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Weekend Rewind: Anything by 3T (Music) (Video)

One for the weekend! There are some songs that you listen to that effortlessly transports you back to when you were a kid. I am sure I am not the only who has this to say about this song: Anything by 3 T. Anything - 3T I had no idea this song had such an impact until I heard it on the radio. In my head, I was going all the way back to 1990s. Some guy sang it in a karaoke and although I don't remember his face but I definitely remember the way he sang it. Or maybe it's just the song itself. Who knows. Anyway, here's a rewind for the weekend! We're due to watch Toy Story 4 this weekend, wouldn't miss it for the world. Lotsa love and hope you enjoy your weekend. XOXO, Marsha

Update: A Second Look into College Life

I was visiting a college on Tuesday and although it is swankier than what I was used to, still, it made me want to become a student again. It wasn't peak hour when I was there, so, there were not many excited students milling in and out of the classrooms, lounge areas, labs, the library or cafeteria.  I saw small groups of students going up and down the almost-brand-new building in the elevator. That was it.  I've always loved learning and being in college although I spent most of my college-day hours outside of class doing anything but studying. In my case, if I wasn't on the Law floor, my classmates can find me at the auditorium dancing and singing my life away. #LOL Image credit: Students studying in a college with laptop by Mimi Thian on Unsplash What I love about college life is that there's a very otherworldly young, hopeful, ambitious vibe. The moment I stepped foot into its premise, I swiftly left the jaded life of being a responsible adult behind

KDrama: Bad Papa (2018)

I wasn't going to do this review until a little later because there are still some drafts sitting in my folder that's just screaming at me. But today's Father's Day and I think the timing is perfect. I was a little into Jang Hyuk for a while because he's the kind of actor that doesn't quite fit the 'handsome, metro-sexual, too good to be true' actors flooding the Kdrama world right now. He's just an actor who is really serious about acting and is known for his meticulous role-picking. He's not getting younger (his words, not mine), and he's got to select his roles more carefully. Also, I love the fact that he's a normal actor who appears to be quite a regular person who just so happens to love acting. He's your everyday guy from the next block who just likes boxing, acting and terrifies you with his horrible karaoke singing skills. #lol 😅😂😝 If you've seen enough pretty boys, sooner or later, you'll start thinking this w

Parenting: Is it Possible to Take Positive, Minimalist Parenting a Little Too Far?

I didn't even know minimalist parenting was a thing until I got a question from Quora and then read an article about it in Scary Mommy . Apparently, it's a thing. Back when I was a new parent when my first-born popped out of my womb, positive parenting WAS a thing. It was a departure from traditional Asian parenting style , of course, because instead of whacking your child with a clothes hanger or the ever-famous rotan (rattan) every time he/she throws a hissy fit, you talk your child through his/her emotions, get his/her to express it, and then it will be all fairy tales and rainbows. Positive parenting is more about parents who commit to being available to his/her child whenever possible, prioritization of a child over work in as many situations as possible, unconditional love , sustaining a peaceful household , providing affirmations , setting limits , and empathy . While traditional parenting style was more like a superior warlord minding over its minions, positi

Update: The Awesome Aroma of Dinner at Home

I was writing in my journal about what makes people sentimental about stuff. One of the things that I wrote down, which surprised even me, was the smell of a home when dinner is cooking . It's the aroma of something delicious (or boringly predictable) being concocted in the kitchen and when you walk in, the whiff of it comforts your heart. And maybe that's why I love cooking something simple, no matter what it is, at home. We eat together, chat about mundane and stupid things, and then wash and pack things up together. Then, we're ready for our own respective rooms, not to be seen again until the next morning. 😂 Maybe it's just in this household, huh? A simple stew made with my instapot - chicken breasts, mushrooms and a full forest of spring onions in there. #lol. I am not sure if I have the time to update my cooking blog for this stew. It's great but the main feature is actually a product. Some people might not find it in their place of origin, so.