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April Is A Special Month!!!

Nothing interesting to say except TOMORROW MY SONS TURN 12 and 10!!!! Not forgetting my mom too. Yes, April 1st is a very special day. And April is also my Kailui's birth month. Just add a 0 to the 1 on the date and you have my Kailui's birthday on April 10th!!! It's a Saturday but I don't know why I managed to finish my third cup of coffee already. Terrible. Oh. Right. I woke up (unintentionally) around 7.15am to a round of self cursing. Anyway, we are heading out for a special birthday dinner with my family. Toodles, see ya later...

Someone Please Pass This Guy A Proper Comb

I am a little into K-pop and that is why you hear similar songs playing from my kids', my niece's and my computer sometimes. I am into K-pop. Not K-MOP. I don't get the mop style, someone please pass the guy a comb and fire his hairstylist. Geez..... urgh....can't stand it. urgh. 


God, I am so sick of the coughing and fevering going on in this house. We can't do anything, go anywhere. In fact, I had to give up the movie tickets for The Lorax yesterday cos I thought the coughing would send the rest of the movie goers fleeing from the cinema. Give me strengthhhhhhh......... It was Son 2 who ran a temperature and sent to the Doc. And today, Son 1 caught on and fevering it up. I don't know how long my immune system can hold up but based on the fact that I have had 30++++++++++++++++++++ years worth of coughing and fevering experience, I should hold up quite well. A little bit of cough, gums aching (which is the usual sign of approaching fever), achy all over (which could be a sign of Instant Aging, who knows) or it could be the end of the effing world. Who cares. No Mood.

Shinhwa's Album Release Date Today

Shinhwa's and their fans' been waiting for the new album for 4 years. You may not know this if you've not been following them but Shinhwa and their fans (including me) share a very close (if not eerily stalkish) relationship because of how close they are with each other. Unlike other bands, they are more like brothers (fights and all) so, here is to their amazing comeback. Here's a video of two of my favorite members, JunJin and Andy. You may think it's gay-ish but it's not like that. There's a lot of hidden history behind why they are close. But they are just close like that. 14 years of being together makes you crazy about each other. =))) They are not young anymore, as you can see, they have all aged. They have cried together, rejoiced and also embraced all of life's difficulties (much like you and me AND MORE) together. So, their comeback concert is 24th and 25th. The weekend. I can't be there and they are not coming to Malaysia (big pout) bu

Impatient? HELL YES!!

Venuzbuzz asked this question: Are you impatient ? Hell yes!!! Just a moment ago, after dropping the kids off at the mall so that they can catch 'John Carter' (or something like that) with their cousin, met with a baboon driver who was driving a stupid black and white modified car that sounded like a stupid 100-year-old lawn mower who was trying to impress his girlfriend in the passenger seat who was zigzagging in and out of lanes whose car number plate was the all-fancy WRE 8989 whose father probably regrets having him and is dishing out cash for the lawn mower car. Right there my patience was challenged. So, I decided to search ' how to cure impatience ' and it looks hopeless out there. =) Anyway, apparently, I have to learn how to create a force field in my mind. Hhhmmm....I am quite good with kooky stuff so I might try that. Let you know if it works out, ok? Back to work. Toodles. XOXO, Marsha

Eggs Eggs EGGS!!!

Went to the Pasar Malam (night market) yesterday and bought a whole lot of eggs. My sister-in-law looked at me and asked 'Can you REALLY finish the whole tray of eggs?' Of course we can! We are an extremely egg-loving family! We egg everything! Half boiled eggs is our favorite ! When perfectly done, you dip a piece of bread into it and then tuck the soaked piece of bread into your salivating mouth...oh geez...that is what heaven is made off. Half-boiled eggs. And it is filling too. Sometimes, if I skip my breakfast (not because I want to but because I don't have the time for it), I pop two eggs into the soft-boiled eggs maker and a couple of minutes later...VIOLA...perfect lunch. During my early partying days, a bowl of two soft-boiled eggs was also midnight snack. It works any time, anywhere. Hard boiled eggs.  I like hard boiled eggs too but one of my boys don't. There is beauty in hard-boiled eggs too, darling, but never mind, soft-boiled it is. I will have

Fanatical Runners' Gonna Kill Me

Going into Facebook is making me sick. Imma gonna puke. There is this running event called the Brooks Run or some funk which took place this morning and there is like this whole SERVERFUL of photos appearing there. Make no mistake about it, I have nothing against running. It's healthy and I agree with my sister's stand, that she makes friends and it is fun. Go ahead. It's great that she is having fun and making friends. I got a nice little surprise this morning, read SURPRISE, that a local celebrity that I follow on Twitter posted a tweet and a photo of her surviving and completing the 21KM run this morning. Once again, read...SURPRISE...and why? Because she was never obsessive about running. Yeah, she tweeted some about gyming, swimming and going into some health club or something over the time when I was following her but she wasn't like insane about it to a point of it becoming a friggin' RELIGION! So, that was a nice surprise. And I like things like that.

