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Wall-E Review And What Is Happening To Earth

Just came back from watching Wall-E . Impressive as always and I love the subject matter that Pixar chose to base this movie on. It’s something not a lot of us think about….particularly not kids and not when we are all busy chasing the mullah. As it turns out, it’s sort of convenient for parents to spend some time explaining to them what will happen to earth if we don’t try to save it NOW and why earth is a dump in the movie. A short review about the movie : As unbelievable as it is that two robots could ‘fall in love’, it’s touching. I love Eve (or as Eva, as Wall-E chose to call her). The movie injects a sense of responsibility on the kids as well….as in, we should all try to do something or at least learn about how to save Mother Earth by doing something small. In the movie, the salvation came in the form of a small, ailing plant. That was their final hope. I have to admit that although Wall E is not as endearingly cute as Po of Kung Fu Panda, there’s this very…childlike (if
PG12 - WARNING! If you're under 12, click away.... Not only is the weather out of whack, the heads of these young men are also out of whack!!! What in hell are they trying to do lah??? Put nuts on their penises ?? Oh. My. Effing. Gawd! It's ridiculous! I mean, this is the thing with men, you know. Size and length isn't everything lah, get it into your heads mah. It's not like that. This size and length thing is just in your heads because at the end of the day, it's the 'talent' and 'skill' that counts...and also how much effort blah blah blah. Oh boy, this is turning out to be a 'porn-ish' posting but it's not meant to be like that. But it's the same thing with women and the cup size issue. The thing is that men and women think too much and place too much importance on these things liao. They go for plastic surgery, put a nut over their assets just so because they think that it has a significant role in bed. Actually it's no

A look into my life reading

I just want to spend some time reflecting, agreeing and debunking the result of a kind of test done based on my birthdate and time. I usually don't do this type of thing but...sigh....I've been ghostwriting something like this and I did some research....well, here I am. Anyway, just for the heck of it, here it is. The Sun in Leo Traits : Generous, Warmhearted, Creative, Enthusiastic, Broad-Minded, Expansive, Faithful and Loving (I agree with all of them! hee hee hee!!!!) Dark Traits: Pompous, Patronizing, Bossy, Interfering, Dogmatic and Intolerant (I disagree with all of them!!!!!! I am PERFECT!!! OK OK OK....maybe I am a little intolerant....but I disagree with all the others....except for patronizing, maybe) You were born during a period when the Sun was in Leo. Leo's charisma and innate ability to lead guarantee they will almost always be at center stage (that explains the need to step up on stage all the time) --a place where they love to be. Leos are so full

Someone ask this guy to eat something!!

OMFG!!! Someone please feed this guy!!! He's going to die soon if he continues to look like this, am I right? Keeping fit is one thing, looking like you'd blow over if the wind picks up is quite another. Good lawrd. This is Lee Su-Hyuk, a South Korean model. Something's definitely wrong with the Korean (largely Asian, I think) culture and thinking.

Dumb Blonde Sanguine vs. Smart Perceptive Melancholic

I've always considered myself a very optimistic, easily happy person who embraces life and all that it's got to give it small, big or medium, long, short, thick or thin. I am a Sanguine person, you see. But despite my Sanguine nature, I don't think I have enuf Sanguinity to withstand Pessimism and negativity from a Melancholic for too long lor. I just don't understand it, maybe it's a form of sickness or personality thing, you know. Why do some people choose to make themselves angry or pissed off at things all the time? Why can't we keep things simple and just enjoy what we have? I mean, do we have to be angry with the world, understand everything right down to every molecule and reason behind every cell creation? Do we have to evaluate every dot, coma or semi-colon? I used to drive people nuts because I choose to see what I want to see because they make me happy. That's why I can live in a clutter or mess....I CHOOSE TO SEE THE MESS only when I

Monday Ha-Ha: Love is like a deck of cards

It's always Monday that my great-second-aunt comes round to visit me (read: it's a Chinese way of saying that a woman's monthly health ailment is back). Bah! It suits me well cause Mondays always suck, anyway. Why not just add to it and make it worse instead of ruining my Friday for me. I'd rather have a completely awful Monday instead of an unfun Friday. But that's why I have my Monday Ha-Ha cause I know most people would their faces looking like prunes with an expiry date that read LAST MONTH. Here's for you....and me.

