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Mat Rempit's Dilemma - Cannot Drive Car

Those who know me knows that I have this thing against Mat Rempits wan, right? For Foreigners, Mat Rempit is a Malaysian phenomenon. Actually, come to think of it, you can find it in many other parts of the world. The difference is that the Mat Rempits in other countries ride huge bikes that roars. This part of the world, the bikes are what we all call this one. Mat Rempits die every day on the roads of Malaysia like flies, and yet, these people continue to haunt the streets of Malaysia, especially the highways. Today, I personally spoke to a Mat Rempit and 'interviewed' him about his habit. Not intentionally, though, we happen to talk about his mode of transportation. Then he said, "I really like motorbike....even though I've got two cars now, I still ride my motorbike. It's very steam to go very fast and race with one another" Marsha is thinking: What is your motor number plate? I wanna langgar you when I see you liao. I ask lor, "You're not scared meh?" and then he proudly pointed to his chin. "See this? I got into an accident with a friend when we were racing with each other" Marsha thinking: NIAMAH! Only like that ah? Kepala (head) did not pecah (crack) ah? Wasted! I was thinking, what's your excuse for not wanting to drive a car, then? And this answer was this - "Cannot lah. I drive a car, no wind in my face and eyes, my eyes start to water and cannot keep awake. And then summore, I won't know where I am going if I drive a car wor". Tell me....where got such a fooking story wan leh?????? Bikers, please tell me this is not true.


Anonymous said…
Hmmm, cheap thrill rempits....

BTW, I've invited you in my latest post. :-)
blinka.Li said…
tell them to wind down the window or buy the convertible la!! risking other people's life and some more want to talk rubbish!! beh tahan!
Marsha Maung said…
gallivanter, precisely. got all kinds of funny excuse that I find completely unacceptable lor.

blinka, hahahahahaha!!! ya lor....i shuld have asked him why cannot wind down the window hor??? ahya!!! missed the chance liao. wait, let me find another mat rempit to 'interview'
jaffar mk said…
The Mat Rempit has a need..the need for speed... and also a death wish..
Marsha Maung said…
jaffar mk, a need for speed, i can understand. but they're so irresponsible about it most of the time. they don't realize how unsafe they are and what a threat they are to other road users. that's the shitty part.

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