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Mindbump - Old or New Things

suggested by Altered Words "Sheryl Crow sings that "It's not having what you want, it's wanting what you've got." Do you derive happiness from shiny new things, or do you cherish the items you already own? Explain. " Regarding the question above, I've come to a stalemate, really. I like the things that I have right now but I also like new things. But if I had to choose one, I would say I.... ....hhhmmm..... new things more. =)

Real Women Bellies

Image credit I am into health too, really...why would I not be when I am into yoga, right? DUH. But here's the one thing that I have against...unhealthy self image. Lord knows I have it too like...quite badly. =) One of the body parts that women (and some men) are really conscious about is their bellies. No surprises there. You don't care about your butt or your legs but you BLOODY HELL care about your waistline, right? This is the result of the media assaulting your brain with model bodies. The pictures and images are telling you this: YOU SHOULD LOOK LIKE THIS. YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH. YOUR BELLY IS NOT LIKE A WASHBOARD THEREFORE, YOU SHOULD WORK YOURSELF TILL YOU LOOK LIKE THIS ! LIKE A STARVING SKELETON. The rebel that I am tells them this: GO SHOVE IT UP YOUR ****flower words***** Shut up In reality, women's bodies are like these . These are real women bellies. There is a story that goes along with every belly and we should all learn how to love the belly

After all that drinking and eating...

I had a fab time last night at a relative's house and man, the drinks were really pouring in. We had an uncle who loves his drinks who wanted to go off early because he came early but then because he came early, he started on the drinks early so by the time we are starting, we were talking all sorts of BS (thanks to the alcohol - teehee), he had ENOUGH and was ready to go off. So, he was basically standing up, sitting down, one more, last one, FOR SURE, stand up, sit down, yak yak, stand up, sit down, one more for the road, finish, stand up, sit down....for the loooooonnnggggeeeesssstttt time. You know what that is like, right? He had somewhere else to go after that but he ended up staying. And by the time he was REALLY READY to go, he had the longest walk to the door. And then an even longer walk to the car. Not because of the distance but because he can't stop talking. Hahahaha....that is so funny!! Tipsy is good but we are all very responsible people who won't let

hamsters dying

this is the first time that i am blogging from the bed, on this tab thing. turns out, it is no different from blogging from the phone. they dont frikkin capitalize the first letter of the first word in a sentence for me. sigh.... but i dont care. do you? anyway, the hamsters are dying one by one. the day before, buried two. last night, buried another. once they get sick, they die by one just like that. and its depressing. i dont like it!!!!!! and its the beginning of the chinese new year too. :-( but as one friend said, small accidents means u will avoid big accidents. small deaths means u will avoid big deaths. do u agree?

It's The Third Day of Chinese New Year...

...only so I guess it is not too late to wish you a very happy, prosperous, harmonious, healthy and fulfilling Chinese Near Year celebration. We have been going around from home to home, eating, talking, yakking and going absolutely nuts these past two days. It's fun! Every new year, I learn new things about people I have known for ages. Last night, I learned and found comfort in the fact that I am not the only one in the family with a colorful past. Some relatives did really badass stuff. However, I can't say anything here because I am bound by my loyalty and promise of secrecy, I can't say anything in such a public space. But it's BADASS. =)))) I am thinking that Chinese New Year should NOT be the only time we play catch up with everyone. It is so fun that we should make this a regular thing... Not a bad idea, huh? Anyway, wishing you a happy week ahead and may the dragon year bring you lots of fun, cheer, joy, and of course, MONEY. People can't live on fu

Shinhwa - Together Forever

I am fiercely loyal. That's the trait of a Leo. But if I feel that no one loves me, I will leave. If people around made me feel appreciated and loved, I will stay. Forever. Sounds emotional? Nah! =)))) This is actually a fan post. I was first into Sung Si Kyung, a South Korean ballad singer. But because he was in various variety shows, he was in contact with many other celebrities, and Shinhwa members appeared in some of them. I found some of the members totally OFF THE ROCKERS funny. They are incredibly childish and random. The most amazing thing about them is that they fight with each other all the time but they don't fight for the spotlight. They divide everything as equally as they can and remain as a group. It's been 14 years now. Which is amazing for ANY boy band and they are the first generation of boy bands. I found out about them over here. Sung Si Kyung was on this show, a random 'date the girl' kinda show which I was following. Three of Shinhwa me

Mindbump: Guiltiest Listening Pleasure

suggested by Bandpox "Confess one of your guiltiest music listening pleasures." I love music of all kinds. I sincerely, absolutely am in love with music. This is to bolster the fact that I am going to confess that I, sometimes....REALLY ONLY SOMETIMES....listen to techno music and actually enjoy them. Please stop calling me Ah Lian. There something about the repetitiveness that is...I don't know, kinda therapeutic. But instead of luring you into the realm of calmness, it lures you into the dark pit of shaking your head and arms and body mindlessly. Like you just keep doing it and doing it and doing it and nobody has to care....THAT kind of mindlessness. I hate it when these mindbump suggesters ask me to confess something. XOXO, Marsha