Telling It Like It Shits

Currently writing a book (for someone else) that involves a lot of predicting. I can't say much because I am not supposed to. But this book tells you things about yourself, your personality, your life and tells you what's going to happen in the future and what you should do. If you're thinking 'feng shui', you're only 30% correct but on the right path. Anyway, as I am writing, I am finding it a little bit difficult to, tell the people the bad news. For example, if a person's got this type of 'life', then it means 'buried on the road'. I am like ACK ! How am I supposed to write this nicely without scaring the reader to bits?? I there another easy way to say this? How about there will be minor mishaps but it's not minor . Or maybe don't drive fast but it could happen even if the person drives slow, right? Or maybe....maybe something like.....erm.... I dunno. You tell me !

How Does Gwen Look So Pretty Preggers?

When I was preggers, neither time I had it pretty.Sure....I don't look like a whale because I looked like TWO WHOLE WHALES! :-) I felt fine and somehow, someone up there loves me, so I had relatively easy early pregnancies with the second one veering towards painfully torturous towards the end of the exprerience. I remember hobbling about like a blardie hobbit trying to pretend that I am NOT trying to control my pee, cursing the failing muscles in my bladder and then tossing careless and angry threats at innocent passing motorists. But all in all, I had good months before that. Having good pregnancies doesn't mean you LOOK GOOD. Now, this is what I call a hot mama . How does Gwen Stefani have so many babies in quick successions and yet look smashingly hot each time? I just don't get it!! Is it the money? Well, money don't stand no chance against GRAVITY, in my personal opinion. And if it's the age, then how come I don't look so prettily pregnant like h

Free Press With Cafe Press

I won’t be surprised if you’ve not heard of but if you’re someone who has been researching ways to make an extra bit of dough through the Internet and you’ve got basic knowledge on Illustrator and Photoshop…oh, and FreeHand, you’ve probably heard about Cafepress .   I am no stranger to Cafepress because I’ve used them ACTIVELY in the past when I still had AllMomStuff dot com. I don’t know who it belongs to now but back then, I designed apparel and stuff based on parenting and motherhood. Those who have been with me for some time should have seen some of the designs I’ve posted.   It’s a great avenue for people to earn an extra income or personalize some of their own stuff and get them sent to you via mail. But is it feasible for people like us…living on the other side of the planet.   Frankly speaking, I’ve always wanted to buy some of the stuff that I designed. Oh, come on. I designed something along the lines of ‘I write’ and it had a cute like stick pe

Two Legs, Two Hands - No Die

There's this Chinese saying that really makes perfect sense to me. Two legs, two hands, No die. What does it mean? I'll illustrate it with a gloomy example or a hypothetical situation you might not like to imagine yourself in. But OK, you asked for this. Now, imagine this.... a twister takes your home, your father suffers a heart attack then your sister tells you that she is declaring bankruptcy, then your child falls ill, your best-friend loses his/her job...worse yet, your business collapses. Any normal person when faced with so many depressing problems and issues all at the same time or within a short period of time would have been tempted to just throw in the towel and shout into the hooded skies above, "OK, you up there! This joke's not funny anymore. I'm not laughing and I don't want to play this game anymore...I give up! Take me!" If that person was me, my mother would have thrown me the phrase, "Two hands, two legs, no die" and literally,

From Tell Me to Irony - LIVE singing Wonder Girls

Ever since catching on with their ' Tell Me ' song, dance and video, I kinda been looking into their activities of late. Wonder Girls released their song, Irony (don't know if they know the meaning of the word 'irony', though) and the song is fantabulous.  But that's not what I am writing about although I love the song a lot. I think it's really catchy and bitchy! Hee hee hee.... What I am writing about today is that they sang credibly well LIVE . It's not easy to dance the way they do (awesome moves, I'm telling you) while singing. They sounded a little breathy and out-of-breath but it's good effort. I don't know if I would have been able to utter a single word if I danced their moves.  Nice song, fabulous moves. Watch it. If you listen to the rap part, you will very 'faintly' notice the 'teamwork' part of the performance. Because by the time the rapper is ready for her part, it's 3/4 down the road, she'd be out o

