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Impatient Driver Gets What He Deserved

The place where I currently live, is a well-known traffic jam area. If you’re looking for traffic gridlock, come to my place. All times of the day – on Fridays and Saturdays, it stretches to till 10am. And there’s this rather precarious access road out that THE WHOLE WORLD chooses to use from neighboring places – and it’s a one-lane thing that stretches for quite a bit. Yesterday, I was heading out during peak hour to my in-laws’ place…needless to say, jam-lah. But patiently (or seething underneath), we waited slowly as the crawl inched forward. Suddenly from behind me, there was hero driving a white perodua kancil (or myVi….what do I know about cars, anyway. For foreign readers, it's the safer and cheaper alternative putting a rocket to a sardine can) who decided that he was far more important than the rest of the world. he decided that we were bloody morons for choosing to stick to our one-lane limitation so, he swerved out of the lane and into the opposite lane. I think the mentality was like this…. ‘I swerve in and out of the lane. If there’s oncoming car, I can always manhandle my way back into the right lane and get ahead by…say precious 2 minutes to the traffic lights?’ When he swerved his car out, gung-ho the fler. Act (drive) like super hero, damn terror fast. And of course, he left us all behind in a smoke of exhaust fume and the sound of his super-duper modified exhaust pipes reverberating through our gray matter. Cilakak, idiot! It’s these fooking idiots who causes accidents’, I swore under my breath. Along this access road, there’s one blind spot. I’ve seen three head-on collisions here so far – I don’t think any of them were fatal but one of them was rather serious because the windscreen actually pecah (broke) which mean that the driver probably had a bit of head injury, big or small, I don’t know and don’t feel that there’s any particular need to find out. Then traffic came to a near-standstill right there and then. Swearing even more as I seethe in the light drizzle, humming to the sound of ‘doe a dear’ coz my kids were singing in the car. I came to the blind spot and saw that the very super hero who thought he was so damn smart to cut cue had been involved in a head-on collision with a victim who was coming from the opposite direction at the BLIND SPOT!!! A part of me pitied the poor MPV driver…nice golden-colored car (don’t ask me what car and what number plate…both of them lost their bumpers). A group of people were standing to the side of the road, apparently in a serious discussion. Aaahhh….no one injured. Okie dokies, I can start cheering now. I tell you, all the way to my in-laws’ place, I couldn’t stop saying ‘Serve the bloody idiot right. Pity the other driver’ and ‘PADAN MUKA, cilakak!’ That’s why….drive properly lah, folks. It’s these impatient people who cause accidents and unlucky people are caught in it because of one person’s imagined superiority over other road users. I was impatient too and hate traffic jams as much as hate roaches, but still I sat there waiting in line because you can’t beat it, you have to join it. I hope the fooker’s insurance give him lots of hell for claims and such. Idiot.


Anonymous said…
Karma is a bitch!
Anonymous said…
Karma is a bitch! That was my comment earlier, accidentally pressed on anonymous!
Marsha Maung said…
ya man!!! karma is one predictable bitch!!! ha ha ha ha!

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