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Malaysian Election 2008 - Malaysians ready for change

The political wrestle is over, here in Malaysia, and thankfully too because it earned me a hangove from watching the news, and reading all the readily available blogs on cyberspace all night long. With a spilting headache from squinting into the PC screen, watching the TV for news on the results from the ballot boxes, anxiety, uncertainty and HOPE lingers in the air..... BN, our ruling party in Malaysia, who has been flexing its political muscles for a long time now with the confident (and ever sleepy and gay) PM convincing Malaysians that BN is the only way to peace. Opposition cannot hold the fort properly, though, because the formation and coalition between them is too loose. But with BN denied the 2/3 majority it needed, all I can say is that Pak Lah tore a tendon while flexing his political muscles. Fed up, fed up, fed up - Malaysians are fed up A lot of Malaysians chose not to vote for the oppositition IN THE PAST because we wanted unity, we resisted change because of a date we chose to remember, May 13, 1969. Malaysian Chinese and Indians resisted change and chose BN simply because it was SAFE. But with Pak Lah's 'superb' performance as Malaysia's Prime Minister, we decided FED UP LAH DIS FLER!!! He too comfortable in his seat liao, let's heat it up for him a little bit. Now Malaysian Chinese & Indians have more voice and are given, possibly, a fairer chance at opportunities Nobody knows what lies in the future; everythings in a blur right now as the political powers clean-up the masacre scene left by the elections. BN holds fort in Parliament but in many states, even if things don't go as smooth-sailing as planned, Malaysians finally have a CHANCE of leading a fairer existance in the country. No more holding back It's strange how Malaysian Chinese and Indians managed to hold back anger over disparity of power distribution (bloody blatant ones) and unfairness of everything else under Pak Lah's control (and also Mahathir lah, actually) all these years....for fear of social chaos. The dissatisfaction of the nation often only surface over a couple of carlsberg or todi in hush-hush tones because the people in power like to put plaster over people's mouth whenever they criticize the government. I found this, and still find this, totally unbelievable. Tony Blair, Clitor.....sorry, Clinton, Bush....all of them take public criticisms in their strides! Our Pak Lah likes to tell people to 'shut up!' all the time. Sing songs, kena. Write rap songs about it, kena, Write blog, kena. Peaceful demonstration, kena! Everything kena. You don't kena only when you sit there quietly and let him sleep and go on holiday. A bold move or the wrong one? We don't know, do we? Ask the bomoh, maybe. The potential danger or chaos hangs in the air - but so's does the hope of change, fairness and political equality among the other two minority races. But hang on a minute....all this while, I thought I was Chinese.....but actually, I am categorized under Lain-Lain!!!! Eh, Lain-Lain don't have representative leh, how????? I found this video totally's a song, no videos or anything but the lyrics damn kow funny, man. Very creatively and tastefully done. Hopefully, the maker of this video won't get slapped with whatever law they manage to pull out of their library of laws.


Anonymous said…
Marsha...yes, the wind of change has finally come to Malaysia! Enough of ridiculous Tolls, Petrol prices, High inflation, unfair special treatment to a certain type of race etc....the list goes on and on and on.

I am a proud Rocket voter...and I rejoiced like a maniac whenever I hear Pembangkang won on TV yesterday til 2am this morning.

If you think those Barisan Najis wakil rakyat are angels...think again. They are like syaitan mroe than angels.

Malaysians do not want to be bullied anymore. Enough is enough! Barisan Najis is gonna lose even more of its power in the next election.

Ya are 'lain-lain'. I always forget that somehow. You can speak Hokkien, Hakka, Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean, Malay and etc...respect! respect!
Terence Toh said…
yesterday we voted, today we rejoice, tomorrow we work, hopefully corruption will be lesser (i hope !) now, especially in Selangor with the Khir Toyol gone like the wind, also with Semi Velu gone for good (i hope so !) the tolls will be abolished.....
Marsha Maung said…
anon, judging from the way you write and things you say, I can only guess that you are 'killer'. You're right, Barisan Najis really kena flush down the toilet, man. You rejoice until 2am only ah???? I still rejoicing till 4am until they finally ta-pow the whole election announcement! :-) Ya-lor....lain-lain damn kesian, you know. I think I must form a new parti with other lain-lains, then only fair.

terrence, Yes, you're right. Tomorrow work....and from here on, we will have to adopt the wait and see what these buggers can do and how they are going to stand up against Barisan Najis and fighting for our rights. Eh, no doubt about it liao lor.....the Indian man who celebrated his birthday and has a special single snake to cover his bald 'spot' hairstyle is gone for real....forever. No hopefully! It's confirmed. Even his own race also condemn him until he's not worth 2 to come back....unless, of course, he smart like Anwar (phui-nuar *spit in Hokkien* is more like it) and Abd-ular, field sister, mother, in-law, out-law, father, grandfather, daughter, son, grandkids....everybody go for election. Maybe lidat he can come back lor. but at least we don't have to see his stupid korek korek korek face!

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