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Ssshhh….I tell you a secret, don’t tell my parents

I forgot which TVB actress she was, could be Maggie Cheung, but this actress wore glasses in one show that I was watching and she was really pretty with it. And we’re talking about those huge, mega-MOTHERS wide-rimmed black-framed glasses, ok? It’s like the size of this universe wan? She looked damn good with it but then again, we’re talking about Maggie Cheung here, right? But did I know the difference? NOOOOOOO….I thought that I could look as good as Maggie Cheung….and the only thing missing was the black-rimmed glasses. But I got perfect eyesight wor. So, what to do? I have this cousin who wears glasses. Sometimes, my parents cart us kids off to this cousin’s place and the kids would all play together. Instead of playing together, I sometimes sneak upstairs alone. On the dressing table, there would sometimes be a pair of glasses wan because my cousin don’t like (now I know why) to wear her glasses. So, I put on the glasses and wear them! Ha ha!!! I was pretty darn sure that within the next couple of days, I would have been able to force my parents to buy glasses for me liao, this time. Ha ha ha ha ha!!! No wor….it didn’t quite work because I could still read the writing on the blackboard. Something not right there. So, I came up with another brilliant plan….I will read in the dark. I love story books and read all the time and this fits perfectly with my plan. When lights off, I read. If my parents come into the room, I take torch light, go under the covers and read there. Sure enough, my plan worked out very well and I finally had to approach my parents to get me a pair of glasses (so that I can look like Maggie Cheung) because I cannot read the board. I was a darn smart girl too. When at the optician, I was so overwhelmed with choices that I forgot all about how to look like Maggie Cheung. When pressed for answer, I picked a…..get this….a BABY BLUE colored pair of glasses!!!! I still remember the look on my father’s face. “You sure?” I nod very uncertainly. “You sure. Cannot change your mind ah?” I nod again. REGRET!!!! Regret No. 1, is that I could’ve chosen to look like Maggie Cheung but I chose to look stupid with blue-rimmed glasses. Regret No. 2 is that as it turns out, I don’t look one tiny bit like Maggie Cheung and it’s now irreversible. And I hate to wear my glasses. I’ve thought a lot of about correcting it for life…that kind of thing. Lasik only what…everyone (who has money) has got it done, they’re safe and they don’t need to wear glasses anymore, right? But then at the back of my head, my in-law’s warning rang in my head, “…you can smell burning flesh as the laser shoots into your eyeballs, and you feel like retching but you can’t move….” Oo….no, thanks. That is why, no matter how skeptical some of you (or me) is/are and was, I went ahead and bought something that, under normal circumstance, would not have. I wrote about it here in my old blog (before they kicked my ass) and said that I would be doing something really dramatic about it and would change my own life blah blah blah…… .lazy bugger that I am….did nothing. Zilch. Hence, result is zilch. Well, as it turns out.....there’s a problem with my son. Elder son got Lazy Eye, scientifically known as amblyopia. His right eye not sending the right (any or very little) signals to the brain, hence, the brain ignores his right eye. Eh, people go blind from this thing wan, ok? So, don’t pway-pway. Now, suffice to say, I am a naturalist. I prefer to do things as naturally as possible. Till this very day, I still get messages and emails from people who ask me ‘Eh, work or not ah?’ The sad thing is that despite spending RM1,699 on the machine, we gung-ho use it only for the first month, then nothing liao….lazy. No excuses. But the thing is that, I check and see that the thing actually got scientific proof behind it wan lor and also partly, my sister-in-law also got one and she’s not an easily persuadable person to begin with. So…..yeah. Now that my son’s got Amblyopia and I am a bit tired of my Maggie Cheung glasses because my friends say I don’t look good in glasses. In their horrifically out-and-out words….I look like an older, female version of Harry Porter. I didn’t take it as a compliment. And I am tired of sometimes having red eyes and tired eyes because with my work, I am required to sit down in front of the computer for long hours! My poor eyes…..and sometimes, hee hee hee….when I go out drinking or drink at home, I fall asleep…..without taking my lenses out. :-) Frankly speaking, this whole thing is getting expensive these days, don’t you think? So I did what a desperate (naturalist) mother would do – give it one shot lah! I mean, one MORE shot. I picked up a second Eye Relax and this one is designed specifically for people with Amblyopia for elder son. I am doing the eye patch thing with him (for as many MINUTES, supposed to be hours, as he can tahan) and also trying out this Amblyopia Eye Relax thing FOR REAL now! BLIND to be not for real??? Really wan…. In fact, since I already got the first machine, I will be recording my own tests down as well. Hopefully got improvements lor…for both of us. Accordingly, it should work out pretty well lah, I’ve not really sat down and done it properly yet actually. Aiya, this is a small price to pay for hope lor. And also I don’t know what the market price is like these days but I think it’s kinda hard to find a replacement eye these days hor….dunno whether they sell it supermarket or not? I think I’m giving this my full shot lah since I got no hope of ever looking like Maggie Cheung liao now. Sigh….


Anonymous said…
If it works, let us know....
Anonymous said…
i was thought that wearing glasses were really cool until i really started to wear glasses during form1! thats when i started to have lazy left eye is not working as well as my right eye! but nothing can be done now, besides laser, but my eye sight is not that bad that i need a laser! really regret those days when i thought wearing glasses is a cool thing!:-@
Anonymous said…
That glasses does not look great on you. IMHO. :-)
Marsha Maung said…
anon, will let you know for sure

ivy, shikes, you're like me then....are you sure there's nothing that can be done. honestly speaking, my son's eye is slowly far as I can see, there's a small but marked difference in the way his eyes focus now. serious.

gallivanter, GEE, THANKS!!!! LOL
Anonymous said…
How's it working out?
Marsha Maung said…
anon, when my son was using it regularly, it seems as tho his headches completely went away! was so happy!!!! then we are moving house now mah, so, few days never use di, and he's starting to get headaches again. headache mainly because lazy eye thing lor.

me, for three days I regularly use it, then I forgot, then move house.

AISH! when I finally move everything to the new place, I resolve to be more disciplined.
Anonymous said…
Good luck with it!
Anonymous said…
Is it working out?

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