (stops walking) Long enough *** *** Son 2: This is really tiring, mom. Did you know yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak Son 1: (pant) (pant) (pant) (pant) (pant) Auntie is far ahead liao Mom: Do you know that if you talk less, you can walk faster? Son 2: But I AM walking faster!!! *** *** Son 2:  yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak Son 1: ...................................... *** *** Son 2: What if I run? I will reach faster, r

Hot Prom Dress & NOT

I think I wore an aunt's dress to the prom. When I was young, I didn't have a Prime Minister for a father but he did feed us good food and sent me to law school. Prom wasn't something fathers and mothers thought was all that important. But I thot it was so....I borrowed a dress (a reasonably good one) from an aunt. It didn't fit very well but what the heck, I wore it anyway. I forgot what shoes I wore.  I wish I had these type of prom dresses to wear, though. Isn't this truly, truly, TRULY, TRRRUUUUUUULLLLLYYYYYY HHHOOOOTTTT ????? This one isn't too bad either.  Look at that waistline. Now the thing with this type of prom dress is that you've got to have the waist for it. And if you do, it's really vava-coom.  But then, never never wear something like this to the prom. Tell me this isn't an overkill.

Boyle's Got Balls

Within these two days alone, I must have received at least twenty invites to watch a clip of an elderly woman wearing a drabbed piece of frock sing 'I dreamed a dream' Les Miserables....and I watched it THAT number of times. Susan Boyle. She wants to be like Elaine Paige.  Chorttle, goes the judges.  You know what I think? I think her kind of voice and singing is fantastic but you can probably find about....oh, I don't know, another million others who can sing like her....some perhaps better. Her singing is fantastic but it's not awesome to the extent of it being out of this world.  Before you slam you, listen to me.  What I am trying to say is that there are many others out there who are mechanics, construction workers, secretaries, water filter factory workers, CEOs of large international companies, nannies, teachers, young teens whose parents are against entertainement industry who have the same or better singing voices. And yet, we judge them before we hear th

My iGoogle Bar Today - Just For Fun

This is my iGoogle Bar Today. I like to change the bar everyday or sometimes re-use themes that suit my mood. It's a fantastic way to reflect on the way you're feeling today and also sometimes inspire yourself.  I feel a little childish today, so, I am using this mushroom village theme for my iGoogle today.  Hee hee hee..... View larger version

One for the road

I am not kidding. Really feel like on the verge of collapse. I don't know what it was that I did the whole day....maybe it was when I went to the market. Maybe it was when I had to go to school to speak to the principal of the school about Jared beating up his female schoolmate. Maybe it was that argument I had with my designer. Maybe it was the long conversation that I had with a friend. Maybe it was the depressing news I just got from another friend. Maybe it was the fact that I only wrote two articles the whole day because my brain is dead. Maybe it was the cooking and washing.  Whatever it was, it's done me in and I am darn tired.  But here's one for the road anyway before I shower and call it a day. 

Belated Posting Kids Sports Day Pictures

I posted this up some time back over here. Run, Son, Run!!! and I am just updating it with pictures over here. I forgot to bring my own camera (OF ALL DAYS, I KNOW!!! slap myself!!!) so had to use my neighbor (whose kids attend the same school)'s camera instead.  Here are some highlights. I post the whole album at the bottom only for those who are interested.  Joshua's overtaking maneuver CLICK TO ENLARGE I wasn't even running and I was tired....from all that cheering. Poor guy.... CLICK TO ENLARGE Well, if the event was lackluster, at least Shebby Singh, the ESPN sports channel soccer commentator was there to give the kids a boost in morale CLICK TO ENLARGE

Thank you, I Am Never Alone

There 's good times and there are bad times. Sometimes the good times is more than the bad times. But when the bad times come, they come like torrential a thunderstorm....a tsunami, maybe. One by one....they throw themselves at you. You feel overwhelmed and don't know where to turn.  You try to find the single silver lining that perhaps life isn't all that bad, that you've got many things to be thankful for. Your car isn't dead....that's great. You've got food in the fridge, that's FANTASTIC, it's great. Your kids are in a good school, fabulous. Your parents love you and your kids like crazy, good. And you're making a reasonably good living despite the financial crunch....FAN-FOOKING-TASTIC. Malaysia's got a new ********** Prime Minister and things, hopefully, will turn around.  I can't help but be overwhelmed at this point in time. Everything is falling onto me like the bits and pieces of a hurricane. A car, a cow...the n

The Curve 30min Ad Revamp

This is original The Curve Ad today in the newspaper. I thought it was too dull. Couldn't read a shit in there. Sometimes I challenge myself to make it a little more interesting. But because I am always fighting the clock, I call it the 30min challenge!! I am not always succesful, please bear this in time. I think in 30mins, your brain and hands can only work so fast.  This is original.   Click below link for bigger pix I just highlighted some of the words and played around with some of the stuff so that the message actually stands out. I mean, like WTF? When I saw it, I also dunno what it was trying to say and have to squint to read it. I was interested in it for two reasons.  1. I like the girl's sun salutation post 2. The girl got chun body 3. She's holding a shopping bag Click the below link to view bigger picture

