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You Don't Do It If There's No Passion In It.

You know, in piano they have all those 'pp' for barely can hear ya and then the 'p' for 'ahhh....there's sound. Then there's 'mf' for and 'f' for whoa! what's up your ass, buddy. I don't know if they have 'ff' which could mean bring the effing house down!
These are called dynamics and I am have been pummeling it into my kids' heads right from the start. They ask me why and I answer, 'it gives the music expression and it helps people who are listening to the music that you're playing a lot of emotion and feeling. 
Then you have.....
Singing (which is some sort like dancing and acting)
No emotion and it's not going to win you the soddest version of a potpourri holder. Voice and voume control for singing is of utmost importance, you don't have it and you might as well be listening to a 5 year old play the violin for the very first time. Nadah. 
Acting, you wood, you pay the price of being called a statute and dancing, it's all about flow (not blow) and being completely into it, especially if you're dancing with your partner. 
The more in-the-groove you are, don't you think the food is tastier? The more passion you pour into it, the savory and mouth-watering it becomes. 
I can name many other things in life that really needs passion - like sex but I won't. :-)
Life, to me, is about passion. 
Which brings to me to what I do best. Writing. The reason why many people don't succeed in their writing is because of one simple reason, they lack passion and that is why, sometimes when I hit a really big writer's block, I stop writing or complain a lot or ask my friends to 'challenge me' to write something really creative about something really odd or something that is completely not me. 
This brings the passion out of me, you see. 
If you want your writing to be good or to get noticed, you need to grab the reader by the neck and most of the time, it involves putting a little bit of yourself into the stuff that you're writing. You hook your arm over their neck and get their attention....READ THIS, READ THIS, YOU BAFFOON!!, the article would say. 
The number of bad articles out there is increasing....gawrd, they're giving some of us (I am not boasting but those of us who are of the same opinion) a bloody fright!
You want to write well, you've got to give it your bloody soul and make people sit up and read. Then what's the point of writing it in the first place. Yes, I know....for search engine optmization. I mean, like....what? You think Google's stupid these days? They're friggin' smart people behind there and I can attest to that. I had my ass kicked a couple of times for trying to be funny. So, I love my ass so much more these days. :-)
In anything in your life that you do, you need to feel the fire of desire....the burning sensation that sets you off like a rocket being launched and make you yell WWWWAAAAHHHHOOOOO!!!! and then you end up with something really worth it. 
Is it then any wonder that the most popular blogs in the world are very personal and passionate blogs? 
This serves as a reminder to those who are trying to propel their businesses, websites or blogs into the next level with article marketing and social media marketing. 
No passion, you might as well be filing your nails. 


Janice Tan said…
You asked for a challenge and since you're writing about passion... here's the challenge.

Below is my favorite quote of the year. Read it, then write what is the one thing that fulfills that quote in your life. What is it that makes it all worth living and dying for?

“I hope you come to find that which gives life a deep meaning for you.
Something worth living for - maybe even worth dying for, something that energizes you, enthuses you, enables you to keep moving ahead.
I can’t tell you what it might be ~ that’s for you to find, to choose, to love. I can just encourage you to start looking and support you in the search.”
~ Ita Ford, M.M. to her niece.
Krista Goon said…
Marsha - you are so right! I cannot stand it when people do things half-heartedly, like a dentist is pulling out their teeth or something. If one does not have a passion for life or things one does in life, then blardy go do something else. It's way too painful to see people dragging themselves to work daily when they tell friends,"Ah, I wish I could do what you do or I wish I could quit and do something I want to do". Well, it's just excuses from a passionless life for these folks which really I have little pity for! They should. Even if they fail miserably (and who says success embraces them wholeheartedly?), at least they tried. My greatest worry in life is regretting and having the memory to remember these regrets when I am 80 and shrivelled.
Marsha Maung said…
maya, passion means a lot to people like you and me but to a lot of people, they find it hard to kickstart their lives because they see obstacles instead of possibilities. I know of a lot of people like that and luckily, most of them listen when I say, if it's an obstacle, remove it or get past it.... :-) or you can't, carry the burden and trudge carefully. :-)
Vern said…
There is ff in piano terms, called fortissimo, and yes it's my favourite part cos there's when I get to slam on that beautiful piano with my heart out and like you mentioned, bring the house down.

Of course, there are times when we have to be moderate, and sometimes soft, depending on how the score is written - and I think it's very much like life - except we call dynamics as sensibility.

When it comes to passion, we have to have the driven, majestic chords played in our hearts - the louder the better. Loud doesn't mean telling the whole world and hitting on empty tin cans, but to allow others to see that special glow within us each time we do something that we love.

I remember my piano teacher used to tell me, "Don't worry if you hit the wrong notes - music isn't so rigid. If you continue to play with confidence, ordinary people won't be able to tell the difference whether you screwed up or not. But you owe it to yourself to do it right eventually."

I stopped classical music because I didn't like it, but at least I know I tried it for several damn years. I'm still playing the piano, but with the tunes that I have finally found talking to me.

Haha, sorry for the music metaphors, but I guess if there's anyone out there who can understand that sort of passion, I know it's you. =)
robert said…
I just came across your entry on passion after sending an IM to a friend of mine who is undergoing the guilt of having grown children who still look to her to make life perfect for them: "i hereby repulse the notion of self limiting thought and hereby grant myself permission to enjoy MY days remaining with the clarity and passion that make me truly alive, and lead me to be a more valuable and loving person to others in the bargain. you in?"

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