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Mankind's Footprint

I began carrying my own shopping bag a couple of years ago and was quizzed by someone for 'carrying a bag within a bag' because it is 'funny'. And although I don't always remember to bring the bag with me (sorry), most of the time, when I go shopping, I come home with as few plastic bags as possible. I recycle cans and bottles and recently have gone on to make soaps in earnest. My efforts will continue. I think everyone should try their best to do it and it is OK for people to look at you funny. Don't be afraid that people will think you are a 'tree hugger' or a 'hippie' or whatever. And what's wrong with being a tree hugger, anyway? It's not a crime. What troubles me sometimes is when people make NO effort at all. Not even the tiniest bit of effort. For example, I told someone that she can maybe carry a bag around for shopping and her reply was, 'I can't. I need the plastic bags for my thrash'. Before even making the

Why SOOOooooOOOOOoooo Sensitive?

I think I was about 10 when these words were first asked of me. 'Don't be so sensitive lah'. I think it was because my f-g cousin was teasing me about something. But after that, I figured that I am a sensitive person and I shouldn't be...maybe? Something's wrong with me. But because I am sensitive, it has enabled me to step into roles during plays, sing a particular song in a particular way, write a certain article (with no first hand knowledge or experience) with confidence because I can step into another person's shoes almost instantaneously, create stories just by imagining it in my head, write movie scripts like I am one of the actors or the producers (this happened just once, I don't know what happened to that script and I have been on the lookout for it since, lol, I can't say anything either cause I signed an agreement) and creatively jump into or react in situations that others might not be able to. I read that sensitivity or OVER-sensiti

Pastel Lavender Soaps

Well, this is my attempt at making a 'sweet-looking' soap. lol The last one I made was an angry green, you see. I meant for it to have a more even coloring. Failed as you can see dollops and dollops of blue and yellow here, there and then some are just....white. This is the result of me running out of time when the soap began to thicken when I was slowly taking my time preparing the colors. So, as they thicken, I just chucked them here and there and everywhere including the newspaper that was lining the floor. hahahaha. And if you zoom in, you can see that the top is not even either. That's me panicking and running out of time. This bar of soap is less moisturizing than other soaps I made which were consistently Marseilles soaps (heavy on Olive Oil) and there is a dash of Aloe Vera and Lavender-Rose essential oil too. It may not have turned out as aesthetically-pleasing as I wanted it to be but I would totally sleep with these soaps. They smell like a field of

Loving a Woman Right

It is so true. When you love a woman right, it is within her to give you everything that she has and become ten times better than she was before. So, if your woman is not treating you right, you are probably loving her wrong. Love, Marsha

Top Actor Problems

Jo In Sung recently said this on National TV (Korean TV) and I think it's something that many people have on their minds when they are unsure. LOL For these top actors, they have to keep an image and everyone thinks that they are the smooth criminals that they are on screen. Jo In Sung clarifies that right off the bat. I love the honesty. Good night. Love, Marsha

Scent, Scent, I love you, Please Stay - Yin and Yang Soap

It's addictive, I tell you. This soaping thing. lol It is no wonder some 'soapers' who make soaps just for fun end up with more soap than they have bacteria and dirt to wash off their bodies. And eventually, they turn it into a business so that they can continue soaping without bankrupting their bank accounts. I have always been intrigued by some soapers' ability to color their soaps so prettily. Me, not so talented. Who knows, if I continue with this hobby, I might get good. Anyway, made a small batch of charcoal and Himalayan salt soap. Most people make a 1kg soap every time they have a go at it. I prefer to do a 500g batch instead. The focus this time round is the rose scent I put into this cold press soap. The biggest complaint about cold press soaps is that there is no scent or they smell like some oil that you would put into a bowl of salad. I have gotten used to smelling like salad but hey, no harm trying (and risk wasting perfectly good essential oil)

Da Feels....Do We Need To Validate Them All?

Whether we choose to showcase the best side of our lives on Facebook, complain and criticize on Twitter, or choose to hide in our rooms under a mountain of blankets while chugging down Jack Daniels, feelings happen.  For a long time, I felt the need to validate or to shut down or feel guilty about every single feeling I get coming at me. But I found it impossible so, I let all come but choose only a few to say hi to.  Life is not perfect but it is most definitely better this way, don't you think? Love, Marsha

Induced Natural Labor

I recently welcomed a brand new (as if there can be an 'old') nephew recently and I just feel the need to, how did I come so far as a mom?!?! Anyway, my sister in law went through an induced birth with the aid of an epidural and I was surprised to hear that it hurt enough to reduce her to tears. The night before the birth, I gave a warning to them to insist on an epidural and any other forms of painkillers medically allowed because I went through induced labor delivering Kid 2 and I think the pain mentally screwed me for life. Like it was an impossible amount of pain. The kind of pain that brings on visions of death, angels and the begging of an end to the torrential pain and you die and die and die all over again and yet you are still here and God hates you at that point....yeah, you get what I am saying. So, apparently, either my sister in law has low pain tolerance or epidural does not help with induced labor. Don't induce birth, my advice.

Started Soaping Again

I learned proper cold press soapmaking last year. Man, what an eye opener and a math fest for me. But it was incredibly fun at the same soon as you nailed the math part down. Apparently, some people could care less about the math but i would rather stay kinda on the safe side. Anyway, got back into making soap after i bought some moulds from a relative. These were mighty cute so, made a new batch of skin-friendly soaps. Have a splendid Sunday, people, XOXO, Marsha