MOMS Unite

By strict definition, a mom is someone who gave birth to kids, care for them, spend time understanding the ups and downs of growing up, providing food, clothes and shelter for the kids, tend to their homework and listen to the kids' gripes about school work and friends. She is the someone who is a pillar to the kids....and sometimes to the whole brood as well....husband included. How is it that one person, a woman for that, be given so many tasks. And in this modern world, add another responsibility to her list of PRIORITIES (as if she doesn't have enough on her plate already) and earning an income. Sometimes, they aim to be a CEO or the President of a country. Wow. For all you mothers out there, I don't have to wait till Mother's Day to tell you YOU ROCK!! You ROCK so much that we should ROCK together. Hang in there, sanity is just a small distance away. Do check out for more inspirational story. This site, I d

Garumph!! (Monday Ha-ha)

Week in, week out, week in, week out. Here comes the one single day that I religiously hate and continue to dread with every single wakeful bone of my body - Monday. In my kids' words, ' Why can't every Monday be a Friday ?' and I go ' Er........hey, you know what? I think it's a good idea! OK, let's imagine it's a Friday with Saturday beginning when you're done with school. How about that ?' And amazingly, everything becomes a little better from there. The way I usually greet Monday is first with Angst, Frustration and Anxious anticipation. I don't know how THIS Monday is going to be like and hope that it won't be as bad as the previous one....I've never, ironically, had a good Monday, just for the record. But I always try to start the Monday with a good joke. It works for a while. When the happiness runs low, I go for another joke or a good quote. I stopped posting the Monday Ha-Ha thing for some time and I think it's abou

Random Picture Log

Today a bit malas (lazy) to write long long, so, gonna post pictures instead. I uploaded these into my FB account and thot that I could share some of them with you. Stop sneering at me! You've had one of these moments yourself....admit it! :-) Sometimes you forget time (and hunger) when playing at the park. For the kids, they can continue playing till the cows come home. For me, there's this very short track around the playground that I walk round and round and round and round and round and......till it's dark. I find that very therapeutic! I thot this was a really unique shot taken at a rather unusual angle of a pair of....SLIPPERS! I don't know who walked away without his/her slippers but it was there and it was ALREADY QUITE DARK outside! The great thing about this park is that it's neat, quite nice, big and not many people are there during the weekdays! They don't need expensive toys. They need sticks! For some reason, kids' fav
OMG. Why am I not asleep yet at 1.47am. Coz Kids no school tomorrow I am watching the TVB series called 'The Family Link' There's this scene which reminds me of why I am not in the performing industry that I JUST HAVE TO SHARE WITH YOU GUYS! !! OK OK this scene, this guy gave up his family to pursue his dreams of performing, right? And they're into gimmicks and stuff....dress-ups, cross-dressings and stuff like gimmicks. Then some day down the road, the people are bored of the same ole concept liao. So, they drink while they dance lor. The manager then say ' OK, I want you to do something new ' and they do. But then not good enough coz the manager then tells them that you have to do SM stuff, wear G-String dancing, whip each other and stuff like that if you want to keep the contract wor. This really reminds me of the reason why I am half-in, half-out of the entertainment industry. I love performing. I love the entertainment industry

If Only For Tonight

It's 8.15pm and there's only one word on my mind right now. Tired. Another word. Exhausted. Bamboozled. Torpedoed. At times like this, I wish there was someone who could help me with the laundry, clean up the final few dishes, put away the cups, hang up the clothes and tutor the kids. I don't have the energy tonight and I just know....plop onto something really fluffy and nice...and cool. I am not only shouldering the responsibility of being a mom, I am also a myriad of other things and sometimes people are not very understanding or compromising about that. They see me at home and think that I am sitting here, shaking my leg, chatting with friends and basically having the time of my life. The dark circles under my eyes tell a different story. The things we do for the kids....the family. I never knew this is what mothers do because if I did, I would have been better to my own mom. I am so tired after washing down the back kitchen and dishes. And yet, the

I'll Stun You, You Cinapek...with English

Therein lie amongst us, people who drive big, swanky cars, swagger around in their power suits at 11.45pm in 7-11 and accessorizing themselves with beautiful, leggy women who possess manners deserving of a kangaroo. Oh, and buying two cartons of milk amidst three bottles of coke and half a dozen cans of beer. Anyway, I went out to get emergency (I am prone to this, believe you me) breakfast for my kids in 7-11. I was dressed in the most deplorable combination of clothes possible which could pass me off as a student who stole out of the house without her parents’ permission. Fake Crocs, large black-rimmed glasses, messy hair, creased t-shirt from twenty years ago and a pair of shorts that wasn’t at all flattering. Hey, did I mention it was 11.45pm? You see, the combination of clothes could have contributed to the fact that a cinapek thought nothing of me….like I was thin air or a lingering midst of ghost hanging around the counter. I could have been screaming at the cashier, he woul