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Man Bag, Anyone?

Just a simple question that popped into my head (much like everything else that is in my head, anyway) when I was watching a Korean drama (surprise, surprise!). Guys, would you, under normal circumstances (read: without a gun to your head), carry a man-bag? One of my favorite pretty-boy Korean actors do and I am having trouble (grit teeth) sleeping because of this. Why oh whyyyyyyy??? I don’t carry a handbag, my dear darlin’ boy. I mean, if I went out with this guy, he would make me feel and even look like the man between the two of us!  Anyhoo, maybe it’s just me, I’m thinking cause one friend of mine actually digs man-bags. Says it’s convenient and all. And besides, even stars carry them. Like how women carry small, trendy, glittering purses to dinners. (gaggggg!!!!) Footballers carry man bags, for crissakes, so maybe it’s OK after all. So, I don’t know. Maybe it’s me. If you are a guy, would YOU carry a man-bag now that you know someone as cool (and quite straight) as Ronaldo

Mindbump - The Impactful Decision

suggested by Bandpox "Describe a recent decision that made a huge impact on your life, and consider what life would be like if you had done things a little differently." Mmmm...not have kids, I suppose. If I didn't have kids, I guess I would be still be a regular at some pubs, coming home drunk and waking up with strangers? Ack, is that too much information? OK.  coming home drunk and waking up with stranger s . Having kids, it opened up my eyes to the world of possibilities like their naive nature, their ability to love, engage and trust you. As a grown-up, after being beaten around some, you kinda don't trust the world or the people around you anymore. It's almost like you prefer hiding in a cave somewhere really dark and die off (hopefully without much pain) the face of the world or somefink. Having, that's really something. You scream at them and they love you. You threaten their life and they give you their hearts. It's something r

The Computer That Died

Those on Twitter and Facebook knows this - my ancient dinosaur computer died on me this week and I have had to get another new one. So, here I am with the new CPU. As much love as I have for the old computer, I kinda (really) appreciate the speed of this one. Everything is so fast that I can't get used to it. Hahaha. I click on something expecting to wait it out and there you go! Here it is! LOL. Anyway, the old computer lasted nearly a decade, I'm telling ya and it served me so well over the years. I actually said goodbye to the thing. Really, I did. Then again, I am emo that way, I say goodbye to everything as in I say goodbye to the fish that I am about to consume, plant that died and planes flying off to their intended destination in the sky. The one thing that I am fervently doing right now is downloading and installing all the software that I need to continue working. Can you imagine what hell it is? The one thing never to forget is, of course, the anti-virus. NEVER

Listen to your heart. Negotiate with your brain.

Sometimes I wonder how I ended being a writer/singer/dancer/graphic designer/web developer/copywriter/online marketer when what I studied was LAW. I seriously do not know how I ended up here...but the bottom line, it doesn't matter. I did what my heart told me to do. Did you notice how different law is from all the other occupations that I took on? They're on the complete opposite end of the scale! So, I wonder why I studied law in the first place. Why didn't I pick something like jazz or drama or pottery-making as a major, instead, I delved into something as deadpan dead as law? And I think I found the answer: Justice. Fairness. Freedom. So I'm gonna lay this question to rest. Closure. To my credit, I DID use my law degree for a bit...four years, maybe? (Hey, it's still something ) Being an ants-in-the-pants person didn't help cause I started itching to get on a stage. Any stage...or table...or pole. Or a really huge speaker (people who knows this joke

Help Feed These Children If You Can

People who know me knows that if there is one thing I am against, it is the fact that while we feast on our luxury food, paying exponential amount of money traveling and eating and having fun, there are children...KIDS...who are going to bed hungry. This is puasa month. Last year, I tried to to fast along with my Muslim friends and have felt the hunger and thirst for all of....THREE friggin' days. I just couldn't take it. I quit. Shame on me. So, to avoid disappointment, I did not even attempt the feat again this year. But the point is that, hunger is something I am against. Food is life. People just can't move or live on without food. I can't even take a fast, much less these poor unfortunate children. Have a heart, let's do something for these hungry children if you are in the Klang Valley. The organizer said, 'Even 1 pack of instant noodle is good enough'. So, please. Do something. For more information, go to this Facebook page. https://www.

