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Why Suffer and Shut Up?

No country is perfect. Not even the United States, not United Kingdom, not France and not Holland. That is granted. Malaysia is...cough...less than perfect. But the difference is that while everyone suffers in one way or the other, why must Malaysians suffer in silence? The past generation had limited options hence, had to shut up, suffer and plan an escape route for their children. Away from this godawful unfair country. But this generation is a little different. We were not personally involved in the May 13 1969 riot. Thankfully, because it must have been dreadful for our parents. Instead, this generation sees a sliver of hope. Maybe. Perhaps. Could it be. And that is why despite being threatened again and again, we choose hope. Why then, must we suffer in silence? If we were to suffer, then allow us to speak up. And for once, you have to learn how to listen. Listen like a good leader should. Times have changed and so should you. There is no longer a rea

Moms - Predictor of the Food-ture

Plan a point that you have to know exactly when everything should fall into place. In the past two weeks, I have mastered the art of working and cooking at the same time. No, I do not write in the kitchen and no, I don't have a fired-up rice cooker sitting next to my laptop. But hey, that's a nice idea, eh? There's been some complaints about the food at the cafeteria which resulted in my attempt (a quite successful one so far) to produce enough food in a day for both lunch and dinner. And man, THAT takes a whole lot of planning, I can tell ya that! I have to give a few high-fives to cook books, the internet, other moms on a similar quests to cook home-made meals for their family members, earnest shares from other moms/dads on Facebook groups, my phone (for the list....that LIST of things to make and ingredients to get, it's all there), my slow cooker, oven, air fryer, rice steamer....ok, you get it.  The whole idea is to ei