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Joke : That One Follower

This is a short one for a Monday mood lifter. Found this on Tumblr and LOL ...what else can I say? It's Monday so...have a good one. You can do this! =) XOXO, Marsha

Competitive vs. Compassionate

Negative : Can't say that I've been having the best days of life since the start of 2017 Positive : I'm not dead yet. Do better! **** In other news, I've bookmarked this article that I read some time back that made me want to kiss the writer. The survival of the fittest vs. The survival of the kindest . Like the writer, I've always believed that in order to be a good leader, you need to be with the people who are behind you , not against them. Otherwise, no one's going to be behind you for very long. Hence, I've mentally counted the reasons why the concept of the 'Survival of the fittest', in the real world or at work, has too many loopholes. The way to the top of anywhere is always about reaching out and being compassionate of others. For example, you can't climb Mount Everest alone. You need a professional and if there are others who are weaker than you are, you reach out to help them. This way, everyone gets to the top of Mount Everest.