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The Way Malaysians and Everyone Else Sees Obama's Words

President of the United States have said it. He have acknowledged the fact that discrimination exists in Malaysia. Not because he is God or that he can solve any of the oppression that we have endured or have had to live with, he can't. Nor is he in the position to make the change himself. Only WE can do that. It doesn't mean that he heard you whining. It doesn't mean he has read your blog. It also does not mean that he have personally seen your desperate tweet, exasperated Facebook update or us lamenting about injustice and unfairness. So, why does it mean so much to us, anyway? He has all but said a couple of words and then had his really lavish meal and went back into his equally lavish hotel room only to board his luxurious Air Force One back home to the United States. It is all back to square one, isn't it? We are back to being oppressed, aren't we? Nothing's changed. Bah, humbug. And I know of some Americans who will say ' Yeah right, listen

Making Stress Your Friend

Most of us have experienced stress. Most of us know how it feels like to have a canopy of stress hanging above our heads, day in, day out. Wherever we go, the canopy goes. It goes without saying because most of us ALSO know that stress can't be very good for us when the feeling is constant. I don't know about you but I have personally barreled headlong into a pit called 'burn out'. It's not good for you so don't try to go there. LOL! But this video that I saw on showed us that what triggers the negative feeling inside of us can be changed using the mind and the mind alone. Take a look at it and I hope everyone's have a very stressless weekend. Love, Marsha

Sponsoring of Bloggers

I do not fault bloggers for taking on sponsors and I do not fault sponsors for sponsoring bloggers but.... ....reality strike. How many of us who are readers and crawlers of the great big In-ter-net actually give sponsored bloggers the time of our day when we know that the blog posts are sponsored. I mean, come on, there are very few bloggers who would actually tell it as it is. 'The chicken is a little salty for my liking' 'There were some dust mites in the bed!' 'The pool water was a little greenish' 'The LCD display came with a hairline crack' Watch the sponsors walk away. Hence, I find myself walking away from sponsored posts unless the blogger tells it like it is. The whole point of reading the entire article is to find creatively expressed opinions from another person who was given the privilege of enjoying something that I may consider PAYING for, right? So, I don't want to waste my precious time reading sugar-coated blog posts

Thank you, Tiger

You don't have to know the man well, in order to appreciate the things that he's done. You don't have to be emotionally linked to his life, in order to feel what he stands for. You don't have to agree with what the man said, in order to know his resolve. You don't have to understand everything he did, in order to appreciate his stand. You don't have to have spoken to him before, to know the kind words behind the strong spirit. You don't have to have seen him cry, to know that he is a man with great conviction. You don't have to. You just know. Goodbye, Karpal Singh. Thank you for everything that you have done and the fight that you so fervently fought. Just know that many are feeling the loss. p.s. To those who think that some of us are just playing things up and pretend to know Karpal Singh and sobbing all over the internet like whining toddlers, go piss somewhere else for now. I am not in the mood for your pissy attitude right now. 

Calendula and Orange Spa Stuff

Probably not for the guys but hey, don't let stereotypical comments stop you from pampering yourself too. EVERYONE needs pampering once in a while. And there is nothing feminist or sexist about soaking in a tub of water that smells like flowers. Anyway, was walking the halls of a nearby mall and stopped at some booths selling some of the most awesome environmentally-friendly and hand-made stuff so, I was delighted to find products made out of my favorite scents, i.e. lavendar, calendula, chamomile, sandalwood...etc. Calendula and Orange scented handmade soap and bathsalt Calendula or more popularly known as Marigold have been known for their medicinal properties for ages. The flowers and leaves are used to treat multiple types of conditions, particularly skin conditions. Calendula tea is also sometimes used as mouthwash or treat gum diseases too.  Love the frangrance combined with the citrusy scent of orange.  Bought them from Mahi's Place  (Facebook) who

Fun-filled Birthday For The Boys and Me

As your kids grow older and bigger, you will soon have trouble planning out their birthday parties. It gets more expensive too =P Toys R Us, cakes, balloons, confetti no longer work. You can no longer play Barney or Hi 5 songs all day long to make them feel special on their very special day. You have to wreck your brain in trying to please them along with the friends and relatives that they keep all at the same time. Things parents do. Sigh...hahaha But it was a fun-filled day, though. Booked ourselves in for a session at Escape Room in eCurve and managed to escape with 4th fastest record for the week at 33:11. I say the kids did mighty fine with that! No fighting or power struggles and they were just focused on one person figuring it, one person unlocking, one person holding the torch and one person slipping through the prison bars because he was skinny enough to do that (Escape Room, take note, haha) and then shouting to the rest 'See ya all later, suckerssssssssssss !&