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One Sudden Death, One Year Ago

One whole year have snuck past without us noticing….today, 7th Sept 2008, is the one year anniversary of a friend’s death. A death that changed a lot of lives, shocked a lot of people, a seemingly unwarranted and unsuspected suicide which woke a lot of people up and sent a lot of people into a pit of sadness that they find a lot of problems getting out of. Although the fog surrounding his suicide remains unclear and answers never found, the searing pain of dealing with it has become far less but I am sure for some, especially his parents and his ‘girlfriend’, the pain must still seem so real and excruciating. In memory of his death, I just want to write him a note. Since he’s Hokkien (when we meet we speak in Hokkien), I would like to write him a short note today. *** *** Alvin, Oi! Ah-neh-khwai chh ni liao hor? Lu hor bo? Kanineh….of course lu hor lah. Hor lang karn lah….ki pun boh kong chh sngia. Ai ki tou ki. Anyway, wa lang hee-bang lu song-song ti ho peng lah, ok? lu happy eh-sai liao lor. Mien sngiu ah-neh ceh em-kngia, ok? Eh, lu mien lai chui wah, ah si cui Karen, ok? wa lang cai lu ti hor peng chin-chia song, ok liao. Ki meh wa kun eh si mien lai chui wah, ok? wa mai!!!! Lu ai hor wa lang 4D number si-or, you ki chui Donnie lah. Wa eh portion, you hor ee! Lu eh parents and 789 oo ti lu eh ku chu, so, lu ki kngua ee lang tapi mien kacau ee-lang ok? Happy-happy lah!!! Cau o seng…..bai bai. *** *** Translation: Oi! One year’s gone so quickly. How are you? *bad words*, of course, you’re good! *bad words*, go also never tell anyone! Want to go, go only. Anyway, it is our hope and dream that you’re ‘living’ a better life now, ok? As long as you’re happier there. no need to think of so many things, ok? Eh, you no need to come and see me and Karen, ok? We all know you are well there, that’s fine already. Tonight, when I go to sleep, don’t come and see me. I don’t want to see you!!! :-) If you want to give me 4D number, go and look for Donnie and give him instead, my portion also give to him first. Your parents and 789 will be at your place tonight, holding vigil, so, you can go and see them but don’t disturb them ok? Be happy, I go first…..bye bye


Anonymous said…
Marsha, I am Alvin. Thank you for your tribute to me.

Marsha Maung said…
Eh Alvin, chin-cngia si lu bor!!! Wah, eh, oo lang siuw computer hor lu meh!! cheh-wah. Eh, lu oo facebook eh account bor? eh, heh wah as your friend lah!! hor peng oo girlfriend boh?

kanasai, wa ai phak lu liao. tnge lu eh lam pah hor ee puah, lu kar chai. tiu!

good night, man. peace!

eh, alvin, post chi-leh picture from afterlife lah, eh-sai-boh?

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