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I Have A Love For Bloopers

I love watching bloopers. I REALLY do. When the kids show me a video that they really like and if there are bloopers there and they want to forward it, I will step in and FORBID IT! How dare youuuuuuuuu.... The final product is always so perfect, therefore, it makes me feel good to see that they screwed up and had many retakes. Here are 2 few of my personal faves! The Proposal Friends The great thing about bloopers is that you don't have to understand the language in order to laugh along with them. Here's one from a Korean series called " Personal Taste ' (I think)

Hyoke Hyoke Hyoke

I am having one of those wordless days. Nah, not really. I said quite a bit on Facebook and Twitter but instead of blogging today, I'd like to share a picture with you today. Funny things in life. One egg, two yolks. =) XOXO, Marsha

A Mindful Journey With The People Who Loves You

Anthony Robbins, an all-time inspiring person that I totally find inspiration and motivation in once said this: ‘ The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the amount of uncertainty that you can comfortably deal with ’. Is that words of a saint or what, right? People can tell you all sorts of things when they are single but there is one thing I can tell you as a parent – you worry. There is this whole world of uncertainty that you worry CONSTANTLY about and sometimes, it doesn’t even make sense that you are worrying about it because you can’t change anything. Worrying doesn’t change anything but you continue to worry. You are afraid that the next meal will not come. You worry that your kids are going to end up being beaten up by school bullies. You worry that they are going to waste their time playing Nintendo at the age of…I don’t know…49? And when I think about it, it makes no sense. Why are we worrying about the uncertainty? What are we trying to control? Someth

A Meditation Session

Meditation is not for the crazies, that is my belief because if that is the case, prayers should be rendered for the crazies too. I mean, meditation is all about breathing and focusing on the NOW because the mind wonders and wanders so much, no? So, to me, it is like prayer, when Christians pray to God and when Muslims perform their form of prayer. It is a form of slowing down, release and then letting everything go. To Christians and Muslims, they find faith and trust in God. But meditation is harder than praying, IMPO, because you have to find a center. A calm focus. Here's how my sessions go. 'Shit, it's late, I have to get dinner ready' 'OK, you thought about dinner. Now let that go. Stay' 2 seconds later. 'The kids are watching too many YouTube videos' 'OK, you thought about the kids. Let that go. Stay'. 4 seconds later. 'I have to invoice my client tomorrow. Been delaying that all week' 'OK, you thought abou

It's Not Just a Top, OK?

It is so all the rage now for the kids. To me, honestly speaking, it is just a top. We played with tops all the time when we were young, didn't we? But they were just that. Tops. Here's the thing about commercializing something...all you need to do is to hand the stupid top over to some 'creative thinking people' and let them come up with all sorts of stories and ways to market it and then by the time they are done with it, you can sell it for 2000% the price. Cool, eh? Anyway, I don't know which I dread more...having boys and buying Beyblades or having girls and buying Barbies. Either way...meh...

One Liners That Made Films Memorable

Good movies usually have one-liners that when said, reminds me of the movie. I think for some reason Star Wars has the most lines that I can remember: 'May the force be with you' 'Never tell me the odds!' 'Do, or do not. There is no try' And of course, with famous quote used by condom companies, 'I am not your father'. =) The other movie with quotes I can remember is the line 'Show me the money' from Jerry Maguire and also the line 'It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to your enemies, but a great deal more to stand up to your friends' from Harry Potter, can't remember which one, though. Not forgetting 'Life is like a box of chocolates' from Forrest Gump and the 'You jump, I jump' from Titanic. I also loved Jim Carrey for saying 'Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes' in Bruce Almighty. Another epic line...'What if someone you never met, someone you never saw, someone you nev


I am too tired and sleepy to blog today. Hang on.... Never mind. Good night and hope you had a good Mid-Autumn festival today, then. Since I'm already here. =.= Marsha

Mindbump: More Or Less Exciting

suggested by Sunshine and Rain "Have you become more or less exciting as you've grown up?" I have to say that I have become less exciting. Can't be helped because we all grow up and older and as a parent, I am responsible for too many things. Shouldering so many responsibilities, I think I have to be more mature, think things through more than once, and also be more prudent with my decisions.  Exciting, eh? But tell you what, I went shopping with my friend yesterday, for charity. I was at Tesco and while she was withdrawing money from the ATM, I took a shopping cart and did something that I used to do as a child. I 'skateboarded' the cart for a while. My friend scolded me, 'You're gonna tip the cart over, you dungu!' while other shoppers looked at me like I belonged to a zoo. What? I can't behave like a kid once in a while...without my kids watching me? I have become less exciting, yes. But I think the child in me is still alive.

