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About Marsha

2017/2018 Update:
If you're trying to get in touch with me, email me at marshamaung at gmail.

At this point, none of my posts are sponsored and they're also not biased in any way at all. The spirit of blogging, back when it all started, was an online journal where people pour their hearts online (it was soooooo pure and harmless back then!) and share their life experiences and discoveries with each other.

Now, it's just Facebook.

Social Media remains to be part of my bread and butter (or rice and soup - Asian, you know 😂), I don't do a whole lot of it personally except for Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, my Facebook page, and YouTube.

Dayum. That sounds like a lot already! I have many others, of course, which I sometimes tinker around with but you'll find nuggets of my life sprinkled across this little corner of the Internet.

For work-related stuff, you'll get them at, AND I publish regularly on Medium, so, there's that.

2013 update:

I am updating my About page in 2013 because...things have changed, huh? Life is like that. I am still a believer of being plain and love, peace, calm and harmony. I still think that I am moving in the right direction in small baby steps, albeit sometimes sideways and sometimes in a blur. I am STILL a writer who puts my clients' interest ahead of mine for the 15th year (and still counting). I still believe in yoga and karma. And I still believe that I am average person who deserves the right to bitch when I want to...since this is my blog and all. XD

The work that I do includes writing, blogging, search engine optimization, internet market, online social networking and marketing, content strategy, production, management and dissemination. All of that's not changed.

What has changed is that I realize that I am loved and treasured. Before this, when life was throwing me curve balls, I thought people will never be there for me. Thank goodness, things have changed. And that's changed my perspective and hence, the way I blog.

The end, terima kasih. If you are reader and have a Twitter account, look me up here and mention me and I will follow back. Otherwise, I won't be bothered. I have a Facebook but I don't do the whole Facebook skit thing except for occasional picture postings and double plug from Twitter. I don't usually add friends on Facebook either unless you get in touch with me via DM.

Have a pleasant day ahead, people!

*** *** ***
My Past
I used to perform professionally. In school and college, I performed more than I studied. A-heh...sue me. Yes, I studied law so that has GOT to be my fave phrase.

Then in a rock band and show band. Here are some pics.

(pretending to play keyboard - pianist is busy for another show - teehee)

But at the end of the day, I am just a person who happens to be a mother and a child at the same time. Mother to two beautiful, loving (God, they love me to death and I KNOW that), amazing kids and a child within and without. I prefer being a child, actually. But don't tell my kids that. =)

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