Cat Got Bath

This is a luck attracting cat, also known as Maneki Neko. Also known as a Beckoning cat or welcoming cat or some other names that you can find on the  Wikipedia page for this cat . It's a phenomenon that I don't quite get and don't really believe in. Maybe that is because I am not much of a cat person. No offence to cats and cat lovers. I have hamsters. Cats hate hamsters. Anyway, I have a couple of these at home (one would wonder why I am not a freaking millionaire already) because business people like to keep these cats so that they can beckon money, luck, good health and prosperity. All really amazing things to have, as you can see. But it wasn't me who bought them. Someone else in the family who ran businesses bought it but here it sits. This one is a money box. I should put money in it!! THAT's why I am not a millionaire yet! OK, so, here goes. I will put money in this thing from now on.  Since it was dusty from all that sitting around, I

Profile Pix Fix

Fellow blogger, posted up pictures of herself recently. So sweet looking ! If you've noticed, I have a bit of a problem with profile pictures. Sometimes sweet, sometimes sexy (urgh), sometimes naughty, sometimes I decide to use random stuff and cartoon (like check the banner. That is NOT ME at all). I've done some really twerrible things with myself when taking photographs but I have never done this one before. This came off because it was International Women's Day yesterday and what went through my mind at the time was 'Women Rock, y'all' but it came out GANGSTA. Whatever. LOL And I need a hair cut. XOXO, Marsha

A Change Of Perspective: Thank You

If you are on my Facebook and Twitter , you would know that I have not been having the most fun time in my life right now. Things are going bongkers in this house and I was like WTxxxxxxxx is this?! But you know what? I am going to look at this at a very different angle. Because I appealed to my friends on Facebook, some have extended their help there. I don't know why but I feel like it is a kind of blessing as well. I try my hardest not to share my despair with people on online social networking accounts because:- 1. It feels like whining and I don't like whining 2. People's got their own problems to deal with, who wants to hear of other people's problems, right? 3. I prefer to share happy things but it was overwhelmingly difficult to deal with things I don't know how to fix. Your search engine ranking dropped? Sure, let me at it. Some pages are missing content? That's my thing. Need something to be posted up on your blog? Give it to me. A broke

Two Things You Could Do With Your Online Social Media Game Plan

The Facebook…or rather…the online social media marketing tool will never be the same for any period of time. It is always changing. The moment you feel like you are on good footing, out goes all the concepts that you thought would ‘work like magic’. The online marketing landscape is such that you can never be too sure or too secure in knowing what to do. This keeps the marketing people on their toes, doesn’t it? Well, here is the thing about marketing a business or brand through the web 2.0 platter…never rest. Never stop reading. Never stop learning. Never stop finding new things to do. Never. In the spirit of learning something new to do on your Facebook account, here are two fun things to do on your Facebook to help marketing and brand your business.

Mindbummp - Top 10 Values

suggested by Understanding Alice "Your top ten values - what are they and does your life match them?" Top ten values? Can I do five. I am in a rush. =) 1. Humility. Very important. Don't brag, as simple as that 2. Help others if you can, be brave about not receiving anything back in return 3. Don't hurt others 4. Work hard. Two hands, two legs, you won't starve to death if you are willing to work 5. Try to look at the big picture instead of always harping on the small stuff 6. Laugh. It is medicine for the soul How come I am running out of values? Hhhmmm.... 7. Don't believe in brands and expensive stuff. If I have them, then fine. If I cannot afford them, fine. 8. Money is good but it's not everything 9. Praise when the others deserve it 10. Inspire people if you can. Done. Does my life match them? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. What? Am I nun now? =) Heading out for dinner. Toodles. Sunday is almost over. =((((((((((((((((

Watching Malaysia Rise

It sure took me a long time to write this but here it is. All’s well. I would hate to touch on political stuff and get my site/blog reported and banned again. Yeah, it happened to my Wordpress blog which I was happily using until one fine day…VIOLA! Can’t get in. There are many other instances that happened after that but let’s not get into that. =) My take is Malaysia is ready for change. By saying this, all I am saying is that there needs to be dramatic changes. If there is no change in the currently-governing ‘authority’, then they need to go. And why I say that Malaysia is ready for change is because of the fact that many educated people are now taking sides when they wouldn’t touch the topic before. I am one of the biggest examples there is out there! I mean, look at me!! From knowing bananas and caring zilch to an overnight volunteer. Where the best parties are at? Yes, I know. Which diaper cream to buy? I know that one. Who is running the country, I serio

Picture Log: Family

If a video blog entry is called a Vlog, how come a picture-based entry can't be called a Plog? Anyway, here's my plog for your Friday. Have a good weekend, folks!! And here's another one I found on Pinterest. Don't look at me. This second picture, as humorous as it is, is not mine. Found it here XOXO, Marsha