Google Translate Rocks!

I've been writing UNIQUE CONTENT all morning and afternoon. Unique to a point that I am completely disenchanted with myself when the search engine returned a check result of  'Please rewrite 40% of your article. They're not unique'. Oh yeah? @#&^$%# YOU TOO !  I don't know what it is that you do when you're bored out of your mind but I kinda mess around with everything around me. There was one time I messed around with my camera and it was kinda fun in the end. I would love to show you the link but the blog got suspended for  some reason  (some insecure thwat reported my blog as being too political. At least, I wasn't arrested lar, like my friend and fellow blogger Chan Lilian) This time, I messed around with Google Translate. At first it was to type in my sons' names to see how it would be pronounced in Japanese and then it went on to 'Czech' and then 'Ukranian' and then 'French'. Of course, by then I have to try MY

Battle With My Conscience

I do a bit of charity work sometimes...when I feel especially thankful for having food on the table and money in the wallet. So, when a friend on Facebook posted the following, I went a little like...HAHAHAHA. I don't do non profit work, the first rule of non profit work is that there is a shitload of profit, its an oxymoron like "reality" t.v. If you want to help Africans then lets fly to Africa or Haiti or wherever. If you want to help homeless people then lets actually do it ourselves, give them information on programs and some money and a meal. We must be proactive and stop lazily texting money to a vacuum of phony non profits. If you want to help Veterans then go outside the V.A etc.. Y ou know, I can't agree more. I've taken cash before. People trust me with their hearts to do the right thing but let me tell you something, when it comes to cold, hard cash......MAN! So, I can't tell you that I am an angel with nary a greedy thought in my head. I'

Hash It Out Openly

I am not a very shy person when I’m irked or feel strongly about something. It is not because I am argumentative but I just feel that people are entitled to their own sets of emotions and mindset (INCLUDING ME…and well, you too) and a clash is sometimes unavoidable. So, when something is wrong, I need to get it out. If it doesn’t come out, then it’s just going to end up as a blog post. =) I’m good for debates. I don’t mind if our ideas aren’t exactly the same or that you feel that I am stupid (and you would sometimes be right) but I can’t argue with someone when:- The person thinks that he/she is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. No two ways about it. The person clams up. Like…harlowwwww?????!! Am I THAT scary? (Oh, shuddup) The person gets violently angry…like ready to make mince meat out of me kinda angry. It’s a debate and we should hash it out, say sorry, make amends or bring it to the police station or something, right? But I guess not everyone’s

Having A Tweet Tooth

Many people initially thought the world had gone bonkers when Twitter was introduced, with some folks clearly thinking that they would rather have their toenails pulled out, one by painful one, than to join in the ‘Me Me MEEE!’ behavior of Twitter. Frankly, it is kind of true that Twitter is one of the most narcissistic tools in the world but here is the deal – it is also through Twitter that we find old friends and make new ones. It is through Twitter that businesses make conversations with their customers and it is also where they get connected to people who had problems with their services and products (and make good of the complaint). Through Twitter, we know precisely where reporters and journalists are whenever they head out on dangerous missions in war-torn countries. It is also where we keep in touch with our favorite celebrities and find humor in the way they sometimes ‘Twight’ unashamedly online. We also used to Twitter to find survivors of natural disasters a
This Saturday, I will say very little but I will only say one thing...stand up for your rights. Enjoy the video. Even if you are not a Chinese or understand Cantonese, there's subtitles. Have a fabulous Saturday, all! =) XOXO, Marsha

JLo's Kohl Fashion Line Teaser

Whoa!! Came in here to post something short today and here I am, a new, y'all! Well, I'm kinda (kinda) tech-savvy in a very dinosaur way and so, I should find myself getting use to this ziggy new Blogger interface quite quickly. Anyway, I was saddened and quite shocked (despite some people telling me that Anthony's been cheating on his wife like a happy-hopping bunny - don't quote me, it was from my friends and some celeb-sites - for the longest time and JLo's been looking the other way since forever) when the happy couple announced their split. Before things went south, JLo and Anthony came up with a fashion line thinghy (I fashion, right? Bongkers, right??!!!) and being very professional about the whole thing, they decided to launch the line anyway, despite all the nasty happenings in their personal lives. Now, THIS is what I call professionalism...except for the fact that they have decided to la