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My New Clutter

I'll take some time to blog about this today because I AM FINALLY ONLINE AGAIN!!! *doing cartwheels* Anyway, while things are still in a mess right now, we're slowly trying to adapt to staying in this new place. Lots of adjusting to do. The following pictures are taken only from my little 'office', so, you can imagine the kind of mess I am dealing with. My books, plastic bags, that blue thing underneath? That one is my exercise machine....there...that step-step thing leh? Yeah, it's buried. Since the kids and husband always takeover the ASTRO in the living room, I have to resort to sitting here, on my puppy beanbag to relax, grab ANY BOOK I can find or watch my TVB series from my PC here. Poor me. The good news is that it works. The bad news is that my keyboard deserves better than this. Eh, it may be a cheap CASIO but then it's still precious to me, OK? And what's worse than having to sit down on the floor with wires everywhere in a back-breaking position, legs folded underneath and bending forward to use the mouse. The PC and the monitor is now perched on top of upsidedown drawers from a plastic cabinet. Stylo-leh????? But that's not the most amazing thing. The most amazing thing is that I have a personal sauna. I only have to open the sliding door and enjoy a good sauna. Don't believe me? Here, I show you. That huge one underneath, when you open the air-conditioner to the living room is HOT LIKE HELL. It's not a normal air-conditioner, it's something you call a cassette or a basket or a I know. Only thing I know is that it's bloody hot. And whenever I sit out here, I get a free slim-down session! Over and out for today. Time to watch my TVB series, Gem of Life liao!


Anonymous said…
Is your sauna open to public? :-)
Marsha Maung said…
gallivanter, hahahahahaha!!!! only by invitation. you wanna get invited? LOL!
Anonymous said…
hey marsha, how about taking pics of your home again AFTER you've cleared up the mess? hehehehehe ... would love to see how you've set up the new home ...

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