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World of Blurred Lines

The lines are so blurred in the world that we live in. The internet has changed things so much and culture have veered us into a path that we never knew could exist before. But maybe it is because we were not so often exposed to such diversities. Our world consists of getting on the bicycle or bus to get to school, playing with your friends after school and then going home for dinner with your family. That was it. But the world that my kids live in today is so different from my childhood days. I am sure my parents will say the same thing about their world  and mine. I remember an altercation that occurred with my kids quite a few years back, maybe 5 or 6 years ago when Youtube was a thing  but not the norm.  Believe me, if you took a look at a normal teenager's life today, Youtube is a huge thing for them, especially if they are into gaming. I argued (and will continue to argue) that Youtube cannot be the norm, you need an organization to govern and monitor it, otherwise, it

Bitching - Cutting Queue is Cutting Queue

If there's one thing that I really hate, apart from traffic jams, is queue cutting. I hate queue cutting whether in a jam, at the store, at the restaurant or in the mall. I think it's just rude. So, whenever I have to line up at the traffic lights and someone 'conveniently' tries to wiggle their way into the line, I don't often give way. Call me a B or whatever, I don't care. Line up like everyone else. Unless I am in one of my Zen modes which isn't often when I am behind the wheel. So, today, I was in 7-11 and there was this foreign man  (I shall not mention the nationality because my son happens to opine that racial profiling  should be stopped...and it's not China Chinese) decides to not to say this? Let me draw a stupid picture. LOL OK, the said A-hole is furthest to the left and I was using Counter A and this man used Counter B, crossing over and cutting the queue for Counter B. I kept quiet in the beginning because the cashier

Here's One for the Single Parents Out there - Hope You had a Fab Father's Day!

No one knows how hard this is, being both mom and dad at the same time. While some argue that we, women, are the emotionally stronger gender, it doesn't become and isn't easy. Sometimes, there are things that are nearly impossible for us mothers to replicate.  Like hormones, being a man, being competitive about anything and everything , brotherhood, being a role model (because duh...I can't teach a man how to be a man in the real world because I can't be a man, LOL). It's different, really.  I will be lying if I said everything is smooth-sailing and I am the best mother AND father in the world and my kids don't need a male figure in their's not true. Let's not kid ourselves. Dads are important too so, I keep their dad in their lives.  But as far as the everyday workings in life is concerned, I have tried my very best to be both mom and dad. To make all the decisions and be responsible for everything under the sun is f-g taxing.

Minced Beef Bulgogi Stew

It's been one of those sucky Sundays for me as for the second time this month alone, that something wrong went with my older-than-my-son car. First, we had a flat but was saved by my dad. Today, the battery died but was saved by a neighbor (my lovely, lovely neighbor! Muax!) He let me take his wife's car out to hunt down the mechanic, brought him over to my house and put in a new car battery.  With that said, I am, of course, short on time as I have some writing to do as well so, had to use the dump-and-cook method a.k.a crock pot or slow cooker. Lucky for me, I had the wisdom to thaw the minced beef out ahead of time and it was in the fridge.  So, I will share this out very quickly and as usual, there are no measurements to follow, you will have to use your instincts and taste-buds to do taste tests along the way and then season towards the end. If you're on CookPad (Eng) version app, here's the Bulgogi Beef Stew Recipe complete with a simple indication of