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Wall-E Review And What Is Happening To Earth

Just came back from watching Wall-E. Impressive as always and I love the subject matter that Pixar chose to base this movie on. It’s something not a lot of us think about….particularly not kids and not when we are all busy chasing the mullah. As it turns out, it’s sort of convenient for parents to spend some time explaining to them what will happen to earth if we don’t try to save it NOW and why earth is a dump in the movie.

A short review about the movie: As unbelievable as it is that two robots could ‘fall in love’, it’s touching. I love Eve (or as Eva, as Wall-E chose to call her). The movie injects a sense of responsibility on the kids as well….as in, we should all try to do something or at least learn about how to save Mother Earth by doing something small. In the movie, the salvation came in the form of a small, ailing plant. That was their final hope.

I have to admit that although Wall E is not as endearingly cute as Po of Kung Fu Panda, there’s this very…childlike (if that is ever possible for a robot) about Wall-E. That…innocence. He would have been happy just crunching rubbish day in day out, collecting memorabilias, watching reruns and listening to the same old song over and over again. Until Eve came around. Wall-E’s innocence and zest for ‘life’ proved infectious.

The whole thing through, it was Joshua who was thinking into the whole scenario, disgusted with the notion of earth being turned into a dumping ground. He’s older and sometimes spends a lot of time thinking and asking, you see. So, after the movie, he turned to me asking, “But how can one small plant save the earth?” It’s an astonishingly brilliant question which I spent the whole ride back home explaining.

And then I came home to catch up a little about the news and all that and…viola, whaddya know….it’s about….drumroll….earth! I’m talking about Hurricane Gustav and the fast and furious Hurricane Hanna. Mother Earth is mad as hell and she always chooses Hurricane season to show the world how mad she is with us….dirtying up our home and ignoring her cries for help. She’s been wailing mad for many decades now.

The death toll for Hurricane Gustav is still small because, THANKFULLY, we learnt a thing or two from Hurricane Katrina. We are prepared for them this time round although I can’t imagine how people can FAIL to learn from something as catastrophic as Katrina. We also know that during this time, the Hurricanes don’t come without backup. Apparently, Hurricane Gustav is backed-up by Hurricane Hanna ready to strike the moment he leaves…to make sure the level of destruction is maximized. According to reports, the weather and sea water temperature in ‘the loop’ is perfect for these two storms to strike.

Wait, hang on…what’s that? There was another one? Hurricane Fay? Good grief! And that’s not the end of it, apparently. Storms are queuing up in a line longer than a McDonalds line during dinner time. After Hurricane Gustav is done pounding the Mexican Gulf, next one up would be Hurricane Alley.

Experts believe that hurricane season is yet to be over and whatever it is, there’s more to come.

Have yourself a little bit of news about Hurricane Gustav for now.

Days before this, ‘a friend’ was lamenting to me about the disaster or WIPE-OUT of life on earth on 2012. (I don’t suppose it’s a coincidence that Wall E chose to refer to 2010 / 2011 / 2012 either, huh?) I don’t know what you call it but it sounded mightily dangerous to me…reminded me of how the dinosaurs were wiped out. Anyway, he was telling me about how we have four more years to live and that there would be a world-wide wipe-out.

And here I am….watching a movie about the ailing health of earth, tropical storms and 2012. Sigh…what’s become of earth?


Jamie said…
Its not easy preserving Mother Earth for our children's children's children's BUT it can be done...provided most of us assholes play our roles.

No use denying lar, how many of us even take the time to stop and think how to preserve Mother meh? got ar? true ar? come on lar!!

In this case its better late than never right?

2 every1 his/her OWN....I can't control what others do except my own actions...
Marsha Maung said…
jamie, that's the thing lor...think about it got lah but most of the time, we forget lah, too troublesome lah, dunno where to start lah....lots of excuses apparently.

but you're right, it's better late than never. I've written about recycling many times liao about not having a place to recycle things and all that. the govt should do something about this.

but shopping with your own shopping bag is a good start, really. and also use as few plastics as possible and also just using little water, electricity, don't drive so many cars is a start
Jamie said…
1) the present set of arseholes governing BolehLand is a bunch of stoooopid motherfuckers. Do not expect much from them

2) lower the taxation on Hybrid vehicles so that normal people like me can afford to buy. It will help lower smoke polution and also help in keeping some money in our pockets. KNNCCB, RM2.55 for a litre of petrol by a petrol producing country is a fucking joke lar. Mismanagement of funds is more like it lar.

3) Find ways and means to reduce the usage of plastics to reduce the damge on the enviroment lar....start with the stoooopid Proton cars first lar!! expensive and poor build quality...CCB!! Fleecing the public No.1.

the list is endless....
Marsha Maung said…
Oh you are absolutely absolutely ABSOLUTELY AB-SO-LUTE-LY right on all counts!! esp the car bit....if it's more affordable, I don't mind paying a little bit more just to do my bit. seriously speaking, you know.

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