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Update: Country and Us on Covid-19 Lockdown

W.O.W. Photo by  Kelly Sikkema  on  Unsplash Malaysia's been on lockdown since Mar 18th, 2020 and today marks the 10th day we've been unable to leave our homes for any reason other than to purchase necessities or perform essential duties. I can't say it's been easy and some family members have jokingly declared their intentions to book themselves into a psychiatric ward once it is over. For me, I declare that once this lockdown is lifted, the 80s rock hairstyle is going to be an in-thing again. I really should have dragged my boys for a haircut before the lockdown but I wasn't aware that the lockdown was going to be so IMMEDIATE. So far, there are few problems related to getting food and necessary essentials to keep us alive at home but it is a little disconcerting to be screened by the police before we enter a freaking grocery store. It's also a little insane to think that taking my kids out with me, in the car, to go to a convenience store might ge

COVID-19: Don't Panic but be Prudent, Malaysians

We went out to get dinner outside yesterday without knowing much about the 'lockdown' in Malaysia. It was a pretty sad sight out there. Restaurants that remained open had their tables and chairs folded.  " Only takeout was allowed, no dining in ", said the mamak.  The night before, my parents and I went to a hypermarket to get our usual supply of stuff - you know...instant noodles, rice, meat, vegetables, etc...and at first, we thought it was fine. Everything looked normal at first glance....until we walked into the produce section.  The only two packets of instant noodles left on the shelves were vegetarian and looked really lonely. There were only a few stalks of vegetables left in one section, and the meat section was almost completely wiped out.  Ah least there was still cheap toilet paper left. Till this very moment, I have no idea why people were panic-buying toilet paper. Someone, please enlighten me.  For dinner last night, no th

Creativity is a Freaky Unicorn (Medium)

I've just posted a new article up on Medium and I talked a little about how freaky life can be when creativity is in your DNA. The number of people who tell you that creativity doesn't make you money or that you're going to starve selling your art is quite disconcerting. Couple it with the fact that Malaysia isn't exactly the kind of country that supports its creative pool of talents, I once considered creativity a curse. Read more here Note: If you're not a Medium user, I'll post it a little later on my website .

Music - Thank You by Carrie Grossman (Video)

Thank you by Carrie Grossman - Youtube I am reminded again that no matter how many times you fall, the most important part of the journey is how many times you get up and stay regardless of what is ahead of you. And whenever you get up, you stay steadfast to your beliefs and learn from where you failed. Most importantly, you are thankful every single morning as the sun rises and you're given another chance to make a difference. For some reason, whenever I listen to this song (such an understated, simple song), it makes me feel better about some people I've met in this world. I know once again that some people are meant to leave a positive impact in your life, others are lessons. I hope you like the song too. xxx