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Movie: Logical Endings for the Superheroes of Avengers but Still...

Maybe we shouldn't have watched Avengers so close to midnight. #lol.

Eff it, spoiler alert if you've not watched it.

Click Away! I mean, it's been weeks since the movie came out, why have you not watched it? We were in the cinema till close to midnight and had the whole thing to ourselves except for two guys who were individually watching it by themselves.

I've heard spoilers here and there and, frankly, I am a spoiler-seeker because I don't like surprises. I am the kind who reads the book before watching the movie and if the movie veers from the original story line, I pray for the screenwriter's demise. #lol

And if something was too 'exciting', I'd watch the end before continuing from where I left off.

So, watching Avengers this late in the game is nothing to me. I actually prefer it this way. Suffice to say, I knew who died and what happened in fuzzy sprinkles.

But still, after all those tense minutes, long hours, and years, there's bound to be some sort of emotional investment in those characters. If you don't have it, you're not watching the movies (or ANY movie) right.

My emotional connection has always been Thor and Dr. Strange. So, after Infinity War, with Dr. Strange poofing off into dust participles, I was huffing mad as the end-credits rolled on. I stood up screaming aloud, 'I want my money back!!!' (It's sad I am not even kidding about this).

W...T...F.... #lol

I said I knew who was dying in End Game which is the lead character, Iron Man, that everyone is so in love with (but not me - I just don't like smart, rich, obnoxious, over-powered guys with a smart mouth who dares banter with Captain America who, by the way, is soooooooooooooooooooo much hotter and cuter!) 😍😂

I just felt so much from the start about Black Widow, though. It just seems like she did nothing much for the team and her life. She had no one and the Avengers was her only family. Right off the bat, to see her tearing (knowing what her ending was), hurt my poor heart.

I was nonchalant about her imminent death before entering the cinema but after that teary way she expressed her deep desire to turn everything around, that they had to do something, it broke my heart. And because she traded her soul for the stone, there's no way to bring her back - ever.

For Captain America, I guess it's the best way to work around his story line. Iron Man wanted to be just normal and live a normal human life, anyway and somehow, I think Captain America might share the same sentiment. And so he did when given the chance to go back in time to return the stones.

It was a good wrap up for those of us who found ourselves spending money we can't afford to watch all those movie (spin-offs and secondary character movies included), and I guess it was a good way to wrap it all up once and for all.

No more. The end.

And endings, no matter how you look at it, can suck. I guess that's what most people will feel for a while.

No more Mark Ruffalo blundering his interviews with accidental spoilers or live screening what he shouldn't on Instagram. No more senseless interviews on Late Night shows saying what they can't say to allude questions from the hosts. No more anticipation.

It's not just the characters that we're attached to because we've also grown accustomed to seeing Robert Downey Jr. just to see hints of Tony Stark. And when Scarlett Johansson pops up on your screen, she was never really just Scarlett Johannsson. They've passed the baton off to others. The same goes for Chris Hemsworth that lightning demi-god and Chris Evans the righteous, by-the-book defrosted super hero.

So, this is a random song I sang because I was feeling particularly emo after watching the movie around midnight. See what the movie made me do? Sing aloud in the darkness of my own room for no apparent reason in the middle of the freaking night!

I will try not to invest so much of my time and emotions on a movie series next time. I never quite have, you know. I don't watch Game of Thrones and have no idea what everyone's talking about because I know I am going to be sucked in.


So, sorry Spiderman and Captain Marvel, I am going to give you the slip because I don't want to be leashed again. At least, not so soon.

*sob sob*



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