Monday Ha Ha: Anyone for some Asian Rear?

oooHHH......anyone for some asian 'rear'? Hee hee hee....really yummy, I'm assuming! The world is my, man!!! :-)

Sunday in Sunway Lagoon

I am really, really, REALLY black like charcoal today. As it is, when God painted the rest of the people pure white, he ran out of paint with me. Hence, I already have the naturally ‘tanned’ skin that many gwai-lows earn and spend endless number of hours under the sun for. Today, I take it to a whole new level. I am now a very deep and rich shade of chocolate bordering on black coffee without sugar. All thanks to a day out in Sunway Lagoo n with the kids. It was for one of my nieces’ birthday ‘celebration’ of sorts although her birthday whizzed past some 5 days ago, but we went ahead with the celebration, anyway. She outgrew Kids’ Sportz, so….no other feasible and reasonable alternative there unless we’re ready to cut off our fingers with amateurish ice-skating. So, there we go. You’ve got to hand it to the Sunway Lagoon people lah, huh? They really know how to piss people off with their incompetency and make foreigners growl at the level of imbecility they possess. Seriously. 

Clove Two Is Disappointing

I like Clove Two of our The Star newspaper. The only reason why I buy the paper is because I want to read the World section and also the comic section. On Mondays, I look forward to the ‘Then Again’ column by Mary Schneider. Apart from that, there’s Clove Two.   But Clove Two used to be rather good because they had a lot of helpful articles and insightful info about the world that women live in. But recently (actually, it’s been a long time ever since), I find Clove Two a total gobberdook (no such word but who cares!) because the whole section is nothing but ads.   For example, there’s this article on anti-aging regimen that I went into because…well, if there’s a regimen, then I wanna know, you get what I mean? But the moment I went in, there’s a huge feature of The Zelens Skin Science skincare range product there…and I am like, “ OK, cool. This is an ad so they’re hardly going to be neutral about things, so…ah well ” and I clicked off.   I mean, let’s face it, all of us

Get Out and Stay Out of Your Comfort Zone

Successful people are always intriguing…simply because they’ve achieved such astronomical success that people turn around just because their names are mentioned. Stashed cash aside, we’re all interested to find out why and how they did what they did, when they did it and most importantly….was there, dear Lord, a magical formula that we can absolutely use so that we can cut through the most decidedly tough and windy road to the top. That’s how, wouldn’t you agree with me, biographies, autobiographies and how-to books sell so well! Loads of people just make special trips to the book shop just to grab the latest book published by successful people so that we can bounce on their ball because their balls work…and ours don’t. Come to think of it, what do you think these successful people will say when you ask them, “What’s your secret?” The answer is always the same, “There’s really no secret. I want to thank my mother, my father, my kids, my wonderful staff and Bernie, my pet dog who ga

HOME NOT READY - life in chaos!

Oh fook! This can't be right, you know. The new place is not ready yet but some beds and air-conditioners arrive liao. I tell you, I am never moving house again....EVER! Unless got earthquake. The current place is in complete utter mess because...timing lah.  You see, some of the stuff, we got 'kinda' free wan, but we have to move it from storage soon and place it in our own place. But my place not ready wor! The tiles are not on yet hence, there's cement all over the place, people are still knocking and drilling, not yet paint, absolute chaos.  Initially we thought we would put it in the new place and let the workers there contend with the 'space issue' but right before the truck arrived, I went over to take a look with my mother. My mother and I simply sat there in complete...dumbfoundedness. There's absolutely no space on the floor that free. They cleared some space for walking around lah but other than that - zilch! So, habis...apa buat? (Then, what

