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Working It On The Dining Table

As I get older, I see and hear a lot more about health, lifestyle, exercise and food from other people. Yes, I almost always manage to get my morning yoga going but not always the evening part. Read: I would rather just veg, excuse me.  There are all forms of exercising in this world and I am most interested in the ones that require minimal clothing, special attire (oh, you people with dirty minds, I hear you. LOL), equipment and stuff. Like using your body weight and gravity. Like using your luggage when traveling. Like using your wok when cooking. LOL. Kidding. But the recent video introduced by Mashable I just saw really takes the cake. The people who came up with the idea is genius. I can't imagine maneuvering a 1kg fork and spoon around on the plate. It would most likely give you very muscly wrists. It will also tone down your arm in the long run. And they aren't selling it cheap either....nearly USD$150 per set. That's about RM450. Expensive eating utensils but

In a world...

In a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope. In a world filled with anger, we must still dare to comfort. In a world filled with despair, we must still dare to dream. And in a world filled with distrust, we must still dare to believe. - Michael Jackson

Work Life Balance Wakeup Call

I tweeted this morning that I had one of the best sleeps I have ever had in ages... Yes, I did the unthinkable (for workaholics). Hey, did we not read about 2 people who just, literally, fell dead because they were overworked? One was in Indonesia and the other was from China . I have been in the advertising industry before and yes, it works like that and it's really sad to see these news. Maybe for the really large firms...people just don't sleep. And hey, guess what I called myself when I first started freelancing back in 2000....the freelancer that don't sleep. It was a tagline I was intensely proud of. People didn't have to know that a part of the reason I didn't sleep was because my kids were waking me up all the time. They were young then.  I work at copywriting and you just can't rush copywriting. If the idea isn't there yet, it isn't there yet. If it isn't there, it's because you're trying too hard to f

Feeding Angry Dog With Treats

One day, after lunch with my kids, we were walking past a pet shop near our home and I decided to go in. For some of you, you might have known about the fact that we, the three of us, have a deep love for puppies and overall general cuteness! I have been contemplating for YEARS ON END about whether we can have an additional family member and right to this day, the commitment continues to scare me . And I am, unfortunately, not really a cat person . Anyway, we went in and I saw a bunch of treats for dogs and grabbed a few. Quite random is Marsha. The guards outside of my apartment complex 'rare' a couple of dogs, a mother and son dog. Bear in mind, these dogs aren't your regular puppies or home pets. They are raised by the guards, sleep in the shed, sometimes consistently drenched by the rain and are not pampered, taught to shake hands, play dead or even sit. They have a tendency to bark and chase people off. SO! What the hell I was thinking is beyond me. I wanted to

A Day That Changed My Perspective

The end of the year is approaching again...but hey, we got past End of the World 2012! Yippee? And it is also during this time that people start making that drastic life-changing, direction-altering, lifestyle-enhancing list of things we will do in the upcoming new year. But I am not going to do that. I want to spend the rest of 2013 reminding me of one single moment that changed my life. A couple of years ago, having woke up late and being late sending my kids to school, I was vehemently adamant that everything in life was wrong. My kids were wrong. My car was wrong. My house was wrong. The school was wrong. I was wrong....basically, everything needed to change. Great morning that was. After barking stuff I don't remember I barked anymore at my kids and dropping them off at their school, two of my friends called. We needed to get prescription from the in-house Doctor for a home for mentally challenged children because we have agreed to contribute some of the medicine to

A magic


A Smile That Changed Things Around

Malaysians have to deal with this a whole guards. With the rising crime rate, most homes, regardless of whether you are living in a landed property, mansion, shed or an apartment, security check points is an absolute necessity. NECESSITY. There is no all good or all bad about this situation that we have found ourselves encapsulated in. The good thing is the obvious one -security. The bad thing is the less obvious one - who the heck are these guys and can we trust them? And these guys are armed too. We are essentially arming strangers who are supposed to know everything about our ins and outs and honestly speaking, most of these foreigners are here (in Malaysia) to make a buck or two to bring home to feed their families. The difference is that some are here to genuinely work their asses off to make their buck and pack home at the end of the day. But there are those who are here to make a FAST buck. Loads of fast bucks. Very fast. That, my friends, is what the tro

Words to remember when in a disagreement

When shit hits the fan

Trust Issues

Yes, I admit that I am one of those who have quite a severe case of trust issues. I am sure I am not the only one, it is a matter of admitting it outright or hiding behind it. So, I am not going to do a long one and shall let this picture speak for itself. I can't be Zen all the time, you know. LOL! Just be weary of these people. XOXO, Marsha