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Kdrama : Circle - Two Worlds Connected

It sure took me long enough to get to this drama. Life was such a whirlwind. Damn, I should have gotten to watching this much, much sooner! What an awesome break from the normal romcoms and melos this one turned out to be. Source: Poster of Reunited Worlds Don't let the poster above fool you, it's more complicated and darker than I thought. No one actually sat in the back of a truck eating watermelons. There are also very few fluffy scenes to be seen. Liars. 😉 The hour-long episodes were each neatly divided in half; 30 minutes focusing on the current (2017) and the other half on the future, 30 years later. While it was confusing from the get-go, after finding my bearings, it made me sit up a little taller every night as I cap my day off. I've seen sci-fis (the non-scary ones) but this kdrama was trying to stretch the story-telling boundaries. I am impressed. I've always had my eyes on Yeo Jin Goo not because he's cute (well, he is; please refer to pictur

Books: A Snippet From the Past

Back in the days, if we did not have a bookstore near home, we (, mostly) would often rely on book and album reviews in the dailies or magazines. Frankly, there's nothing sweeter-smelling than that of the polished wood shelves and fresh off the press prints of books and magazines. I could sit in a library or store all day just browsing. Books cost a bomb. We don't really have these reviews anymore, do we? Walking through the aisle of the bookstore, if I found something of interest, I pull out my phone and load Amazon for its book review section. A Google search will do the trick too. The difference is that we don't know the people who are doing those online reviews. They may not have the same preference as you. For the book reviews in the dailies, we basically know the quirks of the reviewers over a period of reading their thoughts. One guy's into sci-fi while the other prefers medical science or technology. I was one of those reviewers. The books I po

Motherhood: Prioritizing Yourself is Necessary

The Ho-Ho-Holiday Has Begun The holidays are upon us and with the exam-taking kids out in full force and hell-bent on freeing themselves from their parents' iron grip of power , this parent knows a whirlwind awaited. Thankfully, my kids are not the unruly pedigree of next-generation most parents fear (yet? - please pray for me ), so, they are more likely to hang out in an internet cafe than in a bar. Please pray for me again? I have 2 boys and we all know what parenting boys can be like. Here's a general guide to parenting boys . Mostly, my role during these outings was to finance everything they wanted to enjoy, ferry them around (friends included), and worry about obscure details of their trips ranging from the possibility of rain to potential volcanic eruptions. It's the first time one of the friends made the suggestion of switching things up with a visit to a pet cafe so, I thought, well....why not? But since it was a weekday, not many four-legged friends of elfin