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Rice Can Read Experiment: Part I

It’s puzzling….it really is! I came across this little experiment which just about ANYONE can do at home. It says there that plants have feelings. Sure, we all know that. But the theory is that everything including your chair or and rice have feelings. We, me included, take it with a pinch of salt and think that those psycho who actually talk to plants are a little ‘unscrewed’ up there.

Here’s what some of the theories go too…that plants…everything, in fact, can READ!

Wah…where can believe such a thing wan lah? Have feelings is one thing, but can read is quite another. So, guess lah what this kepoh went and did.

Yes, she went and test-drive this theory lor.

OK, here’s how it works. You need to cook some rice. And then you put them in different containers. In pieces of paper, you write a happy and joyful word like ‘love’, ‘joy’ or ‘celebrate’ or ‘hello, nice to meet you’…something like that. On another piece of paper, you write a very negative word(s) like ‘fuck off’, or ‘screw you’ or just ‘hate’.

Paste those words onto each of the container containing the rice and then place them in a place, separate from each other so that you can ‘speak’ to them or ‘relate’ to them differently…but they should be in the same room, I think. I don’t think the container needs to be airtight lah because mine is not. If the cover is too loose, just use cellophane tape; but there’s no need for it to be airtight, I think. If it’s important to you, maybe you should research it a little bit, ok?

So, this was what I did. I will introduce you to my two new pets….LOVE RICE and HATE RICE. I’ve placed them under my computer table and check on them once in a while. Today is day 5 of my lil experiment.

This is my LOVE RICE This is my HATE RICE

Day 2 itself, I saw a slight deterioration in my LOVE RICE. I thought ‘Walamak, don’t lah. Don’t die first lah’ so I spoke to the rice, ‘Don’t die, ok?’ The HATE RICE was still OK wor.

From day 3 onwards, ‘hate rice’ starts to deteriorate….SERIOUSLY LAH! Don’t fooking laugh! I am effing serious here leh… :-)

Day 5 (today), I have to say that I am utterly SURPRISED that there is already a remarkable difference between the condition of the LOVE RICE and the HATE RIVE. HATE RICE have deteriorated and started changing color so bad liao while LOVE RICE remains pretty much the same as day 2…with a small patch of rot inside. Apart from that, the love rice looks pretty much…edible. Eugh….

Love rice pretty much still EDIBLE....wanna try. There's a little bit of rot there but, otherwise, it looks pretty much alright....

HATE RICE isn't doing too good with lots of patches of rot....and

HATE RICE also turning different colors too.

Meanwhile LOVE RICE is pretty much cool-looking on the side.

I’ll let you know and take more pictures as I go along this amazing discovery that ‘rice can read experiment’! I have twenty more days to go, for your information, because this experiment is supposed to last thirty days for you to see that LOVE RICE will be able to withstand time and temperature and remain pretty much the same while HATE RICE will rot to green-black mush.

I am not looking forward to seeing HATE RICE in that condition under my desk but hey….it’s all in the true spirit of discovery, isn’t it?


Anonymous said…
Wowsers, I wonder if I put all my money into a container and paste a piece of paper with the words "MULTIPLY", would it work?

*reads Marsha's post again*

Oh. Plants onli ar? Maybe I try money plant lor... :P
Nick Phillips said…
I tried talking to my plants once and my wife was just about ready to send me to a mental asylum ... LOL!
Anonymous said…
Goodness! You can be a scientist for thinking about such zany experiments! :-P
Marsha Maung said…
life for beginners, if it works, let me know, ok???!!! :-)

nick philips, eh, nothing wrong with talking with plants, is there? LOL. Just a little weird. Next time, do it when she's not looking!

gallivanter, hee hee hee...twas something that I found on the internet and was easy to do so....for the sake of a nice blog, I would do ANYTHING. :-)
Krista Goon said…
Marsha, I talk to my plants and my cat all the time! Actually that's the strange power of words. Also, the reason why people who are making niangao don't want youngsters hanging about and asking if the niangao will jadi or not. The power of words. My personal experience - talking to plants helps me and the plants. Seriously, my bamboo plant was almost dead but I spoke to it all the time and after a year, it started growing! Believe it or not.....
Marsha Maung said…
maya, FINALLY someone who is in the same wavelength as me!!! it's true because hate rice now is almost all black liao and love rice is still ok wor. amazing or not????

it's really powerful....words.

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