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I don't get men who wears bags. It's something girls do. I don't do it. I wrote about it here earlier about my disdain  and disappointment when one of my fave Korean stars did it. I am like GET THAT LEATHER THING OUT OF YOUR HANDS, DUDE!! But anyway, some men would like to protect their right to do what the girls do and this is what they have to say and does one argue with Indiana Jones? Source: Pinterest

purple power

I am not big on the nail painting thing. So, one day, I was on Skype with my cousin and she has YELLOW nails. And so, I was like WTH is THAT?! She says it makes her feel happier. Right. On Sunday, I went out to the mall and saw, like, this whole tray of nail polish, endless shades and colors so I thought to myself, why not, right? I have pastel purple nail polish now and it matches my yoga mat too. Man, I look so Hollywood ;-)

The World Is Truly Magical

Like they always say, there are many ways to look at the world and one of them is this. MAGICAL Found it on Pinterest. Don't know who to credit but credit to the person who took it and also to the person who probably Photoshopped and enhanced it. It looks amazing!

Gone Vegan

I've gone half vegan lately, this is my third day and here's something that I can tell you. Vegetables can be tasty I am consistently hungry Toilet is my second home I dream of meat at night Meat Bacon Burger Cows Animals Anything that moves can be eaten!!!!!!!!!! I mean, how is this even possible that I am even thinking of going vegan....OK , HALF vegan. I am, during the day, it's been kinda of torturous. But here's one good thing about going vegan....I eat all the time and you know what? Veg can be yummy. ASK MY SON, he is a confirmed Meat Lover and he took one spoonful of veg and said, 'Mmmm....I never knew veg could be good. I have to say it tastes kinda good, mom'. Kinda good. That's a start. 

The Legend That Is Whitney

So....Whitney's dead, huh? You know, it hurts so much that I don't really wanna talk about it. It feels like picking at a wound that you have that is hurting you bad but you've run out of ponstan. But I'll say a few things about Whitney here. She's a gift to all of us. She is the kind of talent that was granted to us and her songs, her voice will never leave our hearts. She may leave the world, but she will never leave per se because she's left so much behind for us. Let's just continue to endlessly enjoy that. And you know what hurts the most? That she led a publicly turbulent life as an entertainer (it's common when you are an entertainer) and as a person and some people made harsh criticism when she failed to pick herself up. They condemned her. Said bad things about her but then now that she's dead, they are backing their way out by saying nice things. Huh. When you love someone like some people love Whitney for her talent, we cringe

Disentangling The Cyber World

I have to get this out of my system – there’s ANOTHER social networking site that I have to learn up about? Aren’t we done with coming up with yet ANOTHER cool social networking site that we have COOLER features, BETTER control over what our friends see and read, more REALISTIC stats, etc? We are not done yet? What prompted this was the discovery of Pinterest…which I have, sadly so, requested an invite from. I have no idea why I requested for an invite but I guess it’s just my industry. I could say that it is a work thing that I have to learn about so that when experts talk about it, I don’t look dumb. I won’t use it….but maybe I will. I don’t know anymore. I’m lost in cyber world. Anyway, here’s the lowdown or nutshell or whatever you want to call it about the whole online social networking thing. Let’s start with my favorite one, the simplest one of all. Twitter  – This is where you talk to walls. When you are stressed out, you tweet. When you need to complain

You're Happier When You Realize That...

Smiling Through Our Troubles

It's easy enough to be pleasant; When life flows like a song, But the man worthwhile, Is the one who can smile, When things go dead wrong, For the test of the heart is trouble, And it always comes with the years, And the smile that is worth, The praises of earth, Is the smile that shines through the tears. -Ella Wilcox

i am not wearing my glasses

and i am gona try blogging without it. i'll find out how many mistakes i made later on when my glasses become available again. seriously, i cant see anything. nothing much. my son locked me out of the bathroom, you see, and my glasses are in there. this is funky. anyway, i just wanna say that i would like am so happy to see an old blogger friend come bacck to the online world. i missed her writings and her musigs. many of us bloggers, stop writing in our blogs because we go through the ups and downs of life. she was, i guess, going through one of her downs. i am glad she's back. to me, i write in this blog not because i am famous or am a celebrity r think that people love the hell out of me but it is sort of something that i hang on to for sanity's sake. life takes a toll on me too and sometimes i don't want to write no nothing here because there is only bad things happening around me. but i continue anyway...for the sake of my sanity. so, essentially, you can s