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A Couple Of Things

It's a Saturday and my fave fave fave day of the week!!!!! It's when I am not pressured into anything, don't have to wake up early and there is no rushing around! Oh, love it. Anyway, I just want to share a couple funnies with you on this wonderful, bright Saturday. First thing first, I did the health challenge again today and it's an easy but horrifying one. Clean out my bag and purse. Where did all the receipts come from and do you know if I put all the coins I found in both bag and purse together, I could afford to pay for a whole lunch for three people at KFC?! Amazing. I also had a brochure (all folded up, creased and dirty) in there from donowhere and donowhen. Must have been one of those drunken nights. Secondly, I was a little sad that my favorite Malaysian Yoga celebrity, Ninie Ahmad , did not get into YogaJournal's Talentsearch. Probably too expensive to fly her to San Francisco for the photo shoot because that's the prize. You get to be on the c

Well-Being Challenge

Yesterday, I joined ANOTHER thing...apart from the blogathon (signs of moving onto the next stage, perhaps?) and it's called a well-being challenge . How happy are you, how healthy are you, are you working at the right company, do you have the right friends, are you staying in the right place.......that sorta thing. You can start your own one. . It's kinda fun, really. Yesterday's challenge was a little odd....brush your tongue when you brush your teeth. I thought, bloody hell, what kind of a challenge is THAT?! But I went to the bathroom, picked up the toothbrush and did what the challenge told me to do....and boy, was THAT a challenge!! You know, the biggest challenge is when you are fighting an urge, right? Any urge! And when you brush your tongue, the biggest challenge is fighting the urge to gag and puke. I did it three times practice. Stop laughing. And all times, I gagged. WTH. Thankfully, today's chall lieu of Marathon

If you've noticed, my blogging activities slowed down for a while. Hey, who can blame me!? Try juggling everything under the sun and tell me you have time for something as silly as blogging. if it's paying the bloody bills. =) But it's fun. Really, it is. Even if no one is reading it but what the hell, right? Anyway, came across this blog entry about a 2011 wordcount blogathon and thought to myself, 'Why Not?' (Because it doesn't pay the bills!!). My sister and some of my friends' been running off into sunsets, challenging themselves and pushing their bodies (and minds) into the next level by running marathons. Me? I've been.......oh, shut up. So, if I can't find the time (nor will my body be able to tackle it) to run a marathon, I'll do a bloody blogathon, damn it. And hey, you know what? I get a badge for that, you know. Not some silly digit to pin on my shirt. Take that, hah!

Transitions (Yoga)

Tried to blog from the massage chair just now but blogger won't let me hit enter to create a new paragraph, so, here I the table. Not every Sunday can be perfect. And oh, Happy Easter to all of you out there who are celebrating it!! Have fun and be blessed. Anyway, you know what they always say...stop and smell the roses? Well, I think we should apply this to our yoga practice too, the same way we do with life. In life, we should have a focus and destination but we should also stop or slow down to enjoy the process. In yoga, as we move from one pose to another, we should also enjoy every single little ache and pain. Why? There's joy in them too! Every pose is a challenge, I know, and in a way, that is what we are seeking. But before we pull into those complete poses, we push our muscles and bones or contort our bodies too. As those muscles twist and turn, notice them. Understand them, push them and help them cooperate with each other and balance each other out.

The Safe Job

I have friends who think they're really macho and strong. And they're not all men. Sometimes, I think it's a sickness (but I still love them for it!) Sick people make interesting friends. =) Kidding, kidding. But the truth about strength is that...sometimes, it's about letting things go. I'll give you very good examples. A man leaving his job.I know it's silly to do so in the face of the fact that he's got mortgages, kids, wife and maybe even having to feed and clothe his WorldVision sponsored child. But if it is not making him happy, is there a point. He's hanging in there and is depressed beyond ANYTHING he's ever imagined. He goes to sleep (if he sleeps at all) like a dying man and wakes up like a man with a dozen daggers in his heart. Is there a point to all of this? Where is the meaning of life? We all know that we do things or stay in relationships or jobs or friendships because it serves us in a way. Sounds selfish but that's the way

My Mother Is Fine, Thank you!

There's something really funny about swearing. Why is it cool to swear on someone's mother? Moms are the ones who carry the kids within their bodies for nine whole months and then spend excruciating number of hours delivering the baby. They raise the kids and when the kids grow up (when moms are, apparently, no longer cool), people ask about 'your mother' all the time? There is something horribly wrong with that, no? o.O I mean, in multiple languages, they ask about your mother and a certain part of her body. If my son's friends dare suggest that my son does (explicit) things to me, I'll smash the juices outta that bloke's head, I'm telling ya. In Hokkien, Cantonese, Mandarin, English (duh!) and sometimes in Bahasa, I believe. Not sure about French, Italian, Korean, Japanese because...well, I don't even know how to say mother in those languages. I am only assuming that there is a similar way of saying something like that? Correct me if I'm

UFO? I Dono

I'm not one of those people woohoohoo or boohoohoo about aliens and stuff. Ghosts? Yeah. Creeps me out but generally speaking, I don't go hunting for aliens or stand on the balcony looking for UFOs. But I gotta tell ya, they're here. =) I don't know, don't ask me!!! Fine, ask me. Some two weeks ago, I saw some lights from the sky. I thought some mall was having a party, you know, they usually shine those huge megawatts lights into the sky, right? You'd think it was UFOOOOOOOO but it's really not. They're having a ball down there. But the lights that I saw was shining downwards. It was cloudy so you can was shining on the clouds creating a very mystic effect there. Very 3D. And big 3D. This is where I try to explain things to myself so that I don't go berserk. I thought it was helicopters, right? Looking for criminals. Lots of them here in Malaysia. Or an airplane or a warship, whatever. But there was no sound and

Catherine Zeta Jones Cracked Under Stress

If there was someone else's life I would like to have, it would have been Catherine Zeta Jones. This woman is da bomb coz she's beautiful, she's got amazing kids, has got a stunning body and is an amazing actress. I'm stopping here not because it's all I think of her, it's because I might sound like I have a crush on her. Anyway, it was a shocker for me to find out, first, that her husband had and overcame cancer. And then the crushing blow of her cracking under stress . I have always been in support of people taking care of their mental health. We should all treat our minds the same way we treat our bodies. It's alright for us to say, 'Hey, stress got to me' or 'The world has been nasty to me, I need balance'. You have a stomach ache, you go to the doctor. You feel stressed out, you go to the doctor. I've had friends crumble in the face of stress and me myself am a big victim of stress. What with work, home, kids, money, school, cook

Bragging Rights

This is as much as I am going to brag: I help people. The end. Me, my friends and my family do this quite often...reach out whenever we can and just do things then hope for the better. We don't keep count and say we have helped blah blah blah blah blah that we can list it down and boast about it later. I mean, if you've done your part, then be happy about it and forget about it. Maybe not FORGET about it know, let it be. You've done your part, right? Let the other person (the person you've help) do their part and the Universal law of life will come into play. So, when someone tells me about how he's helped someone else find a son to adopt, how he's found a job for someone else, and then funded blah blah blah.....ya ya ya.... In my head, I went like 'You're keeping count??!!' I don't know. Maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm just weird or something. Maybe I'm forgetful or I don't care. But if I don't, wh

Testing Megaman Video

Just teaching my kids how to create blog entry. Testing testing.