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My Definition of Sexy

So, we sat around and got discussing about sexy, or rather, 'appealing' men and most of us agreed that one does not have to be physically muscled up in order to be sexy. Being tall is good, having a sense of humor is fab, having ethics is pretty darn important and of course, if you have a nice pair or peepers, that would be dreamy. If your body is like this....EVEN BETTERRRRRRRR! LOL But honestly speaking, men like this (don't argue with me) are unattainable. Out of our league even before we can say 'poof'. And we are quite realistic about things. We don't marry KPop stars or TVB actors. We just go to their concerts or watch their movies and waste a lot of money on things we don't need. lol Harlow....reality checkkkkkkk.... So, when I mentioned that I thought this one guy was really sexy to me, you should have seen my friends' faces. Hahahahaha! Who is that man? Yoo Jae Suk - gagman Don't laugh la....I am being serious! If you w