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My birthday

Trying not to work on my birthday is kinda hard. The biggest present i can give myself is to not feel stressed out on a day dedicated to my existence... I may be noone special or unique but i am important to me so i will do things that makes me happy with the angpow money that i have received from my parents and siblings. :-) And on another note, i feel really great that i received a few surprisingly touching presents. None of them expensive in the monetary sense. It required effort and time...and that's very expensive to me. :-) thank u, u know who u r. P.s. I got ffk for lunch! on my bday, no less. I am just writing this in hope of him reading this and feeling guilty. :-P


I am very particular about the KPop bands I like...they cannot be prettier than me. Hahaha! Just kidding but I have slacked off on listening to KPop because the younger generation of KPop have morphed into....gosh....I don't have the word for it. STRANGE. Yes, I think 'strange' is the word because I am not into the whole metrosexual thing. Urgh... That is why I will continue to stick to my eight-year-fandom of KPop bands like Shinhwa. They look human and normal. Cause I can't stand it when men look like this.  Anyway, have a splendid Friday and weekend, everyone! Lots of loving thoughts are being sent your way. XOXO, Marsha

Love it when celebs are humble and down to earth

You've had your fair share of snobbish celebs too, huh? I bet. I love it when i get the chance to meet with public figures and celebrities who are so incredibly down-to-earth. I got the chance to meet with Jojo Struys today and she is an amazingly beautiful and humble person. She gave me an autographed cd of hers called 'letting go with jojo struys' and after hearing one track, i would say that it is awesome! For Malaysians, you can get yours at any Starbucks outlet. I hope to see the cd make it to the international front, though. Go check it out!

Nothing good to post, that is why

I have not blogged in a while, huh? Well, not surprisingly because there has been a lot of terrible things happening in the peaceful, quiet neighborhood that i live in. All of a sudden, this calm atmosphere was ripped from our lives with a ridiculous rise in the number of thefts, robberies and just on Monday, my bad luck saw me come face to face with half a corpse in front of a mall that i grew up loving. I was at the bank when the corpse surfaced from a drain next to it. No chaos. Just us going 'u gotta be kidding me holy cripes that can't be right'. And just a moment ago, multiple police cars were blarring there sirens loudly as they ripped through the neighborhood like they were out for blood. So, with all of this happening, it is kinda hard to find anything cheerful to write about. Even instagram is no longer much of a joy. But don't worry about it, i will find a way out of this depressive state. Just like when i am having a pie with kids and we fool around wit

This is my space

I have been looking back quite a lot lately. Aging? perhaps. But i have been online for more than a decade and its scary the amount of information that i have put out there on the internet. Some of which i can never take back because systems have changed, companies have changed and basically i have lost control of those accounts. It is one of those things u agree to when u sign up for an account with blogger, wordpress, twitter, MySpace and all of that. You agree to lose control over your stuff. Back in those days don't have Facebook and Twitter, u know. U get to connect with people from all around the world at your fingertips now. I didnt get that privilege since i was online since altavista days. (kudos if u know what is altavista) So i am used to sharing myself online which makes me very trackable. I am an open system. This doesn't mean that i like it that way. It scares me too but i like sharing. A friend thought that sharing even food photos was intimate. Haha. This i c

Don't Use Unifi If You Are Not Already Using It

I always try to hit the middle way. I don't fight unfairly. But this has been a terribly horrifying experience for me. Telekom's Unifi service has caused me not only mental anguish but loss of income because of the horrifying internet service and equipment. Telekom was quick to come install the service for me, yes. And the online team has also been quick in coming to my aid whenever I tweet about something and hook the tweet to their Twitter online account @TMConnects. And yes, as a result of those tweets, emails were sent to me and people called me up to inquire about the status of the complaint. I laud them for that. But the problem lies with the technical team, not the online response or customer service team. There is absolutely nothing the customer service or damage control team can do unless their technical team bucks up. Multiple reports, tweets, emails, calls, complaints later, I have come to the conclusion that if TM is courting you with amazing UNIFI deals and a

Me And My Best-Friends =)

Sometimes I look back and wonder at how time flies. No, I mean REALLY fly. It is not so apparent when I am in the middle of work and when I am crazy busy and stuff but it is when I look at my two kids that I wonder so much. When did they start becoming so big and wonderful. I am so thankful to have two amazing boys. Seriously, I am so blessed that my kids are amazingly thoughtful, caring, and they listen to me and try to help when I am desperately running around like an insane person. They scoot out of the way when I am completely exhausted so that they won't create a mess or argue in front of me., so, so, soooooo sweet. He is so tall now and...sob of the bestest friends I have in this world.  Here we are with my other best-friend. =) Happy Wednesday, everyone. We are, as I always tweet out, halfway through the week. GO GO GO!!! XOXO, Marsha