Dear Richard

I feel very sad. One of my friends just passed away and it is still kind of raw. I don't know about the rest of you out there but I always felt that he was a teddy bear. I love to hug him coz he's so....huggable? Instead of hugging anyone else, I would hug him. The past 2 years, we've not kept in touch much. And now, I kinda feel the regret. He was a nice me, anyway. Whenever we go out drinking, I think the first person I would trust is him. Richard ah, sorry I did not make it to your funeral tonight. Sorry, ok? It's because it's the 7th Lunar month (Ghost festival) and everyone's kind of freaked out because if we go to your funeral, we might attract something unbecoming. Family members are freaking out too. I know it is selfish but you can hear us right? You can hear me when I whisper to you, 'Please rest in peace. Love you love you love you. Wish I could have hugged you more, please be happy, please be safe'. Richard ah, thank you. T

Steven Sharp Nelson - The Cello Song - Bach is back (with 7 more cellos)

This is so freaking brilliant that I want to punch someone for not allowing me to download the song (because of location and country - it's available on iTunes and Amazon)! Awesome Bach song with a twist. I am not a cello person, more of a piano person but now, dang it, wish I can play the cello too. Enjoy it. It's really Steven Sharp Nelson at his best. Flawless arrangement!

There Is Comfort In The Dark

I wrote this one time when I was really down and out. It is not poetry so, PLEASE DON'T LAUGH (hahaha...if you laugh, i villl keel yoooooo ) but it made me get up and have a go again. It is my wish that when people read this, they can find some comfort that they are not alone and you can make it too.  XOXO, Marsha *** *** Everything is still in the darkness, No light, no sound, no joy, no pain, There is comfort in the dark, While there is no joy to gain, In darkness, joy remains a bane Therefore, there is kindness in the dark There is a door, There is light, There is sound, There is possible laughter, Feel, there is possible love, There is possible joy, However, there is comfort in the dark Every step towards the door, God, it feels like moving a mountain, Why move when there is comfort in the dark? What if there isn’t light? What if it hurts? What if I reached out and feel pain Again, So, there I remain, there is comfort in the dark Is this for eterni

I Said No To TheStar

You won't believe me but I have benefited so much from....not reading the news. The only news I get is on Twitter, which is fine. I remember reading a Buddhist book once which said that people should refrain from reading the news first thing in the morning. In fact, people should try not to read the news...too much. Whatever news that is important to you will come find you. When you read the news, you are mentally (subconsciously) absorbing all the negative stuff and in turn, you start attaching yourself to everything. A bad, bad thing, I suppose. I mean, come on, let's face it, there are very few good news out there. Pictures of gory accidents, crime and POLITICAL MISADVENTURES (to put it mildly) and injustices of the world - it's all there in the papers. Especially when over here in Malaysia because as we all know it, there are very few truths in TheStar. So, I have stopped reading it altogether after Bersih 2.0. I am glad I did. It's not that I want to run away

A Lesson in Appreciation

Guest post: Shala Hebets My daughter adores the board book Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? She loves it so much that I read it to her every night, multiple times, and she never tires of it. In fact, she looks at it longingly when I put it back onto her bookcase prior to laying her in her crib at night. I'm always amazed by her concentration and interest in this colorful book, and I cherish seeing the light bulb of understanding that appears so magnificently across her face when she comprehends something. My son does the same thing, but his concentration is followed by asking many, many questions. While there are days when I could do without the 20 questions or in his case 30 questions, I enjoy knowing that he is asking these questions with the goal of fully understanding the story. He is at that age where he truly wants to identify all the happenings around him, and as a result, he keeps me on my toes. Watching my children learning, developing, and understanding the world