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Netizens Can Be Crazy Scary On Social Media

I do not wish to put the photo here because of 2 reasons:- 1. I think she got the message 2. It would give her extra popularity Anyway, I am talking about the CDM25 incident. For those of you non-Malaysians or people who are curious, you can check anywhere, ANY social media or even Google, you can find it. LOL. #IBelieveInYou In the nutshell, there was this lady who was driving her brand new Peugeot around with the number plate CDM25 (hence the hastag and keyword) one fine day when someone gave her a fender bender. She basically went completely bongcus and someone got it down on video and posted the thing on YouTube. She took the senior citizen's car keys away, demanded RM2k for repairs (like REALLLYYYYYYYY????!!!! HAHAHA), swung a steering wheel lock around and hammered the thing at the elderly man's car multiple times. She was basically behaving like a woman having her period. Anyway, that didn't take the cake. She hurled racial insults at him like 'You are C

Malaysian Homeless People and Soup Kitchens

It sure took me some time to write something about a topic that's sent my country, Malaysia, into quite a bit of a shock. The reason for the rising number of homeless people in the streets of Kuala Lumpur is the same as everywhere else in the world — urban migration for better economic opportunities, wage stagnation and rising costs of living. Rising rent, utility costs and fuel costs mean that low-income individuals who were previously able to rent rooms in the city are now no longer able to afford the same. The authorities are basically saying two things:- People are homeless because they are lazy People who provide free food for these people are committing crimes No matter how many times I try to look at the whole issue, I just can't find logic in it. People who made these sweeping statements have not BEEN down to the streets to see how bad things are for some of these homeless people. They have not have to sleep on nothing but cardbox boxes. It is not like they

Life gets dull, get creating

I don't know when I started looking for home-made or hand-made soaps but I think it has something to do with the time when I was looking at the sheer the number of empty but still-usable pump bottles of shampoos and shower creams that were emptied out. I felt like...damn, that's a waste. It's gonna end up in the ocean. In some whale's stomach. So, I try recycling them and stuff which is something each and everyone should do anyway, right? Let's all try and make an effort. Bottom level. Anyway, I got interested in buying home-made soaps and looked at some videos and reading stuff that I can get my laptop and phone on and decided to go for a class. The class ain't cheap. But OK, it's an investment of sorts. For the family. For me and my kids. The class was really eye-opening. Never knew that you had to deal with such corrosive stuff when dealing with soap. My class was for Cold Press soap-making process. We had to deal with NoAH (Lye) which is super