Just One of ‘Em Guys

Have you ever been tempted to take a second look at a girl if she was surrounded by a group of guys? Do you look her up and down to see why she was so popular among the lads instead of the ladies? Do you mentally size her up to see what ‘extras’ she has to make her such a bloke-magnet? Some girls just get along better with the guys…most of the time, it’s just the plain ole’ one-of-the-guys situation whereby the guys don’t even consider her a female at all. For some reason, maybe it’s the mental wave length or interest, I tend to click better with guys. Talking about sales, promotions, the latest fashion accessories, makeup brand or shortest skirt in the world just don’t kick it with me! I have no idea why. Even today, the people I mingle around with or is close with are mostly guys. We have more things to talk about – like one of my friends say, “Maybe it’s because you like to talk cock and not bitch around, that’s why” and then another said, “Maybe you are supposed to be born a

When Marsha is Pissed Off

This cannot be a good thing. I have one admission to make. I make a bad pisser-offer. You know how people explode all the time when something irks them – and they’re like firing off rounds after rounds without a care in the world? In the evening, when the sun has gone down and the owls starts hooting, they just lie down, read a book and then, go to sleep. This is something I am can't do. When I was younger, I used to be impulsive and also have a motormouth, talk non-stop, fire non-stop and if you pissed me off then, you’ll get an earful there and then. Nowadays, nobody gets a piece of my mind anymore because I have learned, unwittingly, how to bottle things up. I keep telling myself, “I t’s OK lah, never mind lah, don’t be so siu-hei lah, don’t be so sensitive about things lah ” but the feeling doesn’t go away. Ends up…it gets bottled up inside, piling one on top of another. So, on the outside, people say, “ Marsha, you’re such a nice person you know. You’ve got no tem

Monday Ha-Ha: Trim my foot for me, please

I will very sure to be deadly serious, sir. Promise. No fun here, I swear by my funny bone, sir Excuse me, I would like to have my foot trimmed off....just right above the ankle will do.

Bloggers Are Not Real Writers And People Who Write On The Internet Are Not True Professionals

Says who? I am deeply, deeply, gravely offended that as a freelance writer who has published countless, COUNTLESS articles on reputable websites, blogs and online ezines that I may be denied the right to consider myself a 'writer'. So who are these people who claim that people who write on the Internet are not real writers? Established authors? Some kind of writing association? Perhaps some kind of International authority on writing and publishing? Do you know how hard it is for people to get published? You don’t? Try giving it fifteen years…well, unless you’re lucky or willing to pay a really good literary agent to get your book into a publisher’s door. Otherwise, it all ends up in a ceiling-high pile that is destined for the trash can. True, there are too many writers on the Internet today. Even students or people who can’t string two words together can call themselves a ‘writer’ these days. But if you look hard enough, you’ll eventually find one that counts for something.

Tomorrow will be better

An update : My Kakak is finally here! She's here! She's finally here!!! She's very young and a little bit inexperienced in terms of housework but never mind, I am pretty patient with these type of things. Very soft-spoken (or no-spoken because there's still a little bit of language barrier here) and obedient. Timid and scared as well but I keep telling her 'tak apalah, relax saja dulu' (don't worry, relax first now) because she so mengan-cheong (anxious) about what to do, how to do, when to do, where things are and stuff like that. Aiya, never mind lah, I keep telling here. Slowly lor.... For me, she's like an angel because she' here to save me from all the non-stop housework that I have to do. Never imagine that four people can wear so many clothes, eat so much food, use so many cups and dishes and produce so much litter! Like never-ending. So, with her here, at least I can unload those stuff on her liao! Yipeee!!! Hopefully, I would have more fre

Floored by the Beijing 2008 Olympics Opening Ceremony

I was completely bowled over last night with China's Olympic Games opening ceremony. Particularly so with the torch-lighting ceremony....really got the 'Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon' feel to it, man! A friend was telling me about the giant footprints leading to the stadium, didn't get to see that! Shucks! But I was awestruck with the final lap when they lit the big torch. Even the doves-dancing bit was really awesome.  The main reason I am so impressed is because I am PROUD! It shows the world that Chinese can do anything....and they will go ONE STEP FURTHER than is required of them! Nothing is beyond the race because we have spirit. If given Malaysia, what kind of opening ceremony do you think we are capable of? Apparently, some twenty billion was spent on the show itself....and the news folks are bantering about it's London going to reach the so-high-up-there bar that China's just set for the standard of the opening ceremony!  They better mak

Can I NOW blog in bloody FARKING peace now?

