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School Holiday Mayhem

If you work from home or own your own business and caring for your kids at the same time, you would understand this - when school holidays roll around, there's mayhem with the clock. It spins round and round and round endlessly, as if it has no care in this world (well...technically, it doesn't) and no regard for the things that we, humans, have to do and achieve. Because I do not have to wake up for school, everyone learns how to use the snooze button more often. Which often means that work starts slightly late. Then there is lunch and then dinner. There's cleaning. There's work. There's the stress of trying to get the school stuff together to be ready for the new school year. Man, things are tough around here at the moment. Sometimes I wish that I have an office to go to. Like when it is time to stop work, I stop work and be with the family members. At this point in time, I switch the PC off (which is my office) and tune into facebook and twitter on my smart

Stop Using Online Social Media, Mom

This is hilarious! It also explains why despite having been working online for the past decade, I've refused to get myself a smart phone...until recently. Although a large part of it is totally off-the-rockers and quite unreal, I am sure there are many of us out here who can understand this online social media disease is all about. So, stop using online social media, mom!! lol

Bad Things Have To Go Before Good Things Can Enter

The second half of 2010's been bad. Was cheated a few times by friends. It hurts more than when you are cheated by a stranger. And then followed by a string of bad news, mostly health and financial stuff. But you know what? Not everything is bad. While I may have lost some things, when I focus on what's ahead of me, I realize that there is a string of new positive things heading my way. I can see them. They keep coming at me. Hahaha...really, seriously. They keep coming at me. Therefore, I believe that you cannot bring in good things without losing some of the negative bad things in your life. Sure, it hurts. Especially those buggers I called friends. But I think the experience really taught me new things and reinforced some old lessons that I forgot to remember. Good news, welcome into my life.

Confidence Is Everything

by  Roseanna Leaton I believe that almost all of the troubles in the world today are rooted in confidence issues. A lack of confidence has the ability to reach out in many different directions and impact the world around us in very negative ways. In contrast, a feeling of high self-esteem and confidence allows your own life to be one of happiness and satisfaction and this positive emotion equally spreads out into the Universe. Confidence or a lack thereof creates a huge domino effect upon the world. A lack of confidence has different faces. Sometimes it may be displayed as meanness; in putting someone else down you by contrast may feel "bigger" yourself. But that boost to your own self confidence is only transient and ultimately very costly. Someone else (the person to whom you were mean) paid an immediate price and there is also an ongoing price which you may not immediately detect. If you have been mean to someone or bullied someone or indeed caused them harm in any wa

Going Back To Yoga and Megamind

As I age, I suddenly notice how every part of my body that had been serving me well over the many years, is beginning to slip into a state of disrepair. Being busy and constantly worried about...well, almost not helping either. So, today, I will go back to yoga for at least 30 mins and then take the kids out for a movie. Wanted to catch Rapunzel (yeah, I am still a very big little girl at heart) but my boys will not hear of it. It's too princess-y and you know how boys are about these things. Nothing feminine...please. :-) That's one of the things you would have to endure if you have boys for kids. It's all metallic things, Pokemon, digital stuff, destructive, disgusting jokes, fart and booger funnies, monsters, robots...blah blah blah... The other option would be the still-yet-to-catch Megamind. Yup, gonna catch that. Don't worry, I think I can survive the movie. It's about aliens, right? I should be able to connect with aliens. Haha

blogging from my phone

am sitting here, in relax room, watching asian food channel and begqn it possible for me to blog on this phone. ok, i can't hit the enter button and i have a feeling i m gonna find some major mistakes tomorrow. hehehe...why isn't it capitalizing my spelling for me? ah well... good nite. gonna finish watch bobby chin a little bit more and then bed. nite :)

Lazy Saturday

If you've been following my twitter , you would know what a horribly busy and stressful week it's been for me. To top it all off, quite possibly, I've developed slipped disc as well. Yipee. Well, I don't know for sure yet but the numbness is a constant reminder for me to get a date with a Chiropractor. That or the hospital. With wild pictures of a scalpel in my face, I think I will see the Chiropractor first. Anyway, I decided that I will think of nothing, do nothing, work at nothing and just be an incredibly lazy sloth on Saturday. The workaholic in me will be restrained, tied up in a lonely dark cell until my sanity says it can come back out. Seriously, work really got to me. Not that I am complaining about having work. I keep reminding myself about all those people out there who are not as fortunate as I am to have people pump work into my work station. People who trust me. Man, in this competitive world of business, I am thankful for that although I do not hav

Cut Line Cut Line

Been working like a dog these past few days so, unsurprisingly, there isn't much time left for me to go toilet, much less blog about life. A-heh. But I do have one thing to say about Malaysians, though. Why don't we just grow a conscience and a little bit of patience too along the way, especially when we are driving. You know what the problem is with Malaysian drivers...or just Asian drivers. We don't know what a queue is. For me, it's really simple. There is queue, wait your turn. I personally know of some people who actually with full intent and purpose to cut into your line, drive all the way to a point where they can 'hop into' the queue and then bull their way into the line. Yeah, bully the other drivers into giving way, that is. Look, buddy. I'm in a hurry too, alright? I came out of the junction wanting to reach my destination too. And look what I did. I sat here, seething with impatience, dying to get out of the gridlock, and there you are, sas