In the many years that I have been blogging, I've known so many people who decide to... close their blogs redivert their blogs ban people from commenting privatize their blogs to keep trouble-makers out prematurely resign from blogging I've asked those people 'why lah? why?' because I love reading their blogs. One such example would be the very famed but retired Kopi Soh who cited 'personal reasons'. One of the biggest reasons given was that.... They've offended people with their blogging Other people have offended them with their comments It's a free world and we've always prided ourselves for being able to publish whatever we want in our blogs...but this also means that we have to accept the comments that came along with it. Sometimes, when you do things for fun or for entertainment purposes, people try to worm their way in and try to find trouble with you or your posts. Kenny Sia can attest to that...he's one of the most popular bloggers of ou

Marsha, you sing in Tamil ah?

OK OK OK....I've got this bug and it's bitten me bad.  Don't care lah. Since I've recorded all those stuff might as well post them and share or get lambasted for it, or criticised or crucified, never mind lah.  Anyway, this is the second Mandarin song that I can! There are no others. The first one being Teresa Teng's  number...erm, can't remember the title summore, man. Anyway, anyway, anyway...this is the second one that I managed to learn. And it's also because one quarter of the song is in English, one quarter is humming and the other half is in Mandarin.  I was still singing with Ji Yu Jin when I learned this (they all sing mandarin and I cannot just sing ALL English and Malay, right?) and the feedback I got was....erm, kind. The crowd, I would have to defend myself, were all mainly Mandarin and Cantonese speaking folks. I watch TVB series, right? I can speak Cantonese, right? Well, apparently, I can't sing

The Fear Of Perfectionism

I am rarely afraid of people but there’s one kind of ‘personality’ that I dread, fear, avoid….yes, even abhor. The perfectionist. God. I just can’t take people like that. I hate it that when we make headway and we’re really proud of ourselves, we celebrate by patting each other on the back, chanting the name of a person who had been particularly productive in the group…and then this perfectionist walks up with knitted brows, “We’re not even near, guys. There’s something wrong with the code here…right here, and then here and there”. The perfectionist…how I abhor that word…maybe even more than I abhor the actual personality. The perfectionist may deliver (sparingly) completed work from time to time but he/she is often unhappy with the work, unfinished or otherwise. He takes the trouble to find problems with stuff that should be left untouched. Sure thing…we need a perfectionist in our lives because it balances out people like me. But they make our lives a complete misery! But t

Come What May

OK, this is a first for me.  Actually, it's not. Eh, what the hewl!!! It is and it is not. No lah, not sex lah.  People say that creative people are a bunch of crazy not to be crazy when you've got new ideas all the time and when you try to sleep, adrenaline is rushing through your system, right? Anyway, to release the energy, I create a lot of things. So! I end up creating songs lah, not composer or anything. Lots of them are totally BANANAS and are considered rubbish even by my kids' standards.  Sometimes, I go into that folder and play them out just for laughs. Trust me,  some of them are totally crap! CAPITAL C.R.A.U...oh, oops. C.R.A.P, I mean.  I thought this one was too. But yesterday, I played this and was laughing at the lyrics (I'll post it so you know why I am laughing) when the kids came in, toes tapping, hands clapping, nodding in tune to the beat. Heck, they think they like the song wor!!!! PUA HA HA HA HA! If only they know what

The story of G: Letting go of the awkward past

I am back on Facebook and recently, a friend from school days (lower and upper form six) contacted me again. As usual, we passed comments like, “ Eh, call me out for drinks or lunch when you’re around lah ”. And then he went, like, “OK, no problem. But you don’t mind if I called G out, do you? So long already….sure nothing already lah, right ?” My blood ran cold.  G and I went out when I was in…erm, lower/upper form six. Our relationship was a rather complicated one. You see, there was a bunch of them friends who were good friends from the same secondary school. G and L were very good friends. A lil background, perhaps? OK.  L is a tall, dark and rather good-looking bloke who was (hopefully he still is) phenomenal volleyball player mainly because of his height and good built. I reckon quite a lot of hormonally-charged females were eyeing him.  G is a short, stocky fellow who was….nothing short of normal. Nothing exceptional about him, not as far as I can tell or